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For both Human and Android in Atomic Beauty :D


Uh I thought it was only IKAROS Androids in Atomic Beauty....?


For both Human and Android in Atomic Beauty :D


RaceMod itself not provided here,

The single largest location for Atomic Beauty Slider Sets is found right here at this files main download section, there are few other locations that rival this and only in other body types at that.

Every file contains an ESP, that has IKAROS Race Mod as its MASTERFILE!  That means that if you do not have IKAROS.ESP or IKAROS.ESM your game will crash at start screen.

ALL OUTFIT FILES, are weight painted for OCBP 3BBB physics.

FILES marked Vanilla are the Base Game Outfits, these files also include a naked female body weight painted in OCBP 3BBB physics.

All files here support both Human and IKAROS in Atomic Beauty OCBP 3BBB.

This does not mean that you can simply ignore IKAROS Android Race Requirement.

All files requirements can be found here on this page or inside a TXT file inside the downloaded file.


Discord for IKAROS server,



IKAROS-Androids by TrophiHunter


picture by TrophiHunter 

Mod Download Location, https://www.trophihunter.com/fallout4-mods/ikaros-androids






Official Support Mod.png


Intended Outcomes,

-All the outfits you expect to have physics in Fallout 4, on parity with SkyrimLE/SE HDT or SMP physics systems, and all of it under the roof of one physics system.

-All Outfit parts from different packs should be interchangeable between the different packs with minimum clipping.

-All Outfit Packages should have same slot data so that putting on pants from Pack ABC does not remove shirt from Pack XYZ

-All stand alone heel mods should have nipple and non-nipple versions. (Atomic Beauty Body can have quite pronounced nipples)

-All Outfits containing shoe items, have an implanted body that has an idiot proofed Atomic Beauty Body that has no-nipples to prevent player from having the possibility of having their nipples clip with shirts/bras and other items that cover the nipple, it is simply not possible in the files provided here. (Again AB has normally pronounced nipples, I have taken steps against this potential issue to prevent clipping of nipples with the outfits)

-sll Outfits that should have smooth breast area are fully represented here as their original likeness but in Atomic Beauty, this means that there is no pronounced nipple expression because the original outfit did not offer it.

-All Outfits that should have Uni-Boob or Uni-Butt are much closer to original intended look than almost all possible conversions out there.  That is that you can expect to see that there are many outfit parts that in other conversions had straps that had hugged the torso now properly traveling straight across boob to boob.  The feature repeats with many panties, pants, jeans, and other items in the buttocks region, fabric that should naturally travel from buttcheek to buttcheek now does so.  The exceptions are when the fabric itself was clearly intended to be directly attached to the skin of the body, this exception exists for some skin adherent bodysuits where the suit is literally a second skin.

-All Outfit Parts that travel across the mammaries aka Shawn Feeders had sliders made with great care to ensure the end user experienced maximum growth and amazement in the lower torso region



-All Outfit parts that occupy a Vanilla OverArmor slot will have Vanilla OverArmor upgrade systems.



Vests from Pack have upgrade system.png


-All Outfits parts that should not occupy a Vanilla OverArmor slot have been given a new slot.

-All Outfit parts will have their slot number listed in-game in its name seen in your pipboy.





-All Outfits with foot slot will have ma_IKAROSmaterials keywords, ap_IKAROSmaterials inputs for IKAROS compatibility.

-All Outfits Foot Slot ArmorAA have unique ArmorAA record marked with IKAROS race Data record.  AKA true race switching armor, a feature that is absolutely missing in all race mods for Fallout 4.

-All Outfits with non-foot slot have ArmorAA's marked with IKAROS race tag.

-All Outfits that are too overpowered have either been nerfed into the ground or given a duplicate item, sorry most were nerfed without a duplicate.

-All Outfit parts that have 1st Person items WILL HAVE 1st person objects specifically made for IKAROS Race.





not enough room in pants to hold my immersions.


-IKAROS Race will be able to pick up any item in any pack provided here, use it and it will be made as seemless as possible without too much effort on the player, exception if a player uses a non-default skin color they can change the skin of the slot 33 item at any ArmorBench but otherwise all interactions are as seemless as any action a human race character would have with any other item in the game.





Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4598


Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25


IKAROS RACE by TrophiHunter found herehttps://www.trophihunter.com/fallout4-mods/ikaros-androids


Vanilla Outfits

Original by MilkDrinker needed found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12406/


High Heels Sounds,



These files listed below are in my webpages download section, they are required

1) REQUIRED FILE_AB_MilkDrinker_VanillaOutfits_Bodyslide_3BBB.7z REQUIRED FILE_AB_MilkDrinker_VanillaOutfits_Bodyslide_3BBB.7z

2) REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z  REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z

3) REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z, REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z



Vanilla Outfits IKAROS file was given a major update on 10/18/2021, missing first person meshes were added


Optional File Highly suggested,


Hi Im Gamefever, although you may know that LogicDragon created TrueFirst Person in SkyrimEnhancedCamera you may not know that I am the guy that made more items visible in First Person.  Download this file right away and see more 1st person objects than ever before in your Fallout game today.  BTW there are many unique first person objects not in the original mods in almost all the downloads you find here.


6) Vanilla Robo Armor and outfit fixes for Atomic Beauty  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51670

robo armor for Atomic Beauty, should be big enough that wont need OCBP 3BBB weight paints applied to them.


7) Gender Specific Skeletonshttps://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40866

With this you can have ZAZ male boners alongside IKAROS and Human Female using Skeleton-Knee FIX...Meaning you can have your sex mod time with IKAROS.


Physics Activation Requires, install in this order

1) OCBP-2.2.5-CBBE.zip  Go to jello picture for this file understand???? GOOD!

2) REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z

3) "Skeletal Adjustments for CBBE - Knee Fix - Legs for Days - 3BBB"  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39006


SEE JELLO PICTURE? ITS A FILE LOCATION!!!! You require the file at this location

See the jello up above?  That is not a cute picture I put here.  ITS AN ACTUAL FILE LOCATION YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT FOR PHYSICS UNDERSTAND?  For reals though.


This is a cute picture.


please exercise caution when witnessing in game physics, this reaction is completely normal and expected.


IF this is not the experienced outcome, you have not installed the physics properly.  You will know without doubt when it happens because there are physical ramifications that the end user will experience.


AAF Patch in Downloads section Enables IKAROS ANDROIDS to use AAF Framework



Suggested Mod Manager?

Mod Organizer 2, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6194

Pretty much everyone I know that authors mods uses it and you should too.


Download Section also contains Bodyslides for many popular outfits made for Fallout 4, many accessory, hair, and other items patches as well.

Protip, you are free to have access to Vanilla Armors and Outfits without an account here on Lovers Lab, but if you wish to have access to Bodyslides for popular Outfits these are hidden from you behind an Account Wall, all Lovers Lab members can easily access over 50 Popular Outfit Mods, make comments in the comments section, post pictures, and give a thumbs up for the work done.


HOW TOO THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE, explain both the installation of physics and Vanilla Outfits for Atomic Beauty and IKAROS AKA BASEGAME INSTALLATION with pictures



Please install using a mod manager, such as Mod Organizer or Vortex.  (Using a Mod Manager is covered by many YouTube Authors such as GamerPoets, Gopher, and Many More.)


F4SE https://f4se.silverlock.org/  almost feels weird having to write this but you need F4SE to use mods such as physics, all MCM mods, and many other types of Fo4 mods.


1) OCBP-2.2.5-CBBE

download the file here, then do steps 2 and 3.

See this thing of JELLO here??? That is a file location that you ignored....Go there and download the file

  correct File.png

See this picture up there?  See that red circle?  Download that file.


2) "Skeletal Adjustments for CBBE - Knee Fix - Legs for Days - 3BBB" https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39006




2a) During Installation it will ask you Vanilla, GSS, or SSF....Pick Vanilla.

2b) The installation will then ask about skeletal adjustments you would like to emphasize, bear in mind that we are only interested in this file so that our AB Body has use of the Physics Weight paints I have used, so just pick Type 1, we do not need extra bone morph for emphasis on how our Atomic Beauty characters look, AB is already curvacious.  It does help with the knee while sneaking though.


3) REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z


Download and install in this order.

1) Milkdrinker, "Atomic Beauty"  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12406?tab=files
2) Milkdrinker, "AomicB-Vanilla Outfits and Armors" https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12406?tab=files


Both Files





3) REQUIRED FILE_AB_MilkDrinker_VanillaOutfits_Bodyslide_3BBB.7z - REQUIRED FILE_AB_MilkDrinker_VanillaOutfits_Bodyslide_3BBB.7z
4) REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z - 


Installation Order and Load Order

It is very important for new mod users to install the files into their mod manager in this order and also to activate them in this order.  HINT REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z must be installed and activated after Atomic Beauty.  AtomicBeauty.ESP will conflict with IKAROSVanillaArmorPatch.ESP, these alter the same Data Points in the Games Armor....To solve the conflict you have to move the IKAROSPatch so that it is LOWER in the Load Order and it will win conflicts.  Failure to ensure that the Patch is lower in the load order will result in IKAROS not having visable Vanilla Armor/Outfit items on.  Please do not mistake IKAROS.ESP with IKAROSVanillaArmorPatch.ESP, these are two different files that change the code of the game.


