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This mod adds Frostbite Clan slave dealer branches, at the outskirts of all five of the Skyrim Capitals. In two cases, where the branch facility is not located directly at a main access road, i.e. Windhelm and Solitude, it also adds a market stall at the palace district (Windhelm) and at the marketplace (Solitude).


Please note: Since this mods adds quite a few exterior structures, it is very possible that it will clash with other mods which do the same. Even if the structures aren't in the same place, just the changes in navmeshes can cause CTDs as far as two cells apart. This is as much my fault as much as that of the authors of the other mods. The simple reason being, creating a navmesh which will prevent this issue is an extremely difficult and time-consuming process. It would easily triple the number of hours that go into this, so I just can't be bothered.

Known Issue: At the Fort Anguish location (near Dusnikh Yal, near Markarth) an unknown phenomenon is causing static objects like walls and towers at the fort become invisible, while preserving their hitboxes. If anyone has any suggestions as to what may be causing this, please share them with me.





- 9 non-interactive slaver outposts at or near the Skyrim capitals and towns 

- 1 outpost at Solstheim: Raven Rock
- 1 quarry (WIP)

- 2 non-interactive marketplace stalls, at Windhelm (palace district), and Solitude (marketplace)

- roughly 300 NPCs
- 8 slave caravans

- all slavers and slaves are female (this will have a backstory reason)

Planned Features:
- more quarries, mines, brothels...

- more factions

- some public pillories with misbehaving slaves





v0.2d and lower:

Devious Devices 5

Sexlab Framework


and their respective requirements!


Compatibility Patches:


For versions 0.2c and higher I highly recommend downloading the compatibility patches done by gregaaz.

In the main plugin patch, he optimized a great number of navmeshes and removed a ton of ITMs, and fixed a lot more stuff. If you are running the experimental version 0.3a or higher, do not install the main plugin patch, as it is already integrated, so you would be basically downgrading to 0.2d

Below a list of gregaaz's patches with the names of the corresponding mods:

    Ambient Slaves SE - updated main plugin
    AS-3DNPC Compatibility Patch - for Interesting NPCs
    AS-CRF Compatibility Patch - for Cutting Room Floor
    AS-Honeyside Compatibility Patch - for Sweet as Honeyside
    AS-LOS Compatibility Patch - for Lanterns of Skyrim II
    AS-MISLP Compatibility Patch - for Midwood Island - Ship Location Patch
    AS-ROB Compatibility Patch - for Rigmor of Bruma
    AS-SC Compatibility Patch - for Markarth Sky City
    AS-SMIM Compatibility Patch - for Static Mesh Improvement Mod
    AS-XPO Compatibility Patch - for Prison Overhaul Patched
    AS-ZDD Compatibility Patch - for Diabloesque Decorations




The purpose of this mod is to provide a slightly less over-the-top alternative to Hydragorgons Slave Girls (which deserves the credit for being the inspiration to create this mod in the first place). The goal is to populate Skyrim with slaves and slavers in a non-intrusive way and to create an atmosphere that slavery is a natural part of Skyrim’s life.

Another purpose of the mod is to provide a stage for another future mod of mine, which will be a slavery campaign, in which the unfortunate enslaved player will be shipped around between outposts and worked hard and/or sold. It will provide a framework for various enslavement mods, like A Perilous Maze, and slavery mods (like quarries, mines, brothels etc.), but that’s still music of the future. Right now, the mod is non-interactive, simply providing the visuals. The only interaction you can have is a hello-line the dealers will drop if you come close to them. All the Frostbite Clan members have rudimentary AI and most (some guards and most slaves always stay in one place) of them will be on a schedule. All the branches feature highly detailed interiors, but stuff like ownership of all the multitudes of objects is still not completely finished. As said, the main purpose of the mod is to give you the impression that slavery is a commonplace thing so that you are not the only slave in Skyrim (if enslaved).

Future versions will improve upon the detail and features of the current locations (I would like to make the dealers actual merchants able to sell you accessories and sell or buy slaves), Add more outposts in some of the smaller towns, add, as mentioned, various mines and quarries and othe places of slave employment, add one or two more slaver factions, and similar to Hydragorgon’s Slave Girls, some slaver caravans, but much fewer.


