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SexLab Sperm Replacer 1, 1a, 1b, Heavy, Lady B

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About This File

NOTE: This mod needs to be updated to the latest version of SexLab (1.61b).
It will not function properly in the new framework.
I'm looking into the matter and may share an updated version in the future.


UPDATE 1-12-16
I have uploaded a patched version for SexLab 1.6.1b.
It should function much the same as the old versions, but will not take advantage of the 'stacking' effect in SSL 1.61b.
This is a temporary solution to give people access to my sperm textures.
This package does not include Lady Body textures.




These are alternative textures for the SexLab cum display.
Each download contains a set of texture files which replace the existing textures.
They each vary in pattern and strength. See screenshots.


Sets 1, 1a, 1b, and Heavy display correctly on any CBBE, UNP, or ADEC variants,
but will not display correctly on the Lady Body.


A special Lady Body set is included to accommodate users of that body type.


Unpack the file and merge the Data folder with your Skyrim Data folder- overwrite files.


I would advise you to backup the original textures so you can quickly revert if you desire.






SexLab Sperm Replacer-1


Initial texture replacer for the cum display.
A more modest display than later versions.


NOTE: These will not work correctly on the Lady Body.


SexLab Sperm Replacer-1a, 1b


These are revisions of set 1. They are complete sets of textures. Use one at a time.


This file set changes all aspects of the vaginal cum display but keeps the Oral and anal patterns from set 1 intact. I started working on a whole new set but thought this was interesting enough to post. It's a wet & wild one, which may not be for everyone. Check out the screenshots first.


I have added an all-in-one texture for bukkake spell users.
If you don't have it and want it, look through the older stuff. It's great for trying out new cum textures.
It's by oli3d.


NOTE: These will not work correctly on the Lady Body.


SexLab Sperm Replacer for Lady Body


This is a texture replacer set for the Lady Body only; Use this if your primary female body type is the Lady Body. It will not work for CBBE, UNP, ADEC or variants of those body types.


Due to the geometry of the Lady Body, some unfortunate texture placements will occur on the face. Anal and Vaginal applications will appear around the eyes. To my knowledge this is unavoidable.
When an oral sex texture is applied you will see a repeat texture on the left leg, this is necessary in order to get a facial application.
If you don't want this you can install the "Option-No facial" files after the full set is installed.
The "No facial" option has neither the left leg nor the facial application.


SexLab Sperm Replacer- Heavy


I have made a minor update of set 1b.
It is a heavier, more opaque version for those of you who want a more visible application.


NOTE: These will not work correctly on the Lady Body.


Thanks to Ashal for SexLab,
and oli3d for his pioneering work.

What's New in Version 1, 1a, 1b, Heavy, Lady B


  • 1a: Changed vaginal texture pattern.
  • 1b: moved vaginal pattern downward.
  • Added Heavy version.
  • Added Lady Body version.

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