Load Order 












IKAROSVanillaArmorPatch.esp <--------Down below see



I exclusively use Mod Organizer 2 and refuse to use inferior mod managers that were not specifically designed for TES/Fallout games.  Old Hands at modding understand that there are compatibility reasons for using specific built mod managers for games such as these.


Now Open up Bodyslide and look for Groups button.  There are Video Demonstrations on YouTube covering more of the features that you see around your screen however for the purposes of this mini-Tutorial here I have snapped and cropped the specific elements you need to look for.

Select the Following Groups,


AtomicB - Automatron
AtomicB - FarHarbor
AtomicB - NukaWorld
AtomicB - SexyOutfits
AtomicB - Vanilla Outfits and Armors

Now hit Batch Build All, you have just printed the Default Armors by Milkdrinker to your Game Folders.





All Sets complete.png


Next, Set of Groups.


AB-3BBB Outfits
AtomicB - IKAROS - 3BBB Vanilla Outfits and Armors
AB Body 3BBB

This step just generated all the Vanilla Outfits, Armors, and Bodies in OCBP 3BBB physics and sent those files to your game folders.  You should now be able to close Bodyslide.
Your game at this point should now be ready for play as a Human or IKAROS Android using all the Vanilla Outfits/Armors in full physics.

Instructions for Bodyslides for your favorite outfits do not vary much from this but instead of printing off outfits you have already printed off from bodyslide you will pick the group for the outfit you have downloaded.  No need to do over the other Vanilla Game Outfits.




After you have downloaded a bunch of Bodyslides your Groups Window will start to look a lot like this.  All the Bodyslides I have authored have a Group Name, 

It reads like this, BodyType_AuthorsName_Outfit_Physics

So AB_DixiePig_SlootSuit_3BBB means this is for Atomic Beauty by DixiePig the SlootSuit in 3BBB physics.



GamePlayer, Show me how to get my RoboDoll looking like yours.


In the Downloads Section of this WebPage you will find this file, Gamefever Atomic Beauty Preset for character Bodies.7z
Install it with a Mod Manager or Simply Drop the Contents into your game folder.

Gamefever Preset.png

This is a lean body version of Atomic Beauty, she is much more lean than base version of Atomic Beauty almost petite in comparison.  There are modifications in game you can do with Extended Sliders for Atomic Beauty you find over here,  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40882   Gamefever Preset works with every slider I make here, there are no worries about the preset working with stuff found on this Download Page.  You will notice as you collect Presets, that the "sliders" move around, this effects the dimensions of the female bodies in the game well too a degree, since these bodies will be effected by the games own weight system as well.



Gameplayer, I am ready to start installing amazing outfits for my IKAROS Android Doll, what now?


1) First you should download and install the original file.  Locations are found further down in Mod Author Original Outfits and also in a TXT file inside each download.

Pro Tip,
I suggest that after having downloaded the Original Mod Outfit you check to see if it has a TOOLs folder inside, removing this Tools folder will remove duplicate Bodyslide files that the Original Mod Author packed with his/her download file and prevent having 2 or more sets of say DeserterX Vintage Bikini being printed out each time you use Bodyslide.

2) Second you can install my file over it overwriting everything when asked.  My file will also have a TOOLs folder this includes the Atomic Beauty and Atomic Beauty IKAROS Android race files, you want this TOOL folder installed into your Data folder.

Note, my Tools folder and all the contents that make my Slider Set are uniquely named so it is entirely possible that you could have dozens of previously installed Body Versions of the same Outfit but mine will not overwrite any of the previous Body Versions you installed.

3) Third you are ready to use Bodyslide and print off the AtomicBeauty version of the Outfit you have just installed.

Every single Bodyslide file you download from me has a packaged SliderGroup, you may not even be familiar with that cause almost no one uses it in Fallout 4 modding scene, however these Slider Groups allow you to be selective when you print off your Bodyslides.

If you are tidy with your files on your game than only my Bodyslides will show up at this step. Or you are a seasoned pro that understands which Slider Groups to select and can safely have multiple body type versions sitting on your Bodyslide installation.



Conflicts and Resolutions,


Skeleton Replacers will overwrite the skeleton I had you download.

