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  1. @bluepanda375 First : -All the text on purple. : You NEED to update Content patcher and other 2 mods. Then. I suggest you install the modpack Devious valley, instead of this stand alone mod. If you do, uninstall this standAlone mod before. if the problem keep persisting. Send me your log https://smapi.io/log But be aware that i wont be supporting this stand alone version after 1.5 patch. Just the Devious valley pack.
  2. @ErikSweet You have Content patcher 1.15 on that pc The new version is 1.18.3 This is super important, so, install newest version and try again.
  3. Just a mini update.   For Devious Valley

    There was some issues with Mac and Linux users. (And some for Android)

    about the error "This is not a smapi mod"


    Those should be solved on the version 1.0.5 that i uploaded yesterday.


  4. I am glad it worked! ❤️ Enjoy! and as a friendly reminder, "Turn off your autoupdates". (As i dont know how much time it will take the tools to update and work again after the 1.5 update.) Have fun!
  5. CAn you send me your log?. Instructions on the troubleshooting section.
  6. 2 things 1. You still have Elle´s seasonal Buildings 2. Check inside Mods\[CP]DeviousValley\[TMX]Undungeons Somehow i dont see the mod " [TMX]Undungeons " registered on the Smapi. It should be inside your [CP] DeviousValley folder. (It comes inside this modpack)
  7. Well.. i have just 2 more suggestions. 1- Double check on the UndareProstitution (inside devious valley) folder config.json file If the bachelors are set to true. 2- Start a new game file and test it again. (Entoarox Framework can lock some files forever, so you dont see results anymore.)(Thats why i suggest to remove it for everyone). If you keep having the same problem, i will need you to be extra descriptive next time. Like : -To wich house you cant enter. -At what hours?. -What the door says when you interact with it after 8pm. -And a new log Many times is just a small and silly detail, thats why i need to most information possible.
  8. I found 2 possible conflicts. 1- You have Entoarox Framework. That framework corrupt saves and casuses problems. (It think is used for furniture anywhere). So its advised that you uninstall/remove that along with any mod requiring it. Possible main problem : 2- Elle's Seasonal Buildings You downloaded that recently?. it seems it patches the buildings on the Town map AFTER my mod patches the doors of the Town. (So they can be opened after 8pm). So there are 2 fixes for that. 1- Delete that mod or : 2- Rename [CP]DeviousValley folder to something like : [CP] ZZZDeviousValley (This will cause The mod pack load AFTER that Building replacer mod from Elle). (Since folders are loaded alphabeticaly). (Renaming it doesnt cause issues.) -Warning. to open the houses after 8pm i had to make patches with the vanilla tiles. So they may look weird if you combine them with recolors/replacers.. Please Answer back if that fixes your issue.
  9. No. Thats not supposed to happen. There is on important mod in charge of that called "Event Repeater" Double check you have that one. Also, to have his modpack, you need to delete all my other mods if you had them. (This aplies to Manly Prostitution). If you keep having issues after that. Send me a log. (There i can see Erros/warnings/versions/mods installed/conflicts etc.) (The link is in the Troubleshooting section)
  10. If you can send me a log, i can check it.
  11. hay una guia para los eventos???

    1. undare


      Los de Frat Valley son a base de corazones. (Excepto Trevor)

      Prostitución depspués de las 8pm

      Sexo con tu esposo después de las 8pm con una probablildiad de 33%.



    2. ichiharaY


      thanks again


  12. - Released a new version of Devious Valley with more fixes.  1.0.4 

    (A fix where the game crash when you marry Sebastian and he ask for oral sex) Ho Seby!


    1. ichiharaY


      it works now, thank you

  13. @ichiharaY Ok there is something weird going on. When i try to marry Sebastian, it crashes for me. (The error logs i have are different than yours tho...) I am guessing is a bad command on the mod but i am not too sure... I´ll look into it and report to you later/tomorrow. (So yeah,, its an error for everyone!). Edit : Ugh.. Found the problem! (Swaped ids and an almost invisble typo...)Dont worry, i´ll make a fix and it shiuld be Fixed on 1.0.4 Edit2: Uploaded 1.0.4 Try it and see if that fixes the issue.. (It should!)
  14. @ichiharaY From 36 errors to just 2! We are almost there! First : Oops! Steam achievements won't work because Steam isn't loaded. You can launch the game through Steam to fix that (see 'Part 2: Configure Steam' in the install guide for more info: https://smapi.io/install). Try to follow those instructions, so we minimize errors. You have Yellow warnings for "Merman Rock" Its Normal and they can be ignored, (I have those too when i enable the mod. Its an issue with the framework Tmx map toolkit and PYtk) But for this case, try to remove that mod. (So we minimize the issues) Merman rock is integrated into Devious Valley,, but it was Diabled until i find a way to make those yellow warnings go. (So, once i get the fix,, its adviced to delete the Stand Alone version of Merman Rock) Then, "The main problem!" : - Frat Valley more items 1.0.0 because its manifest specifies an invalid ID (IDs must only contain letters, numbers, underscores, periods, or hyphens). You have an incomplete mod lingering around. Probably the other one who came with the Custom Farming Redux one. If that mod exists, may be inside your mods folder. (Not inside this modpack folder [CP]DeviousValley) So try to find a mod called Frat Valley items or more items for frat valley maybe with the prefix bracket [JA]. That one is the guilty for causing all your troubles. If you cant find it, Send me a screenshot of your Mods folder.
  15. For people wondering what was the previous post. The user have 3 game corrupting frameworks and 8 updates pending. And i know that because of the log he posted. It helps a LOT! With every issue, i update the troubleshooting section of the mod. Right now i´ll add Custom Farming Redux as a Big conflict warning!. Because that framework is obsolete by now for all the mods!.
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