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  1. Fuzzy_Fox

    Melodic's things

    So I can change the type of armour in TESEDIT without too much problem? If that is the case I have some heavy armour that should be light armour in my mod list. Going to sort that out while I am at it. Thank you.
  2. It depends on the chance you set in the settings. Each scenario has a slider with a number to weight the probability you will find yourself in a situation. Also you will need to register the quests for the mod to pick up the SD+ mod. This can be found on the first menu when you activate DA.
  3. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Hormones (2018-12-20)

    Does the succubus hair colour change work ? Also is it possible to add dremora race keywords to followers without it changing the way they look so the script will fire with dremora type followers for the daedric corruption? I was thinking of doing this on a few follower mods I have but would like to know if it would work.
  4. Fuzzy_Fox

    Melodic's things

    Cloth. I usually go with pure mages which means no armour and only rely on the spells oakskin, ironskin etc.
  5. Talk to the Alicias in the Dreamworld. There is a very small box under the water near the hatch. There is a key inside it. Also the shrine can be found via doing the thieves guild quest line.
  6. Fuzzy_Fox

    Melodic's things

    I like your work. Can you tell me if you have any cloth type armours for mages?
  7. I have never had any success with the PSQ tattoo options in the mod. I was hoping for a way to have a glowing tattoo that would change with how hungry she was. But the colours never changed nor did the alpha aspect of the tattoo. Just a thought yps-immersive piercings require changes to the plugin .ini of nioverride layers to get the makeup and piercings to work. Makes me wonder if this needs to be done also for the tattoos for this mod?
  8. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Stories (2018-12-20)

    I just noticed that this mod will overwrite the body scales from the Hormones mod. It keeps adjusting the breast scale on its own. I set max breast size to 1.0 and then reload and the mod will change it to 4.0. This in turn will also change the Hormone breast scale option to 4.0 as well.
  9. You kill him by using the drain essence spell before he and the dremora rape you. You should have a spell that will drain the life force from your aggressor or victim. There is also a 4th ending where you end up as a ghost, but I found that to be tedious to play as so always managed to stealth kill the ghosts.
  10. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Alicia Painslut (2015-06-13)

    If you are updating Alicia will she have the same skeleton or use Groovtama https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000 ? I ask because when I used Alicia in my game the game would slow down with lag, when I searched around I found this was due to her using a different skeleton.
  11. Fuzzy_Fox

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    You could do this yourself with a preset face and body from the race menu. Pre-make a character before you start the game as a female and with a weight of '0' and then load that up when you switch to female. The mod will then take over the growth of the breasts, hips and bum till its at '1.0'. Not sure if this would work mind but thinking about it I am going to give it a go. Looking at the sliders for the hormones for version 3.0 I am wondering if the players male body will go from 1.0 weight and reduce down as you loose male hormones and get replaced by female ones making you loose muscle mass till the body changes to female and then starts the climb back to 1.0 weight. Or the other way around if going from female to male. I like a lot of DeepBlueFrogs mods and have them a few of them installed, I bet he is getting fed up of me on the threads.
  12. I have this problem sometimes when fighting npcs. I think its something to do with DAYMOYL, there is a reset bleedout debug and it will reset that state and let you continue.
  13. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Hormones (2018-12-20)

    I don't have that problem myself. Could it be another mod that resets them?
  14. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Hormones (2018-12-20)

    I have this follower as well and it won't work with the SD Hormones because its not classed as a dremora in TESEDIT.
  15. Curio explains to you where it is in a riddle. What flows through the grove? Just follow it to its source.