Files that Modify Armor, Outfits, and OverArmor in the base game.....Always place IKAROSvanillaArmorsPatch.esp as low in your load order as possible.

AtomicB.ESP actually interferes with the IKAROS Patch ESP, it is solved by putting IKAROS Patch below it.

 LegendaryModifications is believed to cause issues with the Patch, I actually use both and happen to know it does not hurt to put IKAROSvanillaArmorsPatch.ESP below LM's esp.

Physics not functioning correctly, could be one of a few things...
1) Did you install F4SE?

yes this has happened at least 3 times now.


2) Picking the Correct OCBP file from TakoSako, we are using the OCBP-2.2.5-CBBE file not OCBP-2.2.5-ZEX4......YES there have been people that pick ZEX4 or install both files!?  Only install OCBP-2.2.5-CBBE


3) Did you install the CBBE Knee Fix? 

This is not simply a Knee fix and you can only have 1 skeleton installed at a time that effects females, attempting to install another skeleton will overwrite this and the physics will stop working properly.  You can not have both CBBE Knee Fix plus ZEX/ZAZ or some other skeleton I dont know about.

-This has come up a few times.


4) Finally the next major issue people have is not either not installing my Modified OCBP file or they overwrite it with another OCBP file from another author.

-This is a problem because IKAROS female is a RACE that is not human, the OCBP file calls on HUMANs not on IKAROSfemale, so I had to input the data into the OCBP file so that it would call on IKAROSfemale.


5) It is possible that you have installed some other form of physics and have not deactivated those files before installing the files I have asked you to install,

-Note that this will not work, and I am not interested in filling up my comments section making it work for you.  That would get very confusing for new comers very quickly that have failed to do the above properly in the first place who are seeking answers only to be led around in pointless circles.


6) In almost all cases of physics not behaving properly it is always 1-4 and almost never 5 or 6.  I have had at least 3 people try to tell me that their superior computer specs were inferior to my own and my own runs downtown Boston with 60FPS with loads of mods piled on top, an ENB preset that is not dirt, and extra's upon extra's.  I hear all the time about how some persons computer sucks, meanwhile they have loads of duplicate mods that should not be in their Load Order, AKA more than 1 follower handling mod, more than 1 settlement overhaul system, and even people using 8K texture overhauls when they only have a monitor supporting 1K or 2K textures.  Issues on performance are almost always self inflicted and not the result of having a bad computer, not saying there are no bad computers to be running Fo4 on, there are people running this game with computer specs better suited for running Mindcraft and they sure as heck know who they are and would never consider installing these files.


Solution for physics/performance needs.
Open up the ZIP file, REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z
Inside you will find a TXT file, open this file using NotePad or NotePad+ both of those programs are free to download online.

Physics Solution.png

PlayerOnly=0 to playerOnly=1

This disables physics for everyone but the player and should enhance performance on weaker PC's while providing the player with some jiggle physics.
You can also selectively shut down physics as well such as shutting down physics for all characters wearing overarmor, shutting down physics for all females or shutting down male genetalia physics.



IF you are using a physics solution such as OCBP perhaps by author takosako who also did OCBPC or perhaps a modified version.

These are the lines that allow the physics to act on the weight paints in the outfits you can try adding these as a [whitelist] entry with Notepad or Notepad+


Simple open the modified version, copy paste over the information you need to your file.


The end user may already have an edited OCBP or OCBPC file, overwriting that file may cause other issues since this file is edited for Android use only, but maybe another author made an edited version that allows for male erections or bouncy balls....In that event the end-user may have to copy these lines over to their TXT file so that their game will have Androids that get bounce.







LOL LOL LOL you fool, why does Bodyslide Slider Set have an FAQ?



I imagine that a seasoned Bodyslide user might think that.  The fact that there is an ESP edit in each file demands explanation found further below.  Then there is the physics set-up explained above how to install it.  There are reasons to have additional information partly based on how the community has gotten fragmented beyond the control of the mod authors and mod users.  So yes I thought a Frequently Asked Questions and Answer section might be helpful.



Do I have to make a Clothed Version and a Non-Clothed Version of my Preset character to use your file like well almost all other slider sets ever made for Fallout 4?



No that is insane non-sense, I could not stand that about all the systems and body types I tried.  With the Bodyslides you find here all you have to do is set your naked body preference type and hit build.  No more trying to figure out am I wearing clothes today well I better saw her nipples off.  Nope, just wear shoe's and your character will have the proper nipple structure to wear the tops, there are even duplicate shoes that read "nipples" in the pipboy so if you happen to want to walk around in some shoes with your top off and look excited well you can.  The only way you could possibly mess this up is if you set your nipple size to something really crazy like maybe 300% size.  I tested this against having nipples at 200% which is already pretty big for Atomic Beauty.




