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About This File

Hi I'm Gunslicer and created a Pose Mod that are animations. This is an ongoing mod.

When you start the game you will have two rings in your inventory that serves to activate the poses and an additional power to use the poses in npcs.


Extra information : I only show up at the weekend due to lack of time, so it is possible that I will not answer questions during the week.


Current Poses : 241 - Normal

                         70 - Object Poses

                         13 - Futa (Better with UNP SOS)

                         12 - Futa Object Poses

                          I probably lost count.


About the Khajiit in screnshoots, it is a human race (Temptress in my case) with different textures that I made by mixing two other textures from other mods. I didn’t upload the texture because the authors of the mods prefer the mods to be Nexus exclusive, if you want the textures send a message that I pass them individually. 😉

Mods used : SG Female Textures Renewal and Feminine Khajiit Textures, credits to them.






Idle Priview:



Walking Priview:




Running Priview:





How to make the NPC stop :


Feel free to make a request, and I will try to do the animation (post any reference along with the request).

and if you want to give me a support.


Credits to pornphile for his rigs and guide.

                  SirNibbles for his guide.

                  Dwadle for introducing me to Collygon.

                  Collygon for teaching me how to create the Mod.

                  ZaZ for his meshes and permission.




SLAL Info : 


SLAL is updated with much less frequently, but will continue to be updated.


Current Animations :

Normal 01   /   Slave 01 

Normal 02   /   Slave 02

Short 01

Short 02

Short 03

Short 04 F (Namira Altar)

Short 05

Lesbian 01 

Lesbian 02

Lesbian 03

Lesbian 04

Lesbian Short 01

Lesbian Short 02

Futa 01               

Futa 02

Futa 03 F (Bed)

Futa 04 F (Table)

Futa Short 01

Masturbation 01 F (Rock)

Masturbation 02 F (Scroll)

Masturbation 03 F (Mushroom)

Submission 01 (Male)

Giantess Short 01

Giantess Short 02

Pose 01

Pose 02

Pose 03

Pose 04

Chill 01


Draugr 01 Defeat   /   Draugr 01 Prisoner F(Sarcophagus)   

Draugr 02 (Wall)   /   Draugr 02 Defeat (Wall)

Gargoyle Short 01

Gargoyle Short 02

Giant 01   /   Giant 01 Defeat 

Giant Short 01                              

Riekling 01 Defeat

Riekling 02 Lust

Riekling 03   /   Riekling 03 Prisoner 

Riekling 04 Defeat         

Riekling 05 Defeat

Riekling 06

Riekling Short 01

Riekling Short 02 

Riekling Short 04 

Riekling Short 05 

Riekling Short 06   

Riekling Trade 01              

Troll 01 Defeat                                  

Troll 02 Defeat 

Troll Short 01                           



Trying / Probably next 











Why don't I do animations other than poses and SLAL (I really wanted to) :


I did some tests and the animation works correctly when I use it in the Pose Mod, but when I put it in the Skyrim animation directory it is incorrect, I tried several ways to try to correct it but it doesn't work.

I can try to ignore these errors that don't seem like much but I don't know the other errors that will appear when making attack animations. (animation of equipping a weapon is impossible, it doesn't work).

It takes a lot of time and things can get bad in the end, maybe work on it a little now and then. But better to stay focused on the Mod.




What's New in Version 13/06


Poses added : Number 357 - 358 - 359.

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