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About This File

Frat Valley Machines!    Add-On for UndareDeviousCore´s Frat Valley.

(UPDATED for Content patcher and SDV 1.4+)



About :

The professor is one of the frat Valley new npcs.  He is doing experiments about clones and mind control, but he needs funds to keep doing his projects.

So he is willing to sell you some convenient "machines" to help you in your farming endeavours! At very accesible prices.


You can go to his room and find a shop on his desk (right click).


The new produce varies from delicious juices to a variety of "milk" products.  

You can make profit of them..  or just drink them to your own health!.


The prices of items and machines, as well as their benefits are balanced to fit in the game´s economy. No overpowered stuff. So if you want to be a "Man-milk-farmer" or just want to "Decorate" your house.. This mod will do wonders for your playthrough!.


Machine logic:

-Some machines require you to input their designated crop.   example: Strawberry dude will need an Strawberry. (So you need to plant strawberry seeds, grow them, harvest them etc.)


-While the milking machines will produce "Milk" without an imput. You get the benefit once per day.


Requirements :


Undare Devious Core and all the requirements for it!.  (As this mod is an Addon for that mod.)


Content Patcher





Producer Framework mod:




TMX map toolkit





Instructions Unrar/Unzip into your StardewValley/Mods folder.

The folder named "[PFM]FratValleyMachines" contains more mods folders inside.. Its ok,, Smapi now reads Subfolders. 

It should look like this :





Warning for phone/mobile users :

The full mod was tested on phone, it works.

The only thing missing is the Portrait of the Vendor in the shop.

This seems to be a desing choice for phones. (so, not a bug).



Discord :





-Huge thanks to Samyu84

For : Improvements, art, code and new machines!

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