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  1. (my update list of changed armors biped slots) I believe they probably are hiding because of the device hider from devious devices, depending on the slot of your bra which if you're not using the modified version legraf and I made which changes the slots above in this list here. Before a you can see the bra was on the 32(body) slot so by default DD hides both the 56,49,58 slots... so your bra is infact hiding it, all you have to do is either download a version thats changes these slots or go into DD MCM and navigate to the 32 slot and uncheck the 49(chastity belts) hider. EDIT: Lastly if you wanted the updated TAWBA armors its in the description of this mod so you dont run into problems like this. @ralchemilla sorry i only play LE edition so i wouldn't know ;-;
  2. Thanks for the mod reccomendation!! Yea this is basically exactly what i was looking for thank you!!
  3. wow thats crazy weapon xD My weapon is getting stronger though just you wait it says 4 damage but thats only because its the daytime since im a vampire, at night its damage is up to 9 and its has upgraded to the frost kitchen knife o(*°▽°*)o
  4. now you're speaking my language!!! <3<3<3 😛 oh that would be cool as well and yea this is all an idea for early game stuff
  5. Just another idea, I was wondering that if in the beginning you cant wield a two handed weapons because you're not strong enough or dont have proper training and have to be taught by a man(guard possibly) before you're able to wield one properly or something like that 😃
  6. I think its the daydreaming feature, when certain things like arousal or watever you see women with cum on them+they moan, you see butterfiles as sexy fairies and you see men in the nude when you're thinking about sex.
  7. THANK YOU!! i didn't use sluts but the stopquest prison thing for the cursed loot worked! Before it woudl go to instant arrest and i wasnt allowed to pay the bounty no matter how small it annoyed the crap out of me x_x Now lets hope the stop quest command works on reloading the game so i dont have to do it each time
  8. haha thanks you're always so nice, I used more hotkeys mods so i do this for alot of spells. so for the hotkey 5 for single press it equips healing, double tap equips fast healing, and press and hold equips healing hands. Its such a great tool seeing as there is just so many hotkeys.
  9. oh i see, still might save some time I have been using the outfits feature quite a bit so well it remains unpaused like its supposed to but your controls for movement are still disabled is what I meant
  10. I am not sure if this is easy to do but its just an idea, I have a mod called "more hotkeys" and you can set keys too double tap, hold, multikey etc. Anyway I noticed you're doing the menu thing which i love but for the "last action" option couldn't that just be set to the menu hotkey but set it to hold? So you hold the hotkey for say 2 sec or watever its set too then it will use the last action but if you press it, it brings up the menu. It could just be a fast way to cast what you previously have done without having to stop and go into the menu. Also I used the unpaused menu's mod, is there something that allows free movement while still bringing up the menu?
  11. Amazing i love this new menu you've added!! Also love the device menu the dialogue I had to remove devices didn't work for removing chastity cages from guys so it was almost imposible to get them out of it.
  12. lmao i told you ╰(*°▽°*)╯ its going to be a deadly legendary weaponsoon!
  13. oh jeez my fault no its not the same, here is the mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5493 meshes and textures I was using x_x i completely forgot. I can make another version with the normal mesh instead hold on. Edit: yea my bad I went ahead and uploaded the original meshes and fixed it.
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