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Hello, LoversLab users :D

You know SexLab Sperm Replacer 3dm forum version

from http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-4177329-1-4.html shortly before by Iuki.

this 3dm forum mod is based on this SexLab Sperm Replacer (Heavy version) is LoversLab mod


This renovation version produced by Ning Luo, the 3DM forum moderator, as me.

For a variety of reasons.( We did not get TSS5062 allowed. :(

Sorry, TSS5062, We didn't intend to offend you 。

Because the problem of language difference and the GFW.......

Luckly,Now, I got TSS5062 permission and his understanding 。




A note to Lovers Lab members.

I made the SexLab Sperm replacer and Sexout Spunk textures with my tastes, and practical concerns in mind.

The textures are designed to do a number of things:

avoid seams where possible

simulate reflection

simulate liquid flow

simulate translucency

simulate volume

anticipate UV travel

To me, these issues trump sheer volume as my main concern.

I cannot speak to unauthorized revisions of my work.

These edits do not reflect my standards.

My textures were copied and edited without my permission,

But an apology was offered as well as a sincere overture of appreciation for my work.

I'm sure no malice was intended, so I will not have issue with this post.

I would like to encourage new original textures from new authors.






TSS5062 —— SexLab Sperm Replacer (Heavy version)

Iuki —— the Pretty Screenshot