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The Trappings of Fate is a Devious Devices-meets-escape-room themed puzzle/quest mod. Find yourself tied up in quite a predicament, wriggle and puzzle yourself back to freedom, and explore a story about the nature of fate while you do so.


ON UPDATING: Do not update to v1.2.0 on a savefile that has already started the quest A Snare To Loosen. Several quest-critical scripts were updated, and will conflict with the older ones baked into your savefile, soft-locking the quest. Only update with a new save or stick to your old version. You're not missing out on much, most updates have been technical fixes. On fresh saves, the most recent version should work flawlessly. If it doesn't, please post in the thread.


How to start:
You'll be handed a Letter of Thanks by the courier after travel to any location after you've reached level 9.


- Sexlab
- Sexlab Aroused (alternative Sexlab Aroused frameworks should work, but OStim Aroused likely won't!)
- Devious Devices (v5.2 or newer, LE / SE).

- Fuz Ro D-oh (LE / SE), or all dialogue will be unreadably fast.



Install as normal using a mod manager.



  • LE/AE/VR: I myself only test on SE, but multiple people report it working on LE as well. Let me know in the thread if it doesn't.
  • Try not to start the quest wearing devious devices and especially similar devices from other mods. This mod (unsurprisingly) tries to equip its own scripted devices at some point, and existing devices can interfere and cause all sorts of unintended consequences.
  • The exit of the quest's main area may conflict with mods that change the Solitude outside region, and end up in a wall somewhere. Let me know in the thread if this happens so a patch can be made.
  • No other incompatibilities that I know of, at the moment!



  • Q: "I'm stuck on a puzzle!"
    A: Ask the orb for a hint in-game.
  • Q: "The Orb doesn't have an appropriate hint!"
    Look at the mod walkthrough.
  • Q: "I looked at the walkthrough, but it doesn't work in my game!"
    A: Ask in the thread. Could be a bug, or a mod conflict.
  • Q: "The courier never shows up to start the quest!"
    A: If you're already higher level than 9, quicktravel somewhere else. He should show up afterwards. If not, let me know in the thread!
  • Q: "Can't I start the quest at a lower/higher level?"
    A: Yes. Type "set FrayEQMinLevel to X" into your console, where X is the level from which you'd like to start the quest. After, just travel to another location and the courier should show up to start the quest.



All folk that brought and continue to bring us Devious Devices.

@krzp for the xVASynth voice pack for A Snare to Loosen / v1.2.0.
missjennabee & Nazenn for eye textures for NPCs from "Improved Eyes Skyrim".
Kalilies, Stealthic and others for mesh & textures for NPC hair from "KS Hairdos".

Aelie's browser game Escape Games for inspiration (https://aelie.altervista.org/, specifically the Lia's [x] ones). They're great, check them out!


You are free to reuse anything in this mod with a few key exceptions:

  • For its redistributed parts mentioned in the Thanks section. For those you'll have to check the original mod's permissions.
  • You cannot redistribute this mod's content in any for-profit project, lock it behind a paywall, or use it for commercial purposes.

Edited by Frayed
Added an (in-)frequently asked question about starting the quest at a lower level.

What's New in Version 1.2.0



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v0.1.0 (2022/05/24):
Beta release.


v0.2.0 (2022/06/06):
- Reworked quest start. Less chance of accidentally starting the quest at a bad time.
- Improved quest start to better handle already equipped devious devices.
- Make wine quest stage advancement more robust.
- Removed duplicates of vanilla scripts that shouldn't have been there in the first place.
- Added SendModEvent to suspend Deviously Cursed Loot and other mods during sections where those mods could interfere.
- Improved usability of cart.
- Reduced chance of objects clipping into eachother or into the ground.
- Made mask slightly more visible.
- Fixed bugged hints for harness puzzle.
- Cleared up confusion between the barrier and harness puzzle hints.
- Quest difficulty tries to match player's DD settings preferences.
- Made devices scale properly with DD difficulty.
- Improved cell key logic/useability.
- Made NPC interactions less buggy.
- Changed BRRF patch to ESPFL.


v0.3.0 (2022/06/12):
- Now needs DD v5.2 Beta 6+.
- Added in-game mechanic for puzzle hints.
- Changed quest start event from IncreaseLevel to OnLocationChanged to allow max level characters to start the quest as well.
- Moved quest start story manager event up to the top of the stack, hopefully making it fire reliably even if other mods play dirty.
- Improved intro sequence a bit.
- Fixed some typos.
- Moved quest location exit/entrance to a spot less likely to conflict with other mods.


