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[SDV] Manly Prostitution 1_4 (Old/Unsuported) Check Devious Valley Modpack! 1.4.0

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About This File

Manly Prostitution        Updated 1.4     (Compatible with SDV1.4) Text in yellow are changes

(famer character on male action)



After 8pm you can go to your favorite Male npc house and offer your body in exchange for a reward.

At least 4 options will be avalible per npc :

Give Oral

Have Anal

Have Oral

Give Anal


Changed the question format.  now you can see all the 4 answers right away!


You can do this once each night, forever.


Some Npcs will have dialogues when you talk to them after the event has ended. 


NPC for service :   (9)










Professor   (frat valley,,  north to Sam´s house)


Note : want to add more, but i need to  do reworks for them.

Like the wizard, Linus, maybe marlon, Harvey   etc...






UndareDeviousCore (and requirements)     --   You need to download the new version. And DELETE [Advanced Location Loader if you had it]



Milk for Milk


If you want Lewis, get this hot version of Lewis  ----  Updated for 1.4





Optional /Recommended


Muscle Body      Updated with new format   (for females too)


CockDick        Updated



 (By default i am using custom versions, because vanila ones doesnt look appealing) 


If you Want Willy to be avalible for service use Willy


And/Or Clint 

(with my modified version of Clint:P       Updated it for 1.4

(Or this shirtless variant of Clint:naughty:    Dont know if the author updated





Activate the Mod ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


After you install The requirements and This mod :


-Launch the game once  (This will generate a Config file in your [CP]UndaresProstitution folder)

-Close the game

-Go to your [CP]UndaresProstitution folder,  and open the Confing file  (You need a text editor,  i use Notepad+)


Now the values are "true" or "false"     NEW!!!!!!


Example :


  "UndareYoungAlex": "true",
  "UndareYoungSam": "false",
  "UndareYoungShane": "true",
  "UndareYoungSebastian": "true",


In this example,,, all these npcs will be avalible but Sam.


The default value for all npcs is "false" ,this means the mod will do nothing until you modify at least one value.


Note: The Introduction Event is by Default True.





Trigger Events ++++++++++++++++


Undare Devious Core mod allows you to enter Male Npc houses after 8pm to 2am

When you do that, the even will start






Rewards ++++++++++++++++++++++++

Each npc can give you 2 things.  

1-a cum sample 

2-A valuable material.  Example : (alex=ruby, Sam=Topaz, Sebastian=Amethyst etc..)


Now having sex with an Npc will increase his ❤️ level by 50 points (250 = full heart)


The estimate value in reward items (if you serve 8 npcs in one night) is about 2000 gold pieces a day. 

Remember to have at least 2 empty spaces in your inventory for the rewards (Stacking rewards items are added as normal)

Otherwise the extra items will be discarded.





Note :

I put a lot of work on this,, naturally i may be missing something...

So maybe bugs, typos.. 


Also, did some compatibility with StardewValleyExpanded.   There should be less or no errors at all.


I tested this 1.4 build for 2 whole seasons. It worked perfectly.

Did a test with sounds added for every suck/fuck motion, and they didnt work well.  The sounds in SDV are not the best for this project (tested around 50+) And somehow  the sound Desync.  So no sounds for now.







What's New in Version 1.4.0


1.4.0  Compatible with SDV 1.4


- Now it uses Your farmer sprites

- Introduction Event

- At least 4 interactions per Npc

-More Portrait work (added on Undare Devious Core)

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