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About This File

Extract content on Starbound/Mods
Mod Works with Starbound 1.3.1
*As a Body replacer mod, this may conflict (visually) with any other Floran Body Replacer.
To uninstall just remove the mod folder.


Orc Replacer! (Minimod)


I thought orcs had been made before because i saw an elves race (and you know,, the amount of custom races/bodyReplacers out there).
So i was surprised to see none. so i did one.


I am working in an Orc based mod, (A tennant one, not a race one) and so i decided to do this side -"minimod"


What it does? :


-It Replaces the Floran Male And Female with : Hairy Orcs And Hairless Orcs (bodyhair) (Both male)
- It replaces the sounds when hurt and chatter for orcs.
-Added Orc Names (visible in Character generation screen)
-45 custom made hair/theet options
-They are Muscular, Naked, and "armed", so armor/clothes with Sleeves are very likely to clip (Just Chest pieces)
Solution? yes please :
-Bare Chest item! : (You can craft it in the Spinning wheel in the clothes section for just 1 Plant Fibre)
+Makes your chest slot invisible
*Not all armors/clothes clip, so give them a try when you find/craft them :)






Why Floran?
I am more a "Human" race person.
So the other races looks... hem a bit unapealing to me, so as a PERSONAL mod, i decided to give floran features (like ship layout/armors/mascot etc) a try run with a more apealing look.


Why not a Race mod instead of replacer?
A Whole Race mod takes time and extra components
I have other projects now so, a Whole Orc Race mod may have to wait.
Any other person can make it tho. Dont have to be me.


But i want the floran Female not to be replaced!
-ok, then go to the mod folder /humanoid/floran and delete the Female body and head files and thats it.
-Also if you find the orc sounds not fitting, go to the Sfx folder and remove those.






If you download it, have fun!
And any Screenshots of this or any other of my mods you want to share, please send them by message,
I always love to see what you can do :P





What's New in Version 1.0


  • 1.0 hotfix.-Updated cathegory
  • 1.0