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Lazy's Corrupted Miao Ying Progression (CORRUPTION CORE + STAGES + RESKINS) 1.3.0

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About This File

Framework for gameplay progressive corruption of Miao Ying. Each stage mod is standalone and you don't need to have all of them loaded. If you don't have this progression framework, each stage mod will just be a graphical reskin, but with this mod they will also bring significant gameplay changes. Place above the stage mods in the mod manager or else you will crash to desktop.


Join discord: https://discord.gg/W4qkrNwUMk


File contents:

You can use the reskins by themselves, and also in combination with the progression system.

  • !!li_progression_framework (framework, place at top and needed for corruption of all characters)
  • li_miaoying_progrsesion_stages (game mechanics for progressing stages 1-6)
  • li_miaoying_scale (stage 1 reskin)
  • li_miaoying_fishnet (stage 2 reskin)
  • li_miaoying_ballet (stage 3 reskin)
  • li_miaoying_bare (stage 4 reskin)
  • li_miaoying_corset (stage 5 reskin)
  • li_miaoying_plug (stage 6 reskin)


Campaign picture that shows up depends on which of the reskin is above the others in the mod manager load order.



Stage 1
- mental change only, she becomes less aloof and more gregarious
- heels of protection gives her greater protection in combat but slows her gait
- heels don't physically prevent her from taking them off, but subtly mentally influences her to wear them constantly
- heels are actually a kind of living armor

Stage 2
- mental change only, she gets horny, becomes more provocative and actively seeking out (vanilla) sex
- heels enchanted to increase in protection but also in height, reducing her speed further (and forcing her to walk in a sexy sashay)

Stage 3
- mental change only, she becomes unsatisfied with just vanilla sex, experimenting with kinks such as humiliation, BDSM, and so on
- heels revealed to be the Heels of Depravation; long term wearing bonds it to the wearer and causes them to become more depraved mentally
- enchantment seals the boots to her

Stage 4
- body modification to make her body a more suitable vessel for Slaanesh
- piercings locally change her features and over time will prevent locally shapeshifting those parts
- pierced lips and breasts enlarge to better suit their lewd purpose
- pierced nose reduce in width to make her more stereotypically feminine and submissive

Stage 5
- piercings continue to do their job and corruption seeps into her
- heavily mutated steed binds to her spine, serves as a corset as it compresses her waist
- ass expansion from the steed
- steed's tongue ear fucks her and accelerates her corruption

Stage 6
- face piercings further puff up her lips while reducing her nostril width
- ass and breast expansion
- steed fully binds to her spine, losing its head and limbs
- she gains a tail that's usually plugged into her drooling ass
- right arm transformed to become demonic
- tentacles from her heels now find her sufficiently corrupted to host them and so crawl around on her body and fill her orifices
Stage 6+ with births
- pregnant form
- seal of Slaanesh drains power from her dragon form
- opens portal to allow birthing of demons
- eventually loses her dragon form
- however open portal is very potent magic (smaller version of the major portals at the poles of the WH world), manifesting in her greater magic intensity
- get trait upon birth (not when you get pregnant); 3 stages of traits
- each tier up lets you breed more low tier units (longer births) or higher tier units (painful births)


Edited by LazyIcarus
explain campaign picture load order

What's New in Version 1.3.0


Separated framework from stages, renamed to !!li_progression_framework.pack

All reskins should work with recruit defeated lords now

User Feedback


   26 of 26 members found this review helpful 26 / 26 members

The very bar by which all lewd mods for warhammer will be measured against. 



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   7 of 7 members found this review helpful 7 / 7 members

It has good fluff, smut, visuals, and mechanics. And the submod support is amazing. Just a fun smutty project in general that has spawned a whole genre of mods.

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Keep up the great work! I've followed you since your first started on steam and it's only gotten better since!

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Hopefully will lead the path to more great TW3 lewd mods

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

thank you for this mode I have fun like crazy for 2 days on it but I would like to know if it is possible to add a patch or small mods so that when Miao Ying progression corruption comes to stage 6 it unlocks the passive of generated chaos of slaanesh for the faction and to be able to endure the regions of chaos as if it were true slaanech demon?

Response from the author:

This actually already exists as a submod on the discord under the #corruption-adaptation channel; I'm lazy about porting the downloads to LL, but will do on the next update

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may i ask how to progression to next stage after fighted with Slaanesh ?


Response from the author:

You should get a dilemma if it's not on cooldown (3 turns). One option rejects and the other accepts progression

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Very good stuff. I hope we get more and more. Waiting for Loli Archeon to ride into battle someday.

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