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This is simply a merge between the layered sperm textures introduced in SexLab Framework v1.61 and SexLab Sperm Replacer 3dm forum version


Oh, and there's the Ridiculous Edition. It is quite ridiculous, as you'd imagine.
It's based on SexLab Sperm Replacer's heavy textures, that I kinda copy pasted... a lot... to cover every vacant piece of skin that I could see.


This mod does not work with SexLab 1.60 and below!


Layer 1 = vanilla layer 2 textures
Layer 2 = vanilla layer 2 textures + SexLab Sperm Replacer 3dm forum version


Now features the Ridiculous Edition! For bonus ridiculousness! (see attached images)


Layer 1 = layer 2 on the normal version
Layer 2 = more ridiculousness!




Credit should go to the original authors of the textures I used. AND to these:
barak43 here on LL. For helping me figure out the visual glitches when combined with other mods in version 3. And for pointing out the tool I used for version 4:
DDSopt - Optimization of DDS Textures


This is amateur work. It will probably look terrible for the cum connoiseur.


I did not ask anyone for permission to do this... hopefully nobody gets upset ! (If they do, I can take it down. No problem <3)



5 (Ridiculous Edition only)
- Re-did the textures from scratch. Tried making them less sloppy, more polish. They turned out pretty good.
4.20 (Ridiculous Edition only)
- 20% more ridiculousness! Because it wasn't ridiculous enough.
- Changed to better compression. Fixes a visual glitch in conjunction with some other mods, and is more optimized for Skyrim.


- Compressed the textures, and removed unused pre-v1.61 textures
- Added the Ridiculous Edition!


- Forgot to add Oral2 :D


- Initial release



(If you can take better screenshots, please do, and I'll add 'em here!)
Behold, my amazing screenshots (last one is version 5):

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