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  1. It seems difficult, the characters so well dressed also makes it difficult to see the movement of the body. If something comes to mind. Walking animations already do that, did you mean running? the running backwards have different speed so I don’t replace these, maybe I’ll try and change the speed a little maybe it’s not too bad. How much slower? 10% 25% 50%. and Damn that gif look great. Character, clothes, scenery, lighting, everything fit perfectly. 😮 I certainly didn’t remove anything, maybe you mistook it for a
  2. I tried changing it several times but it always comes inverted, I change it manually using the Sexlab hotkey. Fixed. BDO Dark Knight. I don't know any, but surely there is more. Number 318 is the first part. Change the helmet to ''Circlet'' instead of ''Helmet'' in the creationkit and then using the nifscope, change the helmet body part from ''helmet'' to ''circlet''. with that any helmet stops making the hair disappear.
  3. it's just khajiit and human textures mixed and used in a human race, it doesn't contain in any mod. I mixed with GIMP2.
  4. Fixed. Running backwards has a different speed, so I don’t replace these. My English sucks, suggest a closed hand version? 7B Original slightly changed. Fixed. I don't know, maybe wrong version or maximum animation limit reached. Fixed.
  5. Some of the animators have animObjects that are animated, but I don't know how to do that. The animation of the werewolf was just a test trying to make the model work (it didn't work before), done in a few minutes, so I didn't even put it in the mod the wall animation was just for fun I didn't put it because I think there is no wall with a hole that size (I edited the meshes) and if I use it as animObject I think it would be difficult to fit (it is a C-shaped wall and it would be disconnected from the stage). ' I can try to do it but without accessories and stand
  6. Too bad it didn't come out as I thought, I was deceived by the depth of view in 3ds, in the game the actors are too far from each other. I recommend using the Mod AddItemMenu. or You can use the Help command console, and scroll up or down with '' PageUp - PageDown '' keys. and Maybe the mod is not active, check the Data Files in Skyrim Launcher. I tried it once, but the arms didn't look cool. I don't think this game was made with the intention of the characters raising their arms, it always gets weird. Ninirim Co
  7. I use BHUNP and here it looks normal 🤔. Here so far it doesn't crash, maybe it's something else. Textures: Fair Skin Complexion and SG Female Textures Renewal. The face I edited using the RaceMenu Sculpt tool. Definitely not. I just looked at the places but I didn't see anything different, maybe I accidentally clicked and it was marked as edited. Jesus 😲, maybe different skeleton caused this, Pose 313 and 296 are similar to test.
  8. I'll add next. Try the AddItemMenu mod. I'll add next. Test this one, if it doesn't work I don't know. GS999.hkx I can only think that FNIS is related.
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