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SexoutConsequences 20 June 2016

About This File

SexoutConsequences adds sexual consequences (surprised?) to the game by expanding vanilla encounters and dialogues with new options, and they won't always go well for the player...


Based on the original SexoutConsequences by Loogie and the spinoff SexoutConsequencesEX by Darkhistory
Patched and combined by zippy57
Subsequent updates and fixes by Tomm434, Odessa and thorn


The list of encounters in the original SexoutConsequences:

A Team Of Moronic Mercenaries
- With terrifying presence, can scatter the mercenaries and rape the leader as an example (male) (confirmed working)
- Depending on the dialog picked, player can offer their body to get them to leave or can be raped if disrespectful (female) (confirmed working)

You'll Know It When It Happens
- Offer a BJ to the helipad guard to gain access. (female)

Debt Collector
- Make Lady Jane pay with sex in addition to caps. (confirmed working)

The Finger of Suspiscion
- Bribe the Omerta goons with sex. (female)
- Compel Martina to have sex with you after saving her.

Back In The Saddle
- Coerce the Goodsprings villager into sex after saving her from the geckos (male) (confirmed working)

Unfriendly Persuasion
- Offer the merc leader sex in return for leaving (confirmed working)

Someone To Watch Over Me
- Convince Andy's door guard to let you inside using sex (female)
- Make it clear to Alice you're taking over for Andy (male)
- Offer sex to the squatters to compel them to leave

- Offer you body to Barton Thorn so he doesn't kill you
- Barter your body for your life with the Freeside ambush thungs (female)
- Bribe Mick with sex for a Strip passport (female)

And for EX:

That Lucky Old Sun
- A sex act is added for Fantastic if you need the password.

You Can Depend on Me
- You can force Henry Jamison to quit with 7+ Str.

Keith's Caravan Charade
- Parker won't bother to confront Keith if you have 8+ Int.

Defacing the Humble Stone
- With Black Widow Private Kowalski will be very happy to forgive you.

Poor Meat Never Makes Good Soup
- Blake will give the NCR a discount with a 7+ Chr.

Wang Dang Atomic Tango
- Persuade Old Ben to work for Garrett with sex.

Nellis Air Force Base - You can NTR Jack before Janet arrive for a small amount of rep(can only do it once and not tested yet).
Novac - Andy will teach you the move with 30 survival.
188 Trading Post - Alexander will start to trade with Black Widow Perk.

Boulder City Showdown
- Use Charisma instead of Speech to convince Jessup to release the NCR prisoners.

Run Goodsprings Run
- You can bribe Chet to support the fight with Charisma and Easy Pete with sex.

Can You Find it in Your Heart?
- Ranger Jackson will give you few more caps if you have sex with him when the quest is completed, just because I never use that Service rifle.

Climb Ev'ry Mountain
- If you have Black Widow perk Oscar Velasco will agree to leave the cave and give you the key.

Cold, Cold Heart
- Sgt. Kilborn will have sex/rape you based on your karma.

Don't Make a Beggar of Me
- Chomps will give you the location of Tyrone right away if you clear BOTH the DeathClaw Male and the DeathClaw Mother in Quarry Junction. Otherwise he will ask for something else.

High Times
- You need Finesse perk in order to solve the addiction of Bill Ronte. Action Girl perk for Jacob Hoff. I can't remember but I think the option will only appear once.

My Kind of Town
- Intelligence check so you can sex Major Knight to grand the pardon.

Talent Pool
- Lonesome Drifter will give you his gun if your perception is high enough. James will release Hadrian with a lower barter skill. Yep no free lunch.

Both of those lists are based on the plugins back when they were separate and are probably way out-of-date.

What's New in Version 20 June 2016   See changelog


  • Fix for Gun Runner quest not starting due to missing reference

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