I just have to ask, WHY did you use OCBP 3BBB, like no one uses that system or System XYZ is what Fallout 4 modding community does.



You have to understand that I am a Skyrim Mod Author and may not be as familiar with exactly what systems the modding community for Fallout 4 uses.  More to the point though there are a lot of systems that are disappearing from websites and OCBP 3BBB was currently available and met my expectations at the time these Bodyslides were made.  Sorry if toes were stepped on, I am an outsider from a far away fantasy land and not aware of your Fallout 4 eittiques and customs.



Why was it you that built this and not my favorite mod author by name of "unknown" it should have been someone that I know from my Fallout 4 Community.?!



I have had the Pre-Launch version of IKAROS Androids sitting on my hard drive for oh 2 or 3 years now, been waiting patiently for your favorite mod author to make those conversions.  Then Summer Staycation happened and I just wanted something to keep me busy during downtime.



Please explain your File naming system in the downloads section for me to understand what is what.



Ok here goes, Body Type, Name of Author, Name of Outfit, Bodyslide means it is a Bodyslide Slider Set, IKAROS implies it supports this Race, 3BBB means it supports 3BBB physics.

So your looking at file names like this,

AB_DX_VintageSummer_Bodyslide_IKAROS_3BBB= Body Type Atomic Beauty, author DeserterX, outfit is Vintage Summer Bikini, Bodyslide supporting IKAROS in 3BBB phyiscs.



I want to use the files without installing IKAROS Android Race Mod. (actually an asked question)



You have to remove the ESP before installing the Bodyslide Files, if you dont I am not responsible for your game crashing.  It is very simple computer operations task that most people can easily grasp an perform.



I want the outfit Bodyslide Slider Set files but without physics!  I have Outfits that are showing physics and they dont work with my stuffs... (actual question)



You have physics on your end because you have files installed on your game that allow for physics, its as simple as that.  It is not my fault, yes my slider sets have physics so they will have jiggle but to have that jiggle at all on your end means you have some or part of the files needed in the first place to act on that.  I can not say with certainty which those are there are so many methods and means to physics in Fallout 4 modding, and I dont track or use them all.  In fact a lot of the possible versions of physics are gone, or have moved off to other sites because mod producers had issues with site management on other sites.  Examples, OCBP is now here on LoversLab rather than Nexus.  Fusion Girl has its own physics methods which are now only on Fusion Girl Discord....And so one.



Why do I need IKAROS race Bodyslide files for IKAROS race mod to wear the outfits? (Question asked on other forums)



IKAROS race is not a 1 to 1 equivalent of Human race.  It is 5 meshes that build the body of the IKAROS female, contains lights, transparent skin, skeleton, many parts an pieces.  The game itself can not replace the human body in the outfit for the IKAROS body, somebody has to tell the machine to do that with not just code, but also arts assets, and all other associated files needed such as first person objects and even high heel txt or F4SE files must be built an provided so that IKAROS female can actually use said outfit mod.  This is a massive reason for why end-user can not simply dump the contents of the files into their folders without IKAROS installed.  The proportions are actually slightly different as a result of being made of a half dozen meshes and thus every single piece of an outfit must also be tested on the IKAROS female before it can be packaged and posted because if not you will experience clipping with IKAROS but maybe not clipping with Human Race.



I want to use the first person objects you made here without installing IKAROS race mod.

Or I want to use special objects/outfits you made for Atomic Beauty Human that require your ESP to function without having IKAROS race mod installed.



Make your own patch.  Seriously, if your not paying me you can not expect that I will make it for you.  What is provided here is here because I was generous enough to put here what is being used in my game.


Question, (actual question found here in comments)

Your mod Bodyslide file is cause shirt to bounce through my characters chest.?



You have not installed an built the provided Naked Body for Atomic Beauty in OCBP 3BBB physics.  It is in the Vanilla Armor Outfit file.  You could have also you know worn shoes from the very same outfit pack the shirt came from an also solved your issue.


Question, (A type of question that has come up over the years of making Skyrim Armor)

Hey fool, you did not give physics to Medium Metal Armor, all the Raider OverArmor, most of the Combat Armor, the Robo Armor.....You skipped over half the armors and did not give everything Bounce?!



You want solid metal objects to have bouncing breasts????  Uh......hmmm......Im Confused.  Solid metal objects dont bounce in real life this hurts my immersions.


