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  1. Holy shit, i see: Whenever I see something broken in Skyrim I think, whatever, everything breaks in this game, it's normal. But it actually has to do with using the old rig that doesn't have Ass bones to create a pose and using the pose with the game model that has bones. Baka's rig is heavier and has some things that I don't really understand, that's why I only used it when the pose used the ass, which in this case is almost none, if I'm not mistaken the rig hand is smaller than normal, it must have to do with a mod I saw that decreases females hands by 15%. (you can find some old pose of mine that uses ass and you'll see that the fingers of the hand are a little deformed, I didn't realize at the time) When I was writing this I opened the Rigs here and deleted what I didn't understand, it actually worked. Bro... The problem is the content of the sign, I think I'll try to leave nothing and make a mini guide for people to write whatever they want. I'll see I haven't even looked for a sign. Of course, there's a lot of pose in the mod and people only like a few, so it's good that they take the ones they like and use it however they want. Whether for own use or new mod. I will launch when ready. Joke aside, I've finished the movement part and will upload it, now I'm going to an unknown area known as Attack animations.
  2. I used to use BLEAK - UNBLEAK but it broke and my Backup files for some reason didn't work, so I installed Snapdragon Prime ENB and threw my BLEAK Backup files over it, so it got like that. Of course, I end up going in that direction anyway, whenever I try these sexy poses I end up doing something I've done before. Where can I find these objects in the game? or something similar. COCO Shadow Assassin. I found a flute in Skyrim and thought about creating a pose with it, I think it would be really cool, but I remembered that it would have no sound and it would be kind of weird, same thing goes for the lute. I can do it but I don't know. I often use unused slots for testing, they are probably incomplete and passed along by mistake. Ananta Outfit. A complete set of animations takes a long time and I don't know how dual wield works. But a single pose like idle I can do, I think it would be quick. I think just renaming the poses and they take the place of the original, I don't know if they would be positioned correctly but otherwise they would work. I even redid the Guillotine animation the other day for someone, it worked fine I tested it in Solitude. Nobody did it, so I think it would be nice to do it. Can you post some suggestions. I did something similar in this update. I'll also look for something I can use as a board in Skyrim Maybe looking for some font that is similar to Skyrim as well. (those on the signs) This one I was ready to make but I got distracted looking for something to use as an iron bar that wasn't square. I think the bucket is too big too. Which ones are weird? I only use 3bbb with the 3bbb file, and the normal body with the normal files. Maybe it has to do with the collision itself.
  3. It's crazy, it seems that Skyrim doesn't use that animation, it seems to serve as a transition between movement and stopping, I did it just in case. If you have any object, I once thought about it but with a slightly different theme. The problem is that there is no collision so it's kind of difficult to work, I do the animation but while I test it to see how it is, I see the clipping happening and I lose the desire to do the animation. I've seen people talking about it, it should work but I don't know anything about it.
  4. The example I used is not the best because you can't see the error properly. But whatever, if you have a photo or video I can try something for an idle, leaving your legs straight only gets in the way of the sway, on an idle I can try to make it straight. Now I've decided to try something with swords, but if you said it last week I was going to try it, crossbow isn't that popular with people it seems. or if something goes wrong with the swords. I have no experience with this, but someone should know. It's been on the list for about 5 months now that you mention it I remember. but the skyrim cups are really big tho.
  5. The feet are stuck to the floor, if you move the waist away from the ground the legs will give a weird stretch, thats why the legs stay bend a little (to give a safe space to move the body without the legs giving a weird stretch). Not in the moment. There is an explanation on the main page.
  6. If the rest works then that should work too. Did you update FNIS after you copied the files? Check that the file is the correct version of Skyrim. Try to manually copy files to animations folder. I don't know how it works, it must involve a lot of scripts, I don't know how to use these things. I could try but I think I deleted the files for this pose, I have the poses before and after this one, but I haven't found it. I also don't know how XMPSE daggers work, I did this pose GS450.hkx ( Skyrim LE ) , it's the T pose with the weapons moving if you want to test, if the 2 daggers move it's because I can work with them, and can you give some idle suggestion for daggers , if don't move it's because you use something extra that I don't have available to work with, like staffs for example. Fixed I think.
  7. Thanks . I don't speak English and I thought it was weird to understand, but I couldn't find better words. It is relative to the player character. I don't use DAR so I can't answer about it, but about the rings they don't replace anything, the poses are all linked in the rings menu and none of them will replace the game animations or cause conflict. One ring is to select a pose and the other ring is to activate the animation, but only those with the same number work, for example the ring 1 will activate the pose selected by the selection ring 1, it has a total of 6 pairs of rings, and if I get lost I think I can only get them back using the console or disabling and enabling the mod again. Running, sneak and bow animations are replacements for Skyrim animations, can be used without the pose mod.
  8. It's from the poses, I modified it to use with a bow.
  9. It's not just a pose, it's an animation package, I don't know how long it would take to finish. I use 3dsmax 2012. I don't think about long dances, it's a lot of movement I would end up breaking the character. I don't know any, but I don't even play anymore so my knowledge doesn't matter much.
  10. I just tested it on SE and it looks normal. Do you use GENDER Specific Animations in FNIS? with this option enabled the character uses the animations from Data\Meshes\actors\character\animations\female. without it the game uses animations from Data\Meshes\actors\character\animations the path of the animations I made is to \animations\female but you can transfer manually if you don't want to use gender specific animations. It looks fun, has a picture or video of something like that. See if you have GENDER Specific Animations enabled in FNIS.
  11. My Skyrim SE died, I don't know if it was because of the animations so I'll post it here instead of the main page. Without mods activated Skyrim works and animations are normal, I don't know why it died I don't even use it. I blame halloween (there is a halloween message in the Skyrim menu and I haven't updated anything, maybe it was automatic and it broke something). Backward walk and run animation and MOVEMENT ONLY animation for bows. mt_back SE.7z mt_bow SE.7z
  12. I modified it myself. F.mp4 Just download the GSPoses of your version (LE or SE), have FNIS installed, and after installing the mod update FNIS (Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users - Update FNIS Behavior).
  13. Using a different weapon may cause clipping because of the different shape. I'll try not to leave it too feminine so that it can be used by men too. I don't know how to use 90% of the program's tools, it must have something like mirror match but I don't know. The arms always get weird when I try to use them, and the butt poses seem the easiest and most popular to do when I don't have a lot of time, they always look good. Work in progress. Yep. The difference in objects is because I decide to use them but cancel in the end, difference in size is because SE is lighter, old date being more updated is because I must have tried to use them again but in the end I ended up not using it. And poses gs114-117, gs 128-135, gs 265-270, gs 384-387 are empty spaces for new poses, except for the 384 that I added. It would be cool, but I'm not even sure how to qualify some of them, it would be a hell of a job too, maybe if I was sure of the categories. Ring 1 8 - 65 Spoiler : the tree does not exist I found some problems I'm trying to solve. The running animation changes the walking animation (I tested it using T pose), and it's wasting a lot of time. It also happens when I switch to Skyrim vanilla animations, so maybe I ignore it I don't know. Hmm, they don't exist... 😶
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