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Bannered Mare Immersive Sexual Playground [2017.07.27] V. 7.0.1

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Bannered Mare Immersive Sexual Playground


Lot of time went by, and finally, this mod is renewed.


You have a fully support of ZAP 7.0 and the TUFP 1.3.
A lot of BDSM-furnitures can be played and used around the Whiterun City area.


I prepared a "pyre" as well as two new DUAL Animated Furnitures, which will be scripted in future.
You get some gibbet-lifts with wells and a fine sorted couple of outside furniture as well.
This mod do not work with Maria Eden 1.4.
If you want to use a "Whiterun-Decoration-Mod" please try out yourself, what may suit.
"A new Whiterun" will work for best and is not overloading the area too much.


You will find out all the stuff by yourself. The pull-bar for the "secret-chamber" is now directly
beside the door. If you play quest-mods, you can let that door open or if you are in escort,
you can pull the chain and your master will go on walking into that area.


Lot of hidden markers are all around. Dialogs will be shown what you can play on the different markers:
or you watch the NPC´s what they are doing.


You can dance a lot of different dances and play musical instruments. You can sit on differnt places,
lean to walls and lay down aside the pools ....


The both GIRL-characters I let into the mod with their own crime-faction. So if you atack the "noctu´s",
they will lock you into their jail.


The market place, got a NEW well, with a custom construction in the whiterun-style. The ground-mesh has
got a little change, to get a little "warmer" feel, than only stones give. The pillories are of course playable and
I took care, not to collidate with the Prison Overhaul Mod. POH will for sure not be able, to identificate that


This mod got no cleaning !!!


What do you need?


-skyrim with updates and all DLC´s
-ZAP 7.0
-TUFP 1.3




Best to play with:


-DFW-Devious Frame Work 2.6
-Devious Frame Work Support 2.6
and therefore you need a scriptpatch (I will upload that patch on the TUFP -download area)


-Maria Eden 2.1 (only ZAP-Furniture supported).
-ModWhiterun (custom Version to suit perfect together, with some "tree-corrections", so that npc´s won´t run against then (the original mod did not take care of any navmesh-aspects !!!) - if I have corrections again, I´ll also post this again...(the flower-power around the well is killed away, to get the BMISP-stuff into the foreground.





What's New in Version V. 7.0.1


  • V. 7.0 Completly renewed furniture set-up, fundamental edits inside the whiterun area to play with dozends of zap and tufp furnitures. Custom market-place and a more bigger area inside. This mod has now no own animations anymore. Hair-texture fixed. Two Dual-Animated Furnitures, a bed and a Wall-Hook, the "old" vanilla shacklewall now available inside of tufp and here playable.
  • This mod is fine to be played with Maria Eden (MEP) V. 2.1 and with DFW-framework V. 2.6. For the devious famework, there is a patch that adds the tufp-keyword to the DFW-framework. The result is, that the tufp is also recognized by the DFW-framework.
  • Do not fall into the wells.....!! This stuff (waterbondage) is prepared to be used with questmods together, if you will use it for now by entering a gibbet and pull the chain-ring, you will drown your character with no escape.

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