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  1. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22)

    This isn't a SE mod. You will have to convert it so it can run in the 64 bit engine of Skyrim.
  2. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22)

    Try turning off the Transgender Curse. I had both option selected and it did strange things with my character.
  3. Fuzzy_Fox

    Simple Slavery Plus

    I use Jaxon's MCM kicker mod. As some MCM menus will never show up otherwise.
  4. Tell Sanguine you wish to leave after serving his drink. Or if that doesn't work pull the chain on the stone column.
  5. The quest can be broken easily. I have found that you can start the quest even before going to the Dreamworld just by talking to Helga in Riften. Also the quest can skip parts and end very quickly as there doesn't seem to be a progress state and can jump from the start of asking about the Alicias and going straight to the Soul Garden.
  6. Fuzzy_Fox

    Simple Slavery Plus

    Now that is something I never tried. Thanks for pointing it out.
  7. Fuzzy_Fox

    Simple Slavery Plus

    That could be a nasty problem. I like to play other races but find it hard to support the Empire because of their dictatorship ways. If this was the case I would look for ways to betray the Empire to the Stormcloaks and switch sides. Unfortunately I don't think that is a thing in Skyrim.
  8. Fuzzy_Fox

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    I am using the beta of SD+ and noticed that at certain times of the day Sanguine's Artifact will unequip itself and re-equip again. i saw this happen when I had the inventory window open and the artifact vanished and then reappeared once more equipped to my character. The mages don't remove it either and nor does Sanguine. Also noticed that sometimes my characters hair doesn't change colour after obtaining the soul shard from the moonglade. I think it depends on the hair mod used at present I am using KS hair and KS hair HDT.
  9. Fuzzy_Fox

    Sexlab Adventures

    I did that but it didn't work. I had to start a new game to get rid of the gold weight issue from this mod. It is the only mod that adds weight to gold that I have running.
  10. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22)

    If they are seen as "Dremora" in the Race category of the CK then they should give deadric corruption like the hormones Dremora outcast.
  11. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22)

    As much as I like that mod by Nikita and I have used it in the past. I really like the PSQ mod more due to the hunger for sex and that it seems more polished.
  12. All I can say is make sure you have all the dependencies installed as well from the front page.
  13. Fuzzy_Fox

    Brand New UNP and UNPB Body for Skyrim SE

    I have no idea when it comes to body mesh and skeletons, but can appreciate the work it needs. I will lurk and watch if that is ok? I love the UNP/UUNPB body types and always try to add them to my TES games so this is going to be interesting.
  14. First off find the texture and mesh you want to use. Then go to the Data>Mesh>PSQ>succubusarmor>female. Look for Cuiruass nif and rename the new ones to the same name as the ones in that folder and copy and paste them over into it. If you have the textures already on your system in the data folder via another mod then you won't need to worry about those as the mesh files know where to look for them already due to the hard links embedded into the nif. As long as the textures for the nif are in the Texture folder the game will find them.
  15. Fuzzy_Fox

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    I have noticed that my characters hair will turn red upon completion of the Truth quest. This can bug out sometimes and will not change the hair colour. I have noticed that certain hair mods will block this change. At the moment my character has KS hair the non HDT version. But when I use Appach hair mod the colour changes as it should do.