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  1. Will this mod work with Sex Lab installed?
  2. I got a feeling that the texture for the artifact is missing. I can see it in the inventory menu as a coil or rings. But when equiped on my character it shows up as a standard clit piercing with a red gem. I changed the slot number to 50 as well to get it to show up.
  3. Fuzzy_Fox

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    You are not meant to stay that long with Sanguine and the conversation option comes up as soon as you are enslaved with you saying to him "Here is your mead lord." I only spend a day or two before handing him his mead.
  4. Fuzzy_Fox

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    Ok will take another look at this and see when the bug happens. Will try to capture it also in a video.
  5. Fuzzy_Fox

    The Sisterhood of Dibella (2016-06-21)

    I am struggling on this one. I found one missing sister where I rescue the Sybal but the other one I can't find. I have looked at the walkthrough on DeepBlue Frogs github and I am in the correct fort but I can't find the other missing sister.
  6. Fuzzy_Fox

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    I took a look at the sex lab thread about this bug and it seems that its linked to camera 1 that some kill move mods and a few other mods use such as dance mods. Sex Labs uses camera 1 and if that camera is called again by another mod then it resets the free camera. As I don't know a lot about scripting I found it hard to understand so my interpretation maybe lacking in it. Was wondering is it linked to the leash from Sanguine because it was ok till he yanked my leash and pulled me to him?
  7. When you talk to Sanguine you should get the chat option to "ask to remove an item." It then goes into another option with 3 choices. "Remove Chains," "Remove Collar", "Remove enchanted chains".
  8. I have that also the only way to get out of it is to save the game and then quit to desktop and reload. Not found a way to make it work yet. @nekroliun Sounds like the install didn't go right. Try and reinstall the mod first. Then if that doesn't work make sure you get jaxsons MCM kicker mod from the Nexus. If that doesn't help then you need to start a new game and before you activate sex labs, turn on the psq mod and then sex labs. I had a few problems with this mod when I started to use it.
  9. I either ask Sanguine to remove the collar which he does for me after some sex. Or I pick lock it off. Problem is it will be replaced when you get called back to the dream world. Was wondering tonight if it was possible after pledging to Sanguine if the mod author could put a stop in the equipping of the collar to the player which I think would make sense. But if the player lied to Sanguine then the collar stays.
  10. The handcuffs should come off after a set amount of time. Look under effects the timer is there along with other status effects. As for the Artifact yeah that is permanent and can not be removed at present unless you mess around in the console or the CK. The Collar you can take off yourself but it gets reapplied once you go back to the dream world. After a while though I have just decided to live with it and due to being a succubus as well via the PSQ mod it kind of works for my character. The artifact keeps her arousal high and the collar can get her into random sex acts which helps with satiation which keeps her alive.
  11. Fuzzy_Fox

    Bethesda just announced TES6, Talk about it!

    Sad but true and a statement I agree with.
  12. Fuzzy_Fox

    Bethesda just announced TES6, Talk about it!

    This video has a leak from a employee from Bethesda and they say they are closing the modding community down by making mods creation club only.
  13. Fuzzy_Fox

    Bethesda just announced TES6, Talk about it!

    Looking at the picture I can see a large crater to the bottom left of the shot. The only place that could have a crater like that would be where Vivec City used to be in Morrowind after the meteorite that Sheogarath sent down. Then again I really hope its a new country so where else could there be a crater like that in Tamriel? I hope that the Stormcloaks won the civil war and kicked both the Empire and Thalmor out. It would certainly change the political landscape of the world which is what is needed to keep the game fresh and to introduce new factions and protagonists.
  14. @chevalierx I have done what you mentioned and it does indeed work. Makes me think I can also remove the textures in succubus body folder apart from the eyes. Because the mesh isn't calling for the textures anymore.
  15. This is what I get when I remove the human body files and original body files. Yes I have also turned off the transform body as well. So for me I need those files otherwise my character looks strange.