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  1. They're from the human race, they're just using different textures. From here. (the blouse and the skirt are two different armors that I put together) I did not understand. I see.
  2. Of course, if something comes to mind and if it is possible. You can do this yourself, just go to the Mod folder and get the file, it is very easy to find because it contains the same name.
  3. I think some animations involve the character picking up items, that's where it would be a problem. Other than that I don't think it's a problem. No, the breasts are too big so this happens.
  4. These animations involve more than just animating, it goes beyond my knowledge. I know almost nothing about animating. I can take a look at some animations to see if the basics would work.
  5. Difficult to do because my collision sucks.
  6. 2 npcs and 2 poses, but synchronized with Sexlab. Basically a sex animation without sex and just 2 Stages.
  7. Unfortunately not. My 3ds is very laggy, maybe I think of something. I use these 2 to separate the animations of humans and creatures, but I can remove it in the future if it gets too much trouble
  8. It didn't work, the skyrim's legs are very long, there was another pose that I had to abandon because of that I had even forgotten. The race is human but I changed the textures.
  9. I think it is not possible to move only the boobs without moving the chest region together. Only thing i can think of is update FNIS. or maybe you downloaded the wrong version of the mod
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