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  1. I started a new game for the new hormones update, and I don't think the curse is progressing, each day my character doesn't seem to progress in the curse like before and on the debug page it says 0 days for being a bimbo, yet my new character has been one for 3 days so far.
  2. I noticed that in the LE version of Hormones it requires the new beta of SOS for LE. Does the SE version also need this mod as I can't find the updated versions of SoS for SE.
  3. Seeing how the SL hormones update is with a new game. Bimbo curse in full swing.
  4. If I put this into the folder will it override the script file in the .BSA that comes with the mod?
  5. That part of the mod is broken. 3BBB you need to put the weight gain into the negative value so a 1.0 would be a -1.0 before changes take place. The author knows about this as well as those who made the morph patch file. Next release it should be fixed. At the moment I use morphology to add weight as it works off of potions and unstable enchantments. It seems to work ok on SE and gives a natural progress for now.
  6. Nothing has changed in the mods or load order, not have I changed any settings. But today when I play Skyrim and press the "W" key to move forward for a while the character will continue running for another 30 seconds after I take my finger off the button. I have tested the keyboard input via a notepad and the keyboard seems to be responsive and working fine. I have checked the VSync in the Skyrim pref file in the My Games folder and made sure it is at 0. I am now at a loss of where to look. Anyone have any ideas about this issue?
  7. When I use the SE version the JSON file MF_RP fails to load.
  8. If you have the program voice attack just make a profile up for Skyrim and put in the voice commands - Voice "Stand"= Press Key (arrow up) Voice "kneel"= Press Key (arrow down) You can also find a VR mod that lets you use voice commands during conversations and shouts.
  9. They are meant to be greyed out. They activate as the mod calls for them.
  10. Death Alternative for SE is bugged beyond reason. It was sketch on LE, but the SE version just plain will not work for some people. I had to get rid of it in the end.
  11. Those auction scenes would bug for me and I would be stuck behind the bars for ever.
  12. I found Simple Slavery was very buggy and was the cause of the issues you speak of. I don't use it anymore and these problems do not present themselves.
  13. I am playing the SE version and I am having the same issues. I have the staff Sanguine's Rose and now at level 24 and still not been called to his dream world. I even slept in front of his shrine and still nothing. So I coc'ed my way there and Sanguine wasn't there at all and some of the equipment the silent prisoners should have is also missing. I thought it was a bad conversion from the SE thread. But not so sure now. Edit:- I found the problem. The .BSA wasn't packed correctly for the SE version. Once I unpacked it and placed the folders into the relevant places th
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