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  1. Thank you I will give that a go. Maybe it got corrupted some how.
  2. The game was running fine, I have been in and out of Dragons Reach without any issues. But today I booted up the game and tried to enter Dragons Reach the game will CTD. Even if I use another entrance same thing. This has got me stumped as no mods have changed. I think it is a mesh that has been corrupted, but I can't be sure. Anyone got an idea on how to fix this? If it helps I do use SMIMS mod All In One edition. I tried removing this but it didn't fix the problem. I don't use Realistic Waters as I know this has a problem in that area as well as other places.
  3. All my characters makeup and hair gets locked into place and can't be removed. I have asked for a button as an option in the MCM to be able to have this set as a feature of the curse or remove it. Maybe have the bimbo debuff if she isn't wearing any makeup if the player turns off the locked makeup option. This way we can use YPS to the full extent.
  4. Have a try at this. Use a mod manager to install. It is the tail from DX Succubus armour with the SMP added by FactoryClosed who also makes the awesome BHUNP 3BBB body mod. PSQ Tail SMP.rar
  5. Took me ages to fix those memory warnings when I built my new PC. In the end I gave up due to the constant crashing and looking at the logs and seeing memory block messages. I had all the ENB speed hacks on along with the fixes, but had to move to SE in the end to get a more stable game.
  6. I have never managed to get the glowing tattoos to work. Can someone give me a plain and easy walkthrough on how to get them to work please?
  7. I get this problem with the Devious Devices and it has to do with masked vertices in outfit studio and the fact that there a bones missing for the items you wish to wear. I have yet to figure out how to solve this issue myself.
  8. Can I also add that I have not had the TG curse hit me. It has been either the bimbo or sex change curse but never the TG one.
  9. For parasite mod? It is fairly easy to make one yourself. I am slowly going through the armour and converting it.
  10. I slept in front of the shrine under Honningbrew Meadery and when I get to Sanguines Dream World again the quest goes backwards a stage and forgets that I had slept in front of the shrine. So I get no new dialogue choices asking Sanguine if he wants me to resurrect his cult again.
  11. I know this is the LE version, but the requirements are still needed. You can find the SE versions of these mods. Look under the requirements part to see what you're missing. @DeepBlueFrog I am currently in the cellar to honningbrew meadery and the quest will not update for "The Truth". I got the update once, then as soon as I slept in front of the shrine the stage was removed from my journal and Sanguine said I wasn't ready yet. Now I can't get the journal to update again to allow me to continue with the quest. I have tried to set the stag
  12. It is a problem with them inside of dungeons as well, by the time I get to them they are usually all dead. @DeepBlueFrogAlso when I transform into a bimbo the wandering bard Talsgar will become hostile towards me.
  13. Are you using the ones for SSE. You may of downloaded SD+ for LE.
  14. Just an observation about the Field Notes on Hormones and the recipes within. There is no way to obtain honey as a ingredient other than a homestead, Haelga's House in Riften next to her bed or from Wulfgar in High Hrothgar. https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Honey_(Skyrim) This means access to the item is limited and would mean a wait of 10 days before a respawn occurs. Would it be prudent to switch it to honeycomb, which can be found in bee hives?
  15. I am trying to call for a mod event that will increase a stat in the MCM. As I under stand it this should work. { "cmd" : [ ["util_sendevent", "_SLH_fHormoneLactation", "rnd_int", "5", "15"], ["util_sendmodevent", "_SLH_fHormoneLactation", "rnd_int", "5", "15"], ["util_sendevent", "_SLH_fHormoneFemale", "rnd_int", "5", "15"], ["util_sendmodevent", "_SLH_fHormoneFemale", "rnd_int", "5", "15" ] ] } But for some reason it doesn't want to fire.
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