This mod, like my previous as well as any of my future mods, focuses on the utilization of VR. Though this makes no practical difference, as of now, the future slavery campaign mod will be best experienced in VR (in particular things like slaving in the mines with realistic mining – you will sweat. But that, too is the music of the far future), though I will try and maintain support for SE, too, with some compromises.


The Branches:



The smallest of the capital outposts. This is due to its vicinity to the Frostbite Clan Fort over the exit from the Perilous Maze, which is a major base of operations with training and storage facilities. Slaves are transported from there, by boat, over Lake Honrich. The outpost is located right at the south-eastern gate of Riften.


The Windhelm Facility is the main hub for the import of dark elf slaves from Solstheim. The facility is located down at the docks, around the corner, to the north.


A slave shop on the main road, south-west of the main gate and west of the stables


Can’t miss it. Right on the access road to Markarth, this facility is the only branch trading in orcs. This is due to the difficulty of subduing and dealing with them. Unlike slaves of other races, orcs are only sold in bulk, to companies, for hard labor in mines and the like.


Thanks to its deep harbor, Solitude is the main hub for the import of slaves from overseas, mainly Redguards, and, of course, the export of Nord slaves. Due to the local strong influence of the Thalmor, this branch does not trade in high elves.

Dushnikh Yal:

Currently under development: The first of the Frostbite Clan quarries, along with a small FC settlement.


A small branch next to the sawmill

A small branch in the center of town, across the street from the jarl's hall
A small branch at the southern side of town, on the small island with the sawmill

A small branch at the southern side of town, leaned against the side of the mountain




gregaaz – who has graciously agreed to clean my mods from bad navmeshes and ITMs and other bugs, as well as lend me a hand with some of the more advanced stuff that is coming

jc321 - for his continued support and essential testing

Hydragorgon – for creating the mod that inspired this project

Download his mod here:


The DD, ZAZ and SexLab teams - for providing all those fabulous resources

philo221 - for his continued support

Pamatronic - for his furniture alignment script, which is included in the mod

Dan Ruta - for creating xVASynth, which I am using to do the female voices




Edited by gargamel9
added Known Issue line in the description

What's New in Version 0.4b (with Mister X fix)



The only change is the replacement of the .esp with the one kindly supplied by Mister X, who has deleted the unintentionally-left-behind references pointing to Pama's mod. Thanks!


What's New in Version 0.4a

Released Monday at 11:21 AM


- Fixed two segments of a staircase, moved by accident, making it impassable

- added a few screenshots


What's New in Version 0.4a


Despite the number change, the new version doesn't bring that much new. I intended to bring more with this release, but it would have taken too long (the main thing that was slowing me down, were the AI packages for the population of the Dusnikh Yal fortress (Fort Anguish). Thus I decided to leave this to a dedicated mod, once I get to this part, and for now leave this as a resource for anyone wanting to have their own take on the inner workings of the castle.

So the not so many, yet very work-intensive new features are:


- Fully navmeshed interiors created for the four newest outposts, including NPCs and AI packages, with some great help from jc321
- Fort Anguish (near Dusnikh Yal) now has a detailed interior, too (expect some clipping etc.)
- The fort has been populated, but no NPCs have yet any AI packages to follow.
- Slightly improved the behavior of the roaming slave caravans (hopefully less chaotic now)
- Fixed a number of visual bugs and misalignments, such as one of the slaves at the Markarth storefront being too large for her cage
- A bunch of stuff I've already forgotten about


I apologize for all this taking so long. Reality keeps interfering with my lofty dreams and plans for this framework.
Nevertheless, I persist, and am not done just yet.
I might release a few hotfix versions, if there's feedback on bugs (I'm pretty sure I forgot to fix some I already knew about)
Then it's on to API, as well as some experimentation with getting one of the outposts actually selling slaves (including the PC), and the Mistress Eola mod, which, at my current frame of mind, is likely to be my main focus for some time to come. But who knows what the future holds for any of us. Support is appreciated.



