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Church of Buxomology Presents


The Adiposian Playable Race SSE


This is based on the original (found here).  As always, I want to thank the community for being a great resource while helping me add more to this mod.  I've had some help already but whomever has the time to test, please feel free and let me know if something isn't working quite right.  I'm not a pro but I will do my best.  Like the original, this mod is and will be a little overpowered when playing it at first.  Prepare yourself for some over-sized fun.


Race Abilities:

  • The Flabalanche ability is available for each of the four races. With this, the player may knock down other NPC's while sprinting.
  • Slow regeneration rate for health, magicka, and stamina.
  • These races are much taller than the default NPC's.
  • All races have the power of Metabolical Rage.  This allows allows a transformation to an even bigger body for 10 minutes. This can be used once per day. Health and stamina regeneration is increased greatly. Also, the character is stripped of their gear, looses the Flabalanche ability, and gains a powerful hand to hand combat weapon.


  • Adiposians are all around BBW type body.
  • Adiposians start out with a little more stamina.
  • Numb Blood gives the Adiposian more poison resist.
  • Transforming into a Buxom Beauty repeatedly calls Luscious, the hell spawn succubus, while making you a massive flabby ball of fatness.


  • Derrierians have the biggest asses out of the races.
  • Derrierians start out with a little more health.
  • Oxidation gives the Derrierian more fire resist.
  • Transforming into a Booteus Maximus makes the player gassy, giving them super sonic belches and paralyses their enemies.


  • Fortisians have the biggest bellies out of the races.
  • Fortisians start out with a little more of health, magicka, stamina, plus can carry a little more weight.
  • Cooling Skin gives the Fortisian more frost resist.
  • Transforming into the Gravitron Girl gives the player a gravitational pull around them from time to time.


  • Lecheans have the biggest breasts out of the races.
  • Lecheans start out with a little more magicka.
  • Voltaic Screen gives the Lechean more shock resist.
  • Transforming into the Dairy Queen gives the player constant squirting breasts that stagger whomever is in the path.



  • Elegeia are the giantess' out of the races which are extremely tall and have more of an hourglass shaped body.
  • Elegeia start out with very low magicka but high health and stamina.
  • Diamond Skin gives the Elegeia more magic resist.
  • Transforming into the Amazon repeatedly calls the amazon spirit of Mjadunn to assist you while you are in your muscular form.

Hall of Bosoms:

  • A place of worship and shelter for all Adiposians and whomever wants to visit.  Magic portal in the Silverblood Inn will take you to the hall when clicked.  It's next to the bed in the first room on the left.



  • Special furniture inside the Hall of Bosoms provide a blessing when sat on:


  1. The Milking Chair gives the blessing that increases your maximum magicka for a limited time.  This also increases the size of the breasts on certain female models.
  2. The Feeding Throne gives the blessing that increases your maximum health for a limited time.  This also increases the size of the belly on certain female models.
  3. The Booty Bench gives the blessing that increases your maximum carry weight.  This also increases the size of the butt on certain female models.

Available Followers

  • The following are the available followers in the Hall of Bosoms:


  1. Madonna the Wow Cow: This animal follower will fight for you but it is weak. However, it has a magical healing aura that heals a little when you are within range.  It is consider an animal so it has the potential of being an additional follower at the same time.
  2. Ms. Vavavooommm: One of Skyrim's great heroes!  Ms. Vavavooommm is known to be of the Dragonborn throughout the country.  With her hammer, she is a hard hitting melee specialist.  She has the following perks - Barbarian, Skullcrusher, Champions Stance, Devastating Blow, and Sweep.
  3. Mjerna: One of the most agile Adiposian fighters.  Her massive weapon usually intimidates anyone she meets, but she has a kind heart.  She carries the massive Reaper of Souls Scythe.  Mjerna has the following perks - Barbarian, Deep Wounds, Champions Stance, Devastating Blow, and Sweep.
  4. Dolly: A tall, newcomer to the Hall of Bosoms.  Dolly uses the magical powers of ice and lightning.  She has the following perks as well - Destruction Adept, Augmented Shock, Deep Freeze.
  5. Fluffy Felishia: Not much is known about Felishia the big belly Fortisian.  However, she is very open when it comes to conjuration.  She has the Conjuration Expert perk and Atromancy.  Her spells include a staggering firebolt.  She can also conjure a storm antronach or Luscious, the poisonous succubus.
  6. Lana di Latte: From the shadows, Lana is a big bosom close ranged killer.  Having perks such as Armsman, Dual Flurry, Dual Savagery, and Critical Charge, makes her very intemidating.  Lana is equipped with her own deadly daggers.
  7. Holatta Rump: Need something smashed?  Holatta can handle it for you!  She's ready for a holatta shakin' with you on your adventures with her maces.
  8. Julie Jiggles: Julie has dedicated her life following cleric practices.  This very busty Lechean healer is equipped with her own healing aura and the Sun Fire spell.  She also has the following perks: Restoration Adept, Recovery, and Respite.
  9. Big Betty: Betty was one of the first giantess Adiposians to grow to her size.  She is ready to help you in your travels with her giant club.  She has the Barbarian perk and is strong but a little slow.


Armor and Weapons

  • In the bedroom, there are containers holding armors.  The keys are located somewhere in Skyrim.  Some keys could have even been taken by an evil monster.  The following are the armors I have converted so far:


  1. Ero Selene armor + weapons
  2. Lady Death
  3. Tera Castanic Hunter
  4. Tera Deathshell
  5. Tera Trielek
  6. Tera Xenocite
  7. BeanSidhe


Spells Inside Bookcases

  • In the main worship room, a couple of the bookcases contain special spell books.  The keys are located somewhere in Skyrim.  The spells are as follows


  1. Conjure Luscious: Summon a Flaming Succubus.
  2. Conjure Sweetness: Summon a Poisonous Succubus.
  3. Flaming Fireroll: Launch flaming sweet rolls.
  4. Shock Bread: Throw a loaf of electrified bread.
  5. Cheese Freeze: Chuck a frozen cheese wheel.




  • Plump Sweet Roll: Use cooking pot to create delicious sweet rolls that provide a nice buff when consumed.



  • Call Amazon Gang: Summon three gigantic amazons to come to your aid for one minute.  A very large woman in Skyrim is in custody of this spell book.

Other Details:

  • The female body meshes for all Adiposian races are based off CBBE Physics.
  • No support for the fat male yet.
  • Unfortunately, the Holy Cheesus spell does not work the way I really want it to so I need to find out how to reconfigure it.  I have since removed it from version 1.00 until I figure it out.
  • I plan on making more available recipes.

What is needed for full effect:

  • Skyrim Special Edition / all DLC including Hearthfire.
  • SKSE64.
  • Skeleton HDT.
  • CBP Physics for the jiggles/bounces.  Check out my own CBP Physic config here.
  • For load order concerns, you may have to place this plugin kind of close to the top of the list.


  • Vampirism has been reported to not really work on this race so no full support for vampirism yet.

Thanks and Credits:

What's New in Version SSE-01_06


  • Tweaked the hit points and magicka a little to the Elegeia race and also corrected the HP amount for the Elegeia follower race.
  • Added Elegeia and all Adiposian Follower race to the Additional Races list for the armor addons like amulets, helmets, boots, gloves, etc etc.  Made some corrections in these lists for some of the armor addons as well.
  • Added Flames spell for the Fire Succubus race.
  • Added matching 1st person feet to the Adiposian boot armors addons.
  • Adjusted Elegeia Deathshell boots, trying to fix the small clipping in the knee.

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