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About This File

Development is halted for now since I am not happy with the direction the mod is going. I might continue development at a later point but feel free to continue the project yourself.


Sex Slaves for Carnalitas



A very rudimentary mod that allows you to designate your Carnalitas slaves as sex slaves, repurposeing unfinnished futa content from Carnalitas

Sex slaves (if female) will get pregnant from you (if male) at random, you will not be known as the father. There is currently no effect on female masters.

Right now this mod doesn't trigger sex scenes.


Features in 0.1

- designate and set aside sex slaves

- manual fix for wandering slaves in form of a character interaction

- fix for one Carnalitas bug related to adultery with slaves as long, as it is not fixed now fixed in Carnalitas


Right now "sex slave" - "sex slave owner" is a custom, non-inheretable relation independent from the "slave" - "owner" relation from Carnalitas, which means that it adds to your relation count in the realtions ui and can be identified in the tooltip. You can however free or marry off a slave without them no longer being your sex slave, which means they can still get randomly impregnated. I am not yet sure whether I want to implement a sex slave trait to prevent marrige or solve this problem in a different way, but I have a few ideas.


Planned features

- solve concistency problems related to sex slave marrige and inheritance

- female master functionality and special rules for female rulers getting pregnant from slaves

- special sexuality restrictions

- flavour sex scene and sex-slave-pregnancy events

- finish localization



- Carnalitas


Installed the same way as any other mod and load after Carnalitas. Don't forget to enable slavery content in the game rules.


Thanks to the fine folks from the House Irae Discord server for helping me.


Please report bugs and post suggestions in the comments

What's New in Version



* Removed override for pregnancy events, since thy were changed in Carnalitas, I didn't test it yet


Version 0.1.1hotfix

* The Interaction to divorce your salves and add them to your court is no longer affected by diplomatic range

* Largely untested for CK3 1.2.1, should work though. Please report any bugs.

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