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     This is an add-on for SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping, which adds a few features as well as support for a several other mods. It has been immensely overhauled from its earlier incarnations for utility, simplicity, and personal enjoyment.


Requirements:    SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping   (and its requirements)

                            PapyrusUtils AE  (Or the SE version, if you're on 1.5.97) -- Needed to Save and Load configuration Settings menu



     New/Altered MCM Settings:

  •      Toggle Switch that can disallow followers as hooker clients (an exploit IMO). Accounts for both Current and Potential follower factions.
  •      Increased Weighting on Sex Type, adjusted from 0-5 to 0-10
  •      Client Arousal Required Slider, adjusted from 0-49 to 0-101 (which disables the mod essentially)
  •      Bounty From Prostitution Slider, allowing  you to set the Bounty from 0-1000 Septims (Guard Interactions Toggle also required)
  •      A new menu (in Uninstallation/Repair page) which shows what supported mods you have currently installed
  •      An option to Save and Load your Settings in MCM, so you won't have to re-type them the next time.
  •      (IMPORTANT) Maximum Party Hookers Slider sets from 0 to 6, and is at zero by default. Once you turn it up, you cannot turn it backwards! But if you don't turn it up from 0 to at least 1, you won't have the option to recruit any hookers. (It was set to zero, to honor a request for option of no party hookers).
  •      Clients Required Per Hooker (0-25, Default 0): Turning this slider up requires you to work that many tricks yourself, before you're allowed to recruit a hooker. Honors the Maximum Party Hookers setting (above).
  •      Tricks for Auto-Whoring (0-50, Default 0): A slider to determine how many tricks it takes a hooker to "auto-whore" (find tricks on their own, as a party hooker)
  •      Tricks for Solo Whoring (0-50, Default 0): A slider to determine how many tricks it takes a hooker to "solo-whore" (become a city or free-roaming whore)
  •      Hooker's Cut (0-100%, Default 0): A slider to give your hookers their share of the spoils (as reward for their hard labor)
  •      Innkeeper's Cut (0-100%, Default 0): A  slider for the "Innkeeper's Cut" of the spoils. Naturally only triggers when you're running tricks within an inn. Inns can be considered exploits in crime mods like Sexlab Adventures/Sexy Adventures, offering safe haven from guards and crime reports. This helps alleviate that, giving the innkeeper a share of profits for providing this safe haven.
  •      (SLS/BM) Whore License Honored (On by Default): Visible if you have either SLS or BM_Licenses installed. When activated, and you have a valid Whore License from either mod, Guard Interactions won't fire. In fact, you can even solicit the guards like regular clients!
  •      Chance Guards Ignore License (0-100%, Default 0): A Misogyny slider. Gives a chance that guards will ignore a valid license, and break up a dance or sex act by the player or the party hookers. Doesn't affect player-initiated dialogs, shouldn't result in any fines.
  •      Public Whore Disabled (On by Default): Visible if Public Whore is installed. When active, and the player becomes the Public Whore, most TDF prostitution dialogs will be disabled for the duration.
  •      Player Auto-Whoring Enabled/Hotkey (Off by Default): When active, potential clients will approach the player and solicit for sex.
  •      Allow Dance While Auto-Hooking: When active, Party Hookers have a small chance of choosing to dance instead of seek potential clients, every AI round (60 seconds). With "Strip During Dance" also active, hookers can effectively generate their own business via SexLab Aroused.








(NEW!) - DarkMaster13 has graciously provided a soundtrack for the whole mod! You can find a download link in the Support Thread, at the bottom of page 5.


SexLab - Sexual Fame Framework


      Adds Whore Fame when propositioning a client (no forehead tattoos required!). More fame is gained when the player is offering themselves instead of one of their hookers. Even more when propositioning a guard, and the persuade check is missed. Fame is recognized by other mods which look for it (like Public Whore , e.g.).


SexLab Survival


     Accounts for the SLS Whore license in Guard Interactions, if a toggle is set active. This will not only prevent bounty/arrest, but allow guards as clients (similar to having Guard Interactions off, but also accounting for this license). Note that this makes the Whore license much more valuable, and I highly suggest turning up its base costs to compensate.

