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  1. always post on xvideos or from your onedrive
  2. great work!! they look so nice ❤️
  3. Here is the offical discord link for loverslab https://discord.gg/eGSxawa
  4. Does anyone know how to use this mod because i absolutely can't get it to work with fertility mode ;-; is it outdated an no longer works? mod
  5. So I dont really know how to use this mod? 1.) Does this have patches for MME? 2.) when you register updates through slaverun through SLIF why doesn't it appear in morph modus tab? 3.) Changing the percentages under bodymorphs means those are the max level percentages they will ever get too? 4.) how can you know what it looks like if it doesn't give you a preview do you just have to guess? 5.) why didn't the mod author write instructions on how to use his mod? 6.) is it me or does this mod lag? test 1: changed fertility mode to SLIF, chang
  6. SexLab Stats/levels I am not entirely sure do stats and levels effect anything in game? i havent really noticed
  7. I know this is probably asking too much here, but would it be possible that when you're in the spirit fracture state you're also unable to change into a vampire lord/werewolf state? just a suggestion If not no big deal ^^
  8. This looks interesting, do you lose like shouts and magic spells? Sorry if that was said i wasnt sure i will test this out looks amazing ^^
  9. you could have the empty bottles purchasable through the kennel guy? And he may even give you decent amount of money selling cum to him as an incentive to collect them. I mean guys are always feeding you cum bottles as punishments it makes you wonder where they're collecting all this stuff you could even tie the idea to a punishment in the kennel like you have to collect so many bottles of cum in order to be released from the kennel.
  10. Thanks appreciate the help im not the best at this but i'll gladly continue if nobody else is interested ^^
  11. @DSHV yay thanks!! okay made the edits some of which didnt have to change since you cleared it up, only one i couldnt fix or still really understand is Meanly! But as an idea.. i guess keep it as it is since i cant think of anything but i still dont fully understand x_x
  12. ohhh i see i have been using sleeping and eating so long i forgot that empty bottles were specifically from this mod
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