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About This File

This mod will control the breast size based on how much Magica, Health, or Stamina the character has. It is fully configurable via MCM. Maybe you aren't playing a mage, perhaps you're playing a shield basher. You can go into the options and tell it to use the Stamina bar instead, or even the Health bar.


Current Version: mana-tanks-103

  • You must open the Mana Tanks MCM at least once after updating to update the effect on you.

  • Now uses NiOverride by default. This means it will not "conflict" with other mods using NiOverride such as RaceMenu and Soulgem Oven 3 Beta. You can change it back to NetImmerse in the MCM with the "Scale Method" slider. But don't do that, because that is stupid.


Installing and Setup

  1. Install with your manager of choice.
  2. After installing for the first time, you need to open the Mana Tanks MCM menu at least once to set up the effect. Then the first time your selected power is less than full, you will see the breasts react.







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FAQ / Stuff

  • Q: This makes my game run slow.
  • A: Raise the Update Interval in the MCM. Consider upgrading from the potato.

  • Q: The breasts don't really scale smooth, they kind of jitter larger/smaller while they scale.
  • A: Same as above. It means the skeleton isn't being updated fast enough by your computer.

  • Q: Installed this but nothing is happening when I cast shit.
  • A: Did you open the MCM menu at least once?

  • Q: What are the Breast Curve options for? Why is the Min larger than the Max?
  • A: If you experience pointy boobs when they get larger, sometimes the Breast Curve can help make them more natural looking. When size gets bigger, curve should get smaller. Pointy boobs is a result of bad weight painting on the body or armour and nothing to do with this mod. All the curve option is, is a work around.

  • Q: The breasts scale fine, but it doesn't move smooth. It kind of lags.
  • A: Did you leave Update Interval at the default of 0.25? I run at 0.05.



Change Log

  • 2015-10-22 -102
  • Supports both NiOverride (also default now) with a fallback for NetImmerse if you are a terrible person.

  • 2015-01-02 - 101
  • Added the ability to have the breasts grow as you level the selected power.
  • Fixed a raceconditiontype bug that was spamming the paplog.

  • 2015-01-01 - 100
  • Initial Release


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