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TBD/3BA PubicHair SOS Bodyslide, SOS Female Pubic Hairs colored for NPCs 1.0.2

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About This File

Bodyslide Files for Touched By Dibella and 3BA for colorable 3D pubic hair in 11 styles for SOS.

This version Works, others dont BTW not even original file works as well sorry (05/04/2022)


Description of the file in detail.

Your best bet on the internet for 3D Pubic hair right here and no where else, I know, I know its technically a Bodyslide, technically a Fixes mod...But the original mod wont fully function properly without the fixes contained withen these mesh files, and you get sooo many pubic hairs with color options to boot...So what are you waiting for there slayer?

11 pubic hairs for female characters and npc's that have color options inside SOS MCM menu.

Pubic Hairs are destributed by SOS randomly to all females in the game and the hair color defaults to the hair color of said female unless said female has the unlikely instance that no hair color was assigned in their respective ESP/ESM file.  Too be very clear, I mean that the "Pubic Hair Color" will match the "Hair on the Head" color.

You can use SOS menu in MCM, to assign a specific pubic hair for your Player Character female or NPC female, along with 1 of 24 preselect colors or even assign a numerical value for an exact color option.  There are also shaved option, which is also a random chance for NPC's to be assigned, this chance can be edited in game through MCM by race just as any other pubic hair or schlong.

The Bodyslide files are intended for Touched by Dibella Bodies in CBPC or SMP physics formats basically the only two available physics formats of TBD at this time.

The 3BA Bodyslide is for 3BA body users, a CBBE SMP type body please be sure you download the correct file for your needs as you only can use 1 file!


FIXED up the original file by doing the following,

Remove ShaderFlags1, "decal" and "dynamicDecals" those flags told the game to render these 3D meshes as flat decals on female bodies.

The result is that now these pubic hairs are treated as 3D objects that will appear above any tattoos, suntans, or body paints the player may apply through mods such as racemenu.

Side result, as of this finding this may be the only working meshes that have a result as the original author had intended no joke.



3BA version from the original mod page is now here in the downloads section with the ShaderFlags1 flags "decal" and "dynamicDecals" removed, this should fix this bodyslide up for 3BA users, I am not able to support it beyond that as I currently do not have proper 3BA bodyslide installed on my system, however I know for fact that those flags resulted in a lot of error reports on the main page and this change will correct those issues.  Have fun 3BA users.



Original Mod is required, version: SOS NPC Female Pubics v 2.0.4

Install original mod,  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10318-sos-female-pubic-hairs-colored-for-npcs/

Install SOS SE, https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5355-schlongs-of-skyrim-se/

Install these bodyslide files,

Open Bodyslide,

Find group 03TBD PubicHair

Select BuildMorphs,

Export Meshes

Give 5 Star Rating and Review

Thumbs up work,

Make funny comments about carpet cleaning in comments section, (trust me if you dont the file wont work)


Play game :D


Share photo's of your carpet munchers in comments section!





You used low res images in your pictures section! Ima not downloading I expect pin-up art of high end pornographic quality before I deem downloading a file!


I'm not wasting hours of my life setting up a high quality image to misslead end-user about what to expect when using my files, no sorry not going to do it.  Pictures for files should be made to load up fast, get to the point, illustrate exactly what the product does and give end-user a good idea of what to expect in their own game.



Will it work with other Pubic Hair Add-on?


IF they dont overwrite each other than it should work, only way to know is to pop them open in Tes5edit or try it out in game.



It says NPC's in the title and says nothing about it working for player characters....So it only works with Non Player Characters right?


Wrong, it works for all females even player character females....Khajiits, Argonians, and Vampires of all races, even suddenly mid game magical transformation via curse mod females.  Extra Options in SOS menu to turn off races if you like.  



Will it work on Dickgirls or FUTA characters?


I dont know, how about you test that out and write about it in the comments section.  Of course there is a niche community here that does FUTA here and its not hard to find if you look around maybe there is a whole bunch more stuff around here for that.



Male Character?


No, sorry....This is for females.  Maybe check the with a web search or ask in the forums for male carpet.  Heck when you find something write about it in the comments section.

