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  1. You can use convert-xml-hkx-kf to transform hkx files into xml, in these files you can view the duration.
  2. it will take a little longer because my skyrim died. I have no knowledge of how it works, and to avoid my skyrim becoming even more unstable I avoid everything. It looks cool, maybe. It's been on my list for a long time. There will only be no dildo because I don’t know how to make animated objects, and static objects would have no collision so there’s no way.
  3. If inspiration comes, maybe. You can edit the duration with convert-xml-hkx-kf, converting hkx to xml and editing, and converting back. weird to use but it works. The poses you use by equipping the rings that come with the Mod and appear in your inventory, the animations you activate in the SLAL mod and use in Sexlab. The Mod you put in the Data folder : The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition \ Data you will recognize it by files of the same type.
  4. This only happens if I use the normal races of the game and with NPCs too, my character (Temptress) or my custom followers never have this problem, curious. They are just different textures used in the human race, that's why human appearance. I just tested it and it worked ok here, what kind of problem happens? So, I usually do tests all the time and I think this time I happened to forget to delete, it was cool in the plan but it didn't work well in practice (dick plug and shit). I don't care about it, if it works for them it works for me, let's just be happy.
  5. If the files work, surely. I can think of a lot of cool stuff A lot of movement going on, but I think I can get some of it out This would be like a fake sex animation, the movement happens and it is very sexy, but the dick is totally out of sync with the pussy because of limitations. It looks really cool in certain angles that hide the sync problem, maybe I'll just do one stage for fun. This involves less collision so i think it is possible.
  6. I never tried to use it, don't use CAT so it's already a start. I always feel like doing it, but there is no collision with these objects. and the problem with the futa is the movement of the dick is connected to the hips, not much freedom to move. but I wanted to do it, the anus I can manually move with Baka files, maybe I can see if something works.
  7. I had a similar problem once, try to use those things you use to forge something (potions, weapons, etc.) to see if it resets the cam. it worked for me
  8. it happened to me already but it has nothing to do with the poses, I don't even know why it happens. Thanks.
  9. Now I understand, this part of the rings was not what I created, it is a preset that was created with the purpose of helping modders, it works that way because of the limitations of the creation kit I think. I have to do some tests to try to fix the problem that makes the animation look different when used as a standard for the character. The wolf uses this thing called CAT in 3ds, I have no idea how it works, nor does it work in my 3ds. Skyrim is so unstable that it is difficult to know what is the reason for it, example: my Skyrim crash when I change my hair 10 to 20 times in the racemenu, I managed to fix it once by changing the hdt file (which has nothing related to hair) in the skse folder, but that fix stopped working and I continue to crash until today.
  10. I did not understand. I use the sexlab toggle free camera shortcut button to control the camera.
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