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  1. Fuzzy_Fox

    The Sisterhood of Dibella (2016-06-21)

    In a word no her head should be the same colour. Looks like your mesh is doing something to her head. I use the AIO Animated Pussy 4.0 mod and she is all one colour.
  2. Fuzzy_Fox

    Devious Mindbreak

    I am using DDEquip 351, DDA 3, DDExpansion 4.0, DDI 4.1. They seem to work fine as I have been playing for most of tonight without any problems. I only had CTD when I installed this mod and tried it out. I like the idea behind it and will be keeping an eye on new releases.
  3. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22)

    Yes its in the MCM first menu scroll down to find options to change skin and hair colour. Make sure they are turned off.
  4. Fuzzy_Fox

    Devious Mindbreak

    I tried this mod on my current load order, and each time I tried to load a save up after restarting the game the game would crash to desktop. So I took off the mod and everything worked like normal. My mod list:-
  5. Fuzzy_Fox

    SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22)

    That could be something to do with the blush option under customisation. I often turn that off because it can effect overlays and also mess up body textures. Or so I have found.
  6. Fuzzy_Fox

    Soulgem Oven III

    You may need to turn on the pregnancy belly in the SGO menu from the lesser powers menu.
  7. Fuzzy_Fox

    Soulgem Oven III

    Yes you can get semen and inseminate yourself up to a max of 6 for default settings or use soul gem fragments, petty or larger gems. It all depends on how many gems you set at maximum. Hold it in means you hold in the semen and it leaks out over time.
  8. Fuzzy_Fox

    Soulgem Oven III

    There is another menu go to powers and use the SGO menu. Body Scaling can be turned on and off there along with milk. This is also where the birth option is but its in a second menu.
  9. Fuzzy_Fox

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    There is already a mod that will make your feet train into bondage boots. You will stumble and fall down till they are trained, then you can run and walk normally, problem is if you remove them you will have to train your feet back to being normal. The mod can be found here I seem to think that DeepBlueFrog also mentioned this mod as being an optional immersion mod.
  10. Fuzzy_Fox

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Managed to get the body working on a fresh install. It looks great. All I now need to find out is what mod is causing the random crashing.
  11. Fuzzy_Fox

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    The guardians only agro you if you stand next to the wrong rose they are linked to, this is what I found when I missed all the roses and stood next to them. As for anything after the choice. No that is it for now.
  12. Fuzzy_Fox

    Simple Slavery Plus

    I kind of had a hit and miss problem with this mod. Sometimes I get sent to the auction house and then get sold off without a problem. Then sometimes I get sent to the auction house and nothing happens. Which means I am trapped behind bars without a way out other than a reload before the event took place.
  13. Fuzzy_Fox

    Artifacting on Sky UI then CTD.

    Ah you know that just kicked my brain into gear. I am using Climates of Tamriel this time round coupled with Realistic Lighting. I will look into these and see if it helps. Thank you for the help.
  14. Fuzzy_Fox

    Artifacting on Sky UI then CTD.

    This isn't my screen shot but its exactly the same problem. Current load order is this and at the moment it seems stable. When I add "A Matter of Time" or "FNIS PCEA2- Player Exclusive animations" I get this strange artifacting. To note I have also followed the advice found on other forums about this problem without any success. So I am hoping someone here who knows more about this kind of problem than me can give me some pointers. Its like if I use too many MCM or GUI systems the game really doesn't like it. I have manually locked my FPS to 59 via my GFX card utility and running in boarderless window mode with Real Vision ENB. I have also changed my settings as mentioned for the ENB I am using.