     Also adds MCM section (under General Settings):

  •      Toggle switch to turn SLS Whore license support on/off
  •      Small "quality of life" menu which shows what the current game day is, versus when your SLS Whore license expires


Paradise Halls , Paradise Halls - Home Sweet Home  , and Diary of Mine


     Adds an MCM toggle to allow/disallow Slaves as Clients. Also adds support for Slaves to become hookers, up to 7 total like the core mod (followers/recruits/slaves). A separate ESPFE plugin will handle recruiting PAHE and PHHSH slaves into your hooker harem. DOM support not fully tested, but appears to work.



SexLab Sex Slaves   (aka Mia's Lair)


     Adds the Sex Slaves onto the optional toggle to "Allow Slaves as Clients", as per Paradise Halls. As the Sex Slaves are potential members of the CurrentFollowerFaction (unlike PAHE Slaves), they are also held accountable to the Add Followers as Clients switch once added to your party roster.




     Support for any ZAZ-factioned slaves is included. I'm not aware of any, but as ZAZ is a requirement for Paradise Halls it didn't hurt to add just in case.


Public Whore


     If installed, will add an MCM toggle option to disable the TDF Enhanced Prostitution dialogs while the PC is actively a Public Whore, and track your current status


Sexlab Eager NPCs


     As supported by the main TDF 2023 module.


BM Licenses Enhanced


     Scripts will first check for the SLS whore license, and if SLS is not present in your load order will then check for the BM whore license. Otherwise, acts the same as Sexlab Survival (above).


Edited by Horred
Major Version Overhaul, stale old notes, etc.

What's New in Version 2.4.0


This patch started off as a hit-fix for v. 2.3.0, because while fixing the dance animations I accidentally left some LE-version files in the game folder, and haplessly included them. But while fixing that mess, while I was mass-reaping files anyways, I decided to add in some other stuff I've been meaning to do before this mod gets any bigger and affects even more game installs. Plus to make it worth your while, for making a mess of things. ;)


I recommend a new game for this one, as a lot of form id's changed in the process. Hopefully it's the last time for a while I need to recommend this. But if you really don't want to, I worked out a procedure by which I saved one of my (picked at random) games. c.f. the Support Thread, page 11.


  • BIG FIX: Got the LE crap out of the game install. Please completely uninstall v2.3.0, make sure no files are missing from Sexlab TDF Aggressive Prostitution, before installing.
  • Condensed Form ID's: The files inside the mod were a bit spread out, and needlessly. This would affect future additions, because it's running low on space for a light plugin. Now there's clean room for another 900/so file additions.
  • Official Voice Pack: Special thanks to @kamithemoon for this one, for not only making the TDF Shared Responses pack but for all of his support afterwards. I brought his work into TDF Enhanced, and then baked a new sound package for it with the new mod/form id's/quest name. It's a complete sound pack, except for Dragon voices (not supporting dragon sex in this mod). Baked in 44k full stereo sound with the latest FFMPeg release and the Lip-Fuz plugin for x VASynth. Includes voice for all the TDF Enhanced plugins as well. Working well in game from my (brief) testing, enjoy!


Next patch, barring any more bugs popping up in reports, will try to deal with some of the recent user requests that have been stacking up. If it's a reasonable and not-too-difficult task, I'll do what i can to make it happen.





Version 2.3.0 Notes:


  • Major Fix (Main/Original Mod): Found the source of the infamous "Dance Animation Crash" and eradicated it. Should stop at least 98% of the crashes, if you were a victim of them (i.e. nothing's perfect).
  • New Plugins: TDF Enhanced - HomeSweetHome and TDF Enhanced - DoMHSH. Use one or the other, not both. These should keep your aroused followers from raping your slaves during the middle of a dance, and also will properly fire party hooker/slaves if you turn them over to an HSH house/camp cell or a DoM trainer while still active as a party hooker.
  • Fix/Maintenance: Switched the bulk of dialogs from GetInFaction checks over to GetFactionRank checks. More precise, and less costly in performance. Plugin-wide in scope.
  • Added versioning numbers to the plugins, so you'll know which is updated with each TDF update. To help avoid duplicate and unnecessary downloads.
  • Split the TDF Shared Responses into BSA and ESP archives (you'll need both), because the small plugin updates much more often than the big BSA (c.f. versioning, above)
  • Added a "Party Hooker" faction, to aid in identification especially in dialog files.
  • Cleaned up the conditional checks for NWS Followers a bit, hopefully more accurate now.

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