Question, (Potential Question)

I noticed that when my character is naked her nipples poke through Shirt from ABC Mod!  Please FIX right away.



Sure let me tell the end-user to wear shoes when wearing shirt item from ABC Mod, that solves the issue right......?



No I want to have no footwear and wear the shirt!!!! DAMMIT do it now!



No, you do it now.



My naked female body is not bouncing?

The naked female body with physics is in the Vanilla Outfits Bodyslide.  Download an install that so your naked female characters have the bounce.

 Question, (has been asked in comments section before)
My game crashed, Im even using your ESP?

All the ESP's I have provided are modified so that IKAROS Android Race can use the outfits.  IKAROS.ESP or IKAROS.ESM is the Masterfile for all provided ESP's without it you will crash to the desktop when getting to the start menu.

I want my doll to wear shoes and have erect nipples!  Cause I have a pervy smexy scene that I am putting together!

Your in luck cause there are Nipple versions of many shoes, all the IceStorm Shoes have nipple and non-nipple versions in their packs for both human and IKAROS.

Question, (has come up in Skyrim Discussion back in 2013/2014)
I have had really bad luck with clipping between outfit packs before I have even used yours, my past experience using bodyslide mods is horrible.  Am I going to have trouble with clipping between packs with yours.?

Well the advantage here is that all the packs are made by the same Author, using the same weight paints, and the same physics formats.  Your bad experience with stuff in the past is likely due to using outfits that were designed to be used only with itself or parts from packs that did not use the same weight paints, or parts from packs that did not use the same physics format across each part from every pack you used.  Basically there should be minimal clipping and all the parts from the packs found here should all animate the same because the same process, same weight painting, and same physics formats were used across all the files you find here.

Question, (In my years of Bodyslide work this comes up)
I have installed your Files, but all my outfits look exactly the same as before I installed your files, what gives?

You have to actually open Bodyslide Outfit Studio, and you have to hit the batch build button so that the program will build the outfits for you.  Bodyslide is an external program you can download from Nexus, it has to be runned an you have to select what outfits or build all.  The program is mostly automated and will export the files to the correct folders for you, there is not a lot of work on your part but you do have to open the program tell the program which outfits, and you can even tell the program to use a preset for a body type in Atomic Beauty or change the sliders to alter what that body will look like.  In short this is not a direct 1 to 1 with the pictures you see, you will have a lot of control over how endowed the female characters are.


My character will not perform sexy times during AAF Framework, what gives?

IKAROS is another race, so it needs a file to enable it too perform, that file is provided in the downloads section, "AAF_IKAROS PATCH.rar"



Mod Author Original Outfits File Locations listed in spoiler, these contain data needed for the Bodyslides to work at all.




COCO, Ahegao T-Shirt, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/44011


COCO, LaceBody, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/43324


Nakrulz Sexy Transparent Zipsuit original mod found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16704



IceStorm's High Heel Mods originals found here, https://files.icestormng-mods.de/d/787267a3e362412c8751/
-Visit IceStorms Patreon here, https://www.patreon.com/icestormng


Azarkiowa Ponytail Hairstyles, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/8126

HumanNatures TRS Outfits original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/47810

HumanNatures EasyGirl outfits found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19596

Technical Competition Sportswear by adshield found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/50617



Vtaw Wardrobe 1 by Vtaw original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39599
Vtaw's Patreon Page, https://www.patreon.com/Vtaw/posts


Vtaw Wardrobe 2 by Vtaw, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39780

Vtaw Wardrobe 4 by Vtaw original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42145

Vtaw Wardrobe 6 by Vtaw original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/46628?tab=files

Vtaw Wardrobe 7 by Vtaw original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51798


Vtaw Kaine Outfit, original found here, https://mega.nz/file/pBcx2aaL#zO2AlYR0Dg8mjQEpvZdmJvIPUgG42N75BEKxCcr8uxI



Vtaw Bunny, original found here, https://www.patreon.com/posts/vtaw-bunny-v1-0-41496447

Vtaw Utility Pack 1 by Vtaw original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42971

Vtaw Tough Girl Attire, download location inside file, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38215

Vtaw Miranda Outfit original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/53592

Vtaw Overalls, original found over here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/52878

AthenaX Streetfighter Cammy Battlesuit, original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26376

DeserterX Leotard Collection original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/53283

DeserterX Banshee Recon Armor original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/31295

DeserterX CommonWealth Shorts original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7898

DeserterX Predator, download location, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51180

DeserterX Vintage Summer Bikini, download location, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/53654