v1.0.0 (2022/07/24):
- Added waypoint to cell door.
- Moved quest location exit/entrance to avoid conflict with Enhanced Solitude.
- Added key trigger boxes to bookcases to be consistent with other openable objects.
- Added a few safety triggers to prevent Havoc yeeting objects out of range and softlocking the player.
- Added a shorter dialogue option for repeated hints.
- Added waterbreathing to mask dialogue re-entrance.
- Added some extra dialogue to dremora for unlikely choices.
- Added alternate dialogue to mask for specific races where this made sense.
- Added alternate dialogue to mask for when player has completed certain other quests.
- Made dremora shrine disappear once quest ends.
- Make a better final looping hint requirement.
- Changed collar hint price to autoequip to avoid conflict with mittens. Also for blindfold.
- Fixed errant mod events registering when player loaded an older save at an earlier quest stage where these events should not yet be active.
- Fixed conditions for device selection prompts on a few activators.
- Changed text in a few places to give better hints.
- Cleaned some rogue edits.
- Removed errant harness entry from BRRF patch.


v1.0.1 (2022/08/15):
- Fixed dremora post-event dialogue conditions.
- Moved Falcon Key to a better spot that's even less likely to cause issues with overlapping objects.
- Improved failsafes: it should no longer be possible to softlocks by glitching keys out of bounds.

v1.0.2 (2022/10/08):
- Changed intro dialogue conditions to use IsStageDone instead of GetStage to be more robust.
- Fixed harness monitor script to start only when it is needed instead of at quest start. This should fix the issues with innkeeper quest start.
- Improved failsafes for keys even more.
- Changed equipped device conditions to check for this mod's inventory devices instead of devious keywords to hopefully avoid softlocks if DD devices end up in an invalid state.


v1.0.3 (2022/10/14):
- Somehow only half of the harness monitor script fix ended up in 1.0.2. Added other half.
- Changed fade to black on quest intro to use ImageSpaceModifiers instead of FadeOutGame, so that if something breaks the quest start at least you're not stuck on a black screen.


v1.1.0 (2022/12/23):
- Added line to hint orb to trigger solo SL scene, so that players don't need to trigger it themselves.
- Changed dremora alternate path speech check into a dialogue puzzle.
- Changed quest intro bed trigger to avoid incompatibility/softlock possibility with sleep mods.
- Improved hints for crow key location.
- Moved DHLP-suspend event to an earlier stage in the mod.
- Moved harness puzzle event registration to a later stage in the mod.
- Moved dremora a little closer post scene.
- Fixed bug that sometimes made the orb in the last room of EQ1 rotate around the wrong axis.


v1.1.1 (2023/01/22):
- Switched out customized contraptions for DD standard ones. Should make quest start more reliable.
- Added a short delay between triggerbox hits and the activating item being disabled, to hopefully fix a possible CTD (mainly in VR, but also SE).
- Small changes to quest start to improve robustness.
- Reworked internal mechanics of harness puzzle to not rely on semi-deprecated / prone-to-change DD vibrate mechanics. Should make harness puzzle much more robust.
- Fixed hint blindfold missing a devious device keyword.
- Swapped dremora altar to a different mesh that fits the lore better.


v1.2.0 (2023/04/23):

- Made harness puzzle less tedious by reducing incentive duration, animation duration and making the hints a bit clearer.
- Changed dialogue regarding a promise to a servant to give the player more options.
- Fixed a servant's forcegreet dialogue after you fulfilled your end of a bargain.
- Changed quest start to use a scene instead of a script, hopefully making it run more reliably for people with high script load.
- Added check and behaviour for a what a green statue should do when certain devices are already removed.
- Changes to Something Indented scripts to hopefully fix issues where it wasn't working for some people.
- Added short delay to a few more triggerboxes that were missed in the previous patch.
- Added a few more hints: one for when player has a certain key but a certain thing is still up, one for when player forgot to pick up said certain key.
- Small changes to hints dialogue for clarity.
- Nerfed HP of an enemy in A Snare to Loosen.
- Fixed missing facegen data for a servant.

2023/07/24: No update / version number change, but added the Trappings of Fate v1.2.0 xVASynth voice pack by @krzp as an optional download. Many thanks!

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