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  1. Non-parental, but how about this one from my favorite Master Chief, in the pithy way that Master Chiefs have of explaining things to young Sailors: "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got."
  2. Slick. This, combined with your Player defined JSON import idea, seems to scratch the itch.
  3. This seems like a tough nut to crack; however, since we're restricting the examination to the Player and not scanning all over the place makes it somewhat easier since the Actor in question is fixed. It's somewhat baffling there appear to be, to the extent of my knowledge and quick research on it, no Papyrus Functions that will return the number of active effects present on an Actor like there are with number of items in inventory, etc. That's the missing link that makes this idea untenable directly via Papyrus under the stated restrictions. There are Fuctions in Papyr
  4. @Blackbird Wanderer is the smartest person I know about that stuff, if they don't know, I wouldn't even begin to know who else to even ask. Need more info / better problem description. What active effects are we talking about and on whom?
  5. hope everything gets squared away, great mod, keep up the great work


  6. After you installed the mod, did you run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe? This step is required to update the animations to include the new ones added.
  7. This is simplified/truncated, but should provide you an example of how to do some of what I outlined. The part not listed is the Script definition that will say "Extends" to something, and all of the property declarations. This is just what is inside the Function itself, but could just as easily be inside an Event like OnHit() like I described. Idles, unfortunately, are rather FormList unfriendly, otherwise I would have built this that way. Some Forms aren't accepted by FormLists inside CK, but there are other elaborate ways of doing it. This is the cave-dweller blunt force method/
  8. I didn't address that part of the question because I thought it was already covered by @Corsayr with the Dynamic Animation Replacer (I have no experience with that). The Function "PlayAnimation()" you suggested is an ObjectReference Function and it cannot be called on Actors. It's really used mostly to animate switches, doors, etc. The library suggests using SendAnimationEvent() from the Debug script instead . . . but that one is powerful like a shotgun pointed at your foot. I do use it, but sparingly. There's even a warning on it's library page: "This bypasses the check on Obj
  9. Sorta. I wrote a Function that does this; it turns it on and off depending on one of the variables passed to it, and does it via applying an AI Package with the ActorUtil script. Were I to do it again, I would do it via an Alias. For this application I would do it via an Alias with a script attached with something like this: The condition InZazFurnitureCondition that would need to be built could be done various ways. A Keyword attached to the Alias is probably the cleanest way to go about it and would use the Actor.HasKeyword(Keyword) Function. Does this help, or
  10. Seems like a low cost/high yield endeavor if it turns out it works. If not, you conclusively know it doesn't.
  11. I don't think the list of Forms in a StorageUtil is a true FormList as per CK, and I've stored ObjRefs with one successfully.
  12. Just wondering. The issue of holding the ObjRef in-game isn't something I'd considered and I'd need to do more delving and test hypothesis; that would take more time than I have to ferret out a solution. The idea of holding it with a script variable seems interesting if it's viable. Is that really all the Alias was doing? But, I wonder if recording not a RefID, but the Form itself into a StorageUtil list is effectively doing the same thing as the Alias or script variable function and would keep the ObjRef persistent. That's probably a low bandwidth test to figure out.
  13. Hey! You don't know me but I'm a fan of your work. I enjoy the Sexy Bandit Captives mod and I was thrilled to see you'd added the functionality of adding other followers to it. I'm still adding followers and looking for interesting followers to add to it. Thank you for making such a cool mod!

    When I visited your mod page again, tonight,  to touch up on the instructions of adding followers to the mod, I was concerned when I saw you'd taken it down. I went to the thread, read the drama, and I understand why you removed the mod.

    However, I did see that you said you'd continue developing it. If it's not a big deal to you, I would be interested in having access to your Sexy Bandit Captives mod, when you find a new home for it. I know I'm not a 'verified collaborator in good standing' but I hope to continue using it. Please.

    Whether or not you let me access your mod, I wish you all the best, and thank you for the enjoyment you've already provided.

    Sincerely, ALT-F4

  14. I have (recently) seen mods that specifically mention LL, but I don't know if they're rogue or if Nexus is Ok with it now.
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