Xavier Claire Sexy Cop, download location inside file

Ellise Gits Precursor Outfit, original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11787

GrimSovereign Samus Suits, originals found here, https://www.grimsovereignproductions.com/fallout-4-mods

Maibatsuu Platform Sandels, original found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/53300

Jmenaru Shirts and Tags, original mods found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/2509011?tab=user+files

Dicky's Pinup Outfit, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/30006

Fraceco84Inn, BlackWidow A Original Outfit, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/52089

NewerMind44, Black Widow Suit - CBBE - Body Slide, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45417



More Descriptions about how the file works




The Bodyslides are meant to work with Human Race Female and IKAROS Android race mod....Since it supports IKAROS there are included ESP's, if you do not have IKAROS Android race installed and just drop my files into your Data folder without first removing the ESP's than your game will crash to desktop just as you get to the starting game screen.  This is because IKAROS is a MasterFile for my edited ESP's.  IKAROS race mod is not provided here you have to go here, https://www.trophihunter.com/fallout4-mods/ikaros-androids to download it.

 The modified ESP's are needed so that IKAROS Android Race can actually use the items in the Bodyslides.  IKAROS race IS NOT a simple skin mod, its an entire robot android mesh in the shape of a female with many unique properties that are quite different from other races you may have actually used.  It has many layers of moving parts, glowing lights, and even special transparancy effects that you may not have ever seen before in other races.  My pictures that you have seen do not do it justice, my intentions here are not to win awards for taking pretty pictures but to provide amazing sliders so that the end-user has the best experience using the clothing items in the Bodyslide Slider sets provided.

 It is entirely possible to use the Bodyslide files without having IKAROS Androids installed by removing the ESP's included in the files before installing them.  Basically the Bodyslide files would then behave as any other Bodyslide Slider Set file of course for Atomic Beauty body in OCBP physics.  You can also use these files without OCBP installed without concern about crashing, which is also very different from the experience in say SkyrimLE or SE games.

 The ESP's are highly modified versions from the original formats.  Changes include race data entries specific to IKAROS race.  Every Item that requires a Body, Head, or Hands must have its own specific ArmorAA entry and a corresponding Mesh file that replaces human female with IKAROS female equivalent.  IE if it had a human female body it must be replaced with IKAROS female body in not just the BodySlide but also the relavent data in the ESP file itself, plus all associated items such as 1stPerson items must also be created and the entries made into the ESP file.

Additional changes were made not directly related to IKAROS but related to other mods I have created such as viewable 1st person items, all items that could interfere with first person mode were given blank 1st person mesh references so that in 1st person the player would not have their view blocked.  That may or may not effect all players since not everyone makes use of "Viewable First Person Items Mod"  however I knew it could be a problem an accounted for it while making edits.  No worries the cast majority of the items given blank 1st person would not need or require first person meshes these were items such as tank tops, bras, belts, harnesses....There was no need for the Author to have given it a first person entry so I corrected the issue while in the ESP.  Items that required 1st Person items had custom 1st person items made and added to the file download.  Items such as Gloves, Gauntlets, Outfits with a Body all had IKAROS first person items made for them where appropriate.

All Item Slot Data across all modules here were matched.  The various mod authors did not use universal slot naming, so I went and made them all use same slot number conventions so that there is not an issue of putting on a shirt and suddenly your character removes their pants.  All items that would have used the Vanilla OverArmor system were given a different slot number only where appropriate IE Vests are still occupying the Chest OverArmor Slot number 41.

All Vests now behave just like Vanilla OverArmor Chest Armor pieces, they have an upgrade system for materials and strength just like Combat or Leather Chest armor pieces found in the native game.

Outfit Mods that could be rendered down into individual parts were seperated and given new entries into the ESP so that players could mix and match stuff that was at one point a solid 1 piece outfit.

Backpacks and pouch type items were given carry weight enchantments.

All Unique New items that are High Heel related were given appropriate entries into either F4SE pluggin or a textfile that HighHeel Mod would recognize and be able to elevate new heels for IKAROS race.  

Also in case it is not clear, All the Sliders can be used for human female, not just IKAROS.

 In Short....The work here was a lot more involved than just making Bodyslides which in and of itself gets very time consuming when shooting for a high mark of quality.