What's New in Version 0.3d EXPERIMENTAL

Released March 12, 2022

This new update was done quite in quite a rush, so issues are highly likely.



– navmeshed all of the quarry exterior (not populated with NPCs yet, no interior either)

– navmeshed all of the new outposts

   PLEASE NOTE: most of the navmeshes return errors when checked. When I removed the offending triangles and redid them, the errors went away, but moments later, new errors appeared. Sometimes, new checks make the errors go away, only for them to reappear in different random triangles. I don't know what to do with this, and I don't have the time to investigate. At first glance, it does not seem to have any negative effects, but I did barely any testing. Also, the sheer amount of new navmeshes that have been altered with the recent additions you can expect a number of new conflicts with other mods.

– added several new slave caravans between the new outposts and the cities, as well as one between Whiterun and Markarth.

– changed the slaves in the Dushnikh Yal - Markarth caravan to Orcs, as mostly orcs will be toiling in the quarry


What's New in Version 0.3c

Released February 28

I hoped to do much more this weekend, but, alas, I ran out of time, so this update is somewhat half-baked. Yet I still think it is worth uploading as I don't know when I'll come around to finish it.

What it does:

– added a small Frostbite Clan branch to Morthal (exterior only)
– added a small Frostbite Clan branch to Dawnstar (exterior only)
– added a small Frostbite Clan branch to Riverwood (exterior only)
– added a small Frostbite Clan branch to Falkreath (exterior only)
– did a big chunk of the navmesh for the upcoming Frostbite Clan quarry and settlement at Dushnikh Yal (about 30% done)
– added a black background for the entrance door to the Windhelm Frostbite Clan branch
– fixed a few floating objects and a few other details at Dushnikh Yal

The plan now is to finish the navmesh at Dushnikh Yal and then add a few more caravans (that was the reason for making the new branches in the first place, so that the caravans had more meaningful origins and destinations to travel between, so that players will be more likely to encounter them from time to time.

Unfortunately, this means that I have touched some of the more heavily modded areas, so it can be expected that new conflicts will arise with other mods. If this is the case, please revert to 0.3b. Hopefully gregazz will make new patches, when this is finished.

What's New in Version 0.3b

Released Thursday at 12:04 AM

Added the first three Frostbite Clan Caravans (non-interactive):

- Dushnikh Yal – Markarth
- Riften – Markarth
- Windhelm – Solitude

More to come!

What's New in Version 0.3a EXPERIMENTAL

Released February 6

I got a bit stuck working on my other mods, so I felt like relaxing for a bit, building the exteriors for the future expansion of AS. So I built a new Frostbite Clan settlement overseeing a quarry. The place is currently devoid of any (of my) NPCs, navmeshes are still untouched, what results in random Imperial patrols walking through walls and other weird stuff. You probably shouldn't venture here with your follower.

If you really want to see it, the place can be found right next to the Dushnikh Yal orc settlement. This local coincidence led me to consider making a quest where the Frostbites will hire you to discretely dispose of/enslave the unwanted neighbors, with the orcs asking you to do the same for them. But that's probably not going to happen any time soon.


The more IMPORTANT change this update brings is that I removed the dependency on Devious Devices, Sexlab, SL Aroused, only keeping the standard base game (+DLC) files plus ZAZ.

This should open the mod up to users of older DD versions or people using Pama's Prison Alternative etc.

As time goes on, and I am getting a better idea of what assets come from what mod, I realized I apparently didn't really use any DD assets at all, so I thought it was worth the attempt to remove the dependency. As DD was the reason for the SL and SLAX requirements, I was able to get rid of those, too. I have barely done any testing, but so far, stuff seems to work normally.
This is the main reason why I am putting this out in such an unpolished state, as, with your help, I need to verify I didn't break anything (too much, anyway, and if so, then what). So this goes out particularly to those of you who got previous versions of AS running without any major issues, to see whether this continues to be the case. I want to avoid making a bunch of progress, only to find out later that I broke the mod and have to revert to the pre-DD-separation state.

Thank you for your feedback! 

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