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Demonic Blood

This is a small mod primarily inspired by the incubus and succubus powers that are part of Dark World and Luxuria Fantasia. Full disclaimer at the start this is primarily a personal modification I created for my own games and is now in a state where I am happy to play with it. This means that it would be best not to expect any big content updates anytime soon. If someone finds bugs I will try to fix them however it will in all likelyhood not be my first priority. In addition this mod might potentially be somewhat overpowered and caters primarily to my own tastes. I do not plan to change that. If anyone wishes to pick this up and continue development on it they are free to do so as long as I am properly credited as the original author.

The Three Hierarchies

The path to becoming a truly almighty demon is the path through the three hierarchies. Each making you more powerful than the last. In order to start your journey you must posses the Demonic Blood trait. Which can be added in the ruler designer (currently there is no possibility of getting demonic blood without the ruler designer or console commands). If you possess demonic blood you may make your way through the hierarchies and at their end stand immortality. Growing in power is hard and ardouos and it is unlikely that you will reach immortality within your lifetime. However do not worry once you reach the first layer of the second hierarchy you gain the ability to after death enter the body of your heir with all knowledge of the hierarchies you have completed entering with you. This allows you to progress beyond your first lifetime.



The demonic arts grant access to abilities others might consider unnatural.
-Healing oneself: The ability to heal oneself is gained in the third hierarchy. While you are initially able to heal only minor wounds you will be able to heal more and more afflictions as you reach the second and first hierarchy. The ability is accessible in the decisions menu.

-Demonic Rebirth: The ability to enter your heirs body is gained with the first perk of the second hierarchy. This is an automatic process that happens two days after your death.

-Demonic Heritage: As you powers grow you are able to mend the gender of your children while in the womb of their mothers or you own womb if you are female. As such you are able to decide freely what gender your children will have. You may decide between male only, female only and mixed male and female. The decision to choose can be found in the decision menu.

-Demonic Clearsight: If you spouse sires a child that is in truth not yours you will always know who the real father was. Gaining multiple options to decide what to do.

-Bodily Perfection: Upon reaching the first Hierarchy you are able to perfect your own body making you the most beautiful, strong and intelligent person.

-Demonic Infusion: One step before immortality is the ability to infuse others with demonic knowledge and powers raising them to the highest hierarchy you have fully comprehended.



To make some abilities work the seduce scheme has been completly overwritten as well as the might_cheat_on_partner_trigger. Mods that overwrite either the seduce scheme or this trigger will not be compatible with this mod. It would probably still work tough some perks might break.
I have tested this mod playing with carnalitas and have encountered no issues so far. However there is no integration between this mod and carnalitas.

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