What about all the comments in main mods comments section that said this mod does not work?  How are you able to fix the mod with your Bodyslide Files? That makes no since to me.
The issue with the main mod not working was entirely due to the meshes which are called dot NIF or .nif, these files are the meshes files that are of course the models themselves.  Bodyslide uses a baseline .nif file for each model and an .osd file to then tell Bodyslide how to build the meshes when you hit build in your user end copy of Bodyslide.  Since its meshes by providing those meshes in the Bodyslides you have your fix.  Yes of course there was something I had to do, that could not be done inside of Outfit Studio, I opened the meshes in NifSkope a program most Bodyslide/Outfit Studio builders are not familiar with examined the flag settings found the errors in the flags and adjusted them there before then placing them into Bodyslide/Outfit Studio for creating the Slider Sets and Groups that end-user's are familiar with.  I've been editing and building meshes for something like 10 years now so I am very familiar with some of the issues and problems, knew just what to look for or have friends that can identify issues also.


How come my pubic hair disappears when wearing a bikini bottom from Amazing World of Bikini Armor?
TAWOBA has all its bikini bottoms assigned to slot 52 and PubicHair is also slot 52, slot 52 can only have 1 mesh in its slot.  This is just how Skyrim/Fallout games behave with slots, although its not a bad outcome really because slot 52 is also penis and normally you would not want penis to show when wearing a bananna hammock.  Well in this case the pubic hair magically is hidden by the itsy bitsy micro thong your female character is wearing waiting to spring its furry jungle trap on unwitting men of Skyrim.

Ok I'm not wearing a slot 52 item like a bikini, my character is wearing a slot 32 chest piece that is quite revealing and I want to know how to make it show my jungle monster pubic hair!
Well ok then, go into SOS menu, find player/npc options in left panel....From there you will see options for player or targeted NPC.  Near the bottom of the menu is the option to force the slot 32 armor to be revealing which will make SOS put pubic hair or penis on that outfit...However this is still restricted by wearing other item that may occupy slot 52, such as Chasity Belt.

Well I like the idea but I want my girl to be shaved.  So I guess I wont use the file....sadface....
There is a Shaved Option in SOS menu for people that want their female player character or female companion npc to have shaved bald pussy.  So you can have your character or companion character shaved but the rest of the female npc's will be assigned random carpet that matches the drapes (hair color matches pubic hair)

I dont know Gameplayer, I been looking through your mod files an its like all you do is fix up somebody elses awesome file, whatever man Im not giving you a thumbs up that shit should have worked in the first place.
Well that certainly is one way of looking at it, another way is that without my fixes that super cool mod would either not work at all or not fully function as intended....And I could have kept that fix for myself an my other friends that play Skyrim rather than share it here with you today :D
Is it really asking so much that you thumbs up something that makes a good mod a great mod that fully functions as it was intended?  What it cost you a button click?  You were mad at some other author so you felt entitled to someone else coming along to fix said work?  Come on man, you lucked out that some other guy thought "Hey I'll post a fix and everybody will be happy."
Fixes mods as it is are often the result of a mod author who actually plays the game, who looked at a mod and said, "You know what?  I know how to fix that right up so it works even better." And sometimes it just so happens that maybe the original author just could not get the help in the area needed for his mod at the time.  Its just how these things pan out sometimes.

Hey wait a hot minute!?  Isnt this mods required file "SOS Female Pubic Hairs colored for NPCs" also a requirement file for that Fashion ista type file I saw over in the Adult Downloads section and ya there is a Pubic Hair Growth mod and Shaving that called on this mod somewhere....
Well I think so, yes...I have not used those mods just yet because not all the mods used in them are available just yet for Touched By Dibella.




Suggested Mod,

Are you tired of labeling every single KS SMP Wig as Sexlab no strip in Sexlab everytime!?  How about a mod that fixes that right up for ya!


Compliments and works well with,

Want the player character Pubic Hair to grow?  This mod link is a real gem.



DES:  Female Dragonborn has to manage her pubic hair growth otherwise it becomes a messy wild bush.


3D SOS Pubic Hair for Females and Males,



Des: Male pubic hair, FUTA pubic hair, female pubic hair.

Edited by Gameplayer

What's New in Version 1.0.2


So while playing I noticed that there were "Thigh" and "Pussy" weight paints that made the pubic hair behave oddly during intimate relations.

Trimmed the hedges of thigh and pussy weight paints, now the hairs dont look all weird when spread eagle.

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