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Accessory Short Skirt - Ring Category 2.0.0

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You can download these merged, or separately. Only choose one option. If you do not know which to get, I would recommend the merged file.


Alternative SimFileShare downloads: Merged  | Separates

Content is the same as the LL download, just pick your preference.


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High waisted Accessory Skirt (Find it in the Ring Category) that can be paired with any bottoms. (On all semi-nude preview Sims, the genitals are by Noir and Dark Sims. Do not worry, the item can be paired with genitals and other bottoms made by by any creator.)




Edited EA Mesh. Edited texture, shadows, and specular. Performance Friendly. All levels of detail, but my focus was on making the highest level of detail, so the lower LODs don't look nice. Sorry. Young Adult, Adult, and Elder. Acc clothing (in Rings) only. All genders, with separate files suited to the masculine and feminine frames. Full Custom Thumbnails. BGC.







There are variations optimized for different genders. These are fashion choice tagged by the gender they are optimized by, but not gender restricted. Disable the fashion choice filters and Sims can wear any of the four. You may need to do this for Sims with a mismatched gender and frame.


Two versions for each gender. One takes the Hat texture space, and the other takes the Extra texture space. The version using the hat texture space cannot be worn with hats. The version using the extra texture space will likely conflict with custom content penises, and with bulky clothing items. Make the compromise that best suits your needs. The skirt can be worn over tight-fitting clothes.


15 swatches, 12 taken from Citrontart's 'the only colors I would wear in real life' palette.

Update: 15 more swatches added, bringing the total up to 30. Features 7 colours from Ridgeport's 'gelato' palette, and many more.

Skirt version for males will clip with Luumia's BOD-E tops. Female Sims hips might clip on the sides during extreme motions, and bigger Sims are more prone to clipping.




But yes, they look good during most sex animations! ;)

What's New in Version 2.0.0


Seasons update! The old version is not broken, but this version includes new features for the seasons patch. It is now tagged for 'hot weather' wear. In addition, it now features an additional 15 swatches, themed around bright summer colors and patterns. If you downloaded the previous version, override your old files with the new version.

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