 Rest assured that everything you download here was made by a mod author that has over a decade of mod making experience.  I created all the Sliders for Skyrims Devious Devices UUNP, converted every single Vanilla Skyrim Armor Pack available on the internet (Well up till 2 years ago, there have been at least 3 new vanilla armor UUNP packs made since), the amount of items I have converted with Outfit Studio gets into the tens of thousands, and written many mods besides the Book of UUNP for Skyrim the largest armor pack in the world for Skyrim.  150,000 PC gamers use The Book of UUNP and 350,000 Xbox players have used the Book of UUNP.  If I listed every single mod author that created work specific to Book of UUNP or allowed their work to be used in the Book of UUNP its likely you would recognize many of the names of your favorite mod authors in that list and in fact many of the mod authors of the works these slider sets above have their work also in the Book of UUNP.  If you have ever used Skyrim Viewable 1st person items or its Fallout 4 equivalent well that was my mod and those were the tiniest of mods I have made.

 Sorry about tooting my own horn, it is true that when I meet a mod author that I'm a big fan of I totally geek out, but the funniest moment was when one of my favorite mod author totally stole my geek out moment from me to totally fan girl mode about the Book of UUNP....And I was shocked cause his stuff is freaking amazing.






Edited by Gameplayer

What's New in Version 2.0.1



Updated VTAW Wardrobe 8,

-Removed all "Foot step Sounds" from all ArmorAA references that should not have it.  This will prevent the odd issue of foot step sound getting out of sync for some machines.  Also it prevents having normal foot step sound in addition to heel foot step sound playing at same time.

-Added Camel Toe to SBVampireOutfit and SBTrishOutfit.  I figured it was Super Busty after all so uh what else can be tweaked for max impact.

-There were other things I fixed and tweaked but I was not keeping notes so....FFFFFPPPHHHTT.

BUT we have Camel TOE! on two outfits and an ESP correction, cause that foot step thing was kinda weird with the new heel sounds, so I fixed that up.



NewerMind BlackWidow, ok so re-upload...

Not sure how the IKAROS body spazzed out because back when I first put this together it was working...Might be something about the way I put it together that does not agree with a Bodyslide update or something.  So fixed it by duplicating each part of the IKAROS Reference rather than 1st time porting in the whole body at once (which I had pre-ZAPed)



AthenaX StreetFighter Cammy Battlesuit, re-upload

Fixed up the IKAROS body itself in the suits withen the mod, should stop the mesh from being weird.



Wardrobe7, Yes Vtaw Wardrobe Seven updated....Been some time.

-Created Glove Sliders for CyberArms IKAROS and KatrinaCyberArm Gloves IKAROS slider.

-Created Super Busty BlackCat human and IKAROS versions

-Created Game DVA IKAROS version, missed it back in the day ><

-Added Heel Sounds to all Heels

-Corrected a BlackCat IKAROS boots slider was spazzing out have no idea if anyone had an issue with that oh well its fixed now.



Wardrobe8 Updated,

-Fixed up ZAP sliders on Super Busty versions

-Added Keywords for Color Swatches for all Super Busty Outfits, this was not done in VTAW original version

-Corrected some clipping found in Super Busty Wastelander

-Created and added Vampire IKAROS gloves

All in all color swatches for SB Outfits took hundreds of edits to Keywords, OMOD Textures, and propagation to all SB and Non SB complete Outfits.  This gives SB Outfits more options for such unique outfit types that can only have been achieved as a solid outfit and cannot be achieved as individual parts, players that had previously ignored SB versions will find way more color options than thought possible.



Wardrobe8, went through every top put it against the IKAROS_Torso_low corrected clipping.  Rebuilt Vests in ESP so they would have what I had intended to be as Combat Vests at armor bench.



Re-uploaded Wardrobe8 update with the original launch ESP, sorry folks.  The ESP was crashing up my game and could not narrow it down, just that the original launch ESP was working just fine.  At some point will attempt to modify some of the tactical vests again.  No idea bad keystroke or what.



Removed Wardrobe8 Update, ESP got messed up or something it was causing crash...Sliders in the pack good, if you downloaded the update remove the esp.



VTAW_Wardrobe8 Update Released!



VTAW_Wardrobe8 Released!

-Note, it is in 3 parts

-High Heel Sounds Required, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45345



DeserterX PornStar Fashion Bodyslide IKAROS released!

-High Heel Sounds REQUIRED, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45345



DeserterX Fetish Volumes 1 and 2 Bodyslide IKAROS released!

-Comes with that extra clicky clack,

-High Heels Sounds REQUIRED, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45345



DeserterX Bikini Collection Part 4 Bodyslide IKAROS released!



DX_Bikini Collection Part 3_IKAROS_Bodyslide released!



DX_Bikini Collection Part 2_IKAROS_Bodyslide released!

WARNING, dont submerge your Robot in water.

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