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  1. This started me wondering, so I dug into the script archives for v0.972. The feature you want already exists there. Console: "Set SBCExperienceBumpOff to 1"
  2. I tried it on a starting character (Nord) with the following results: Illusion ~ 3/5 level at Skill Lvl 15 Lockpicking ~ 3/5 level at Skill Lvl 15 Enchanting ~ 1/4 level at Lvl 15 Smithing - 1/4 level at Lvl 15 Seem about right?
  3. Thanks for that feedback! It's certainly worth considering and I had wondered about that very facet of the design. In the updated version there's already an MCM option to turn them off altogether (at a collaborator's request), but I was fishing for what was the right amount for the buffs on a test character with the idea that the same experience carries less weight the more advanced the skill is. Part of the issue is each of the skills seems to have its own scale for how much experience from an action it takes to get to the next level. Here's what the code currently says: Game.AdvanceSkill("Illusion", 100.0) ; About 1.0 levels at 3rd level Game.AdvanceSkill("Lockpicking", 10.0) ; About 1.5 levels at 3rd level Game.AdvanceSkill("Enchanting", 1) ; About 1.5 levels at 3rd level Game.AdvanceSkill("Smithing", 250.0) ; About 1.0 levels at 3rd level For a start, I can try just cutting the numbers in half and see how that goes.
  4. Out of the box? No. However, it would be possible to adapt but things taking place in other lands would be outside of the developing storyline and quest(s) for SBC. It may not make immersion sense.
  5. Within limits, yes. That is already a feature via the Custom Captive instructions.
  6. That would be reasonable if the warlock was a vanilla spawned actor, but they are an MBC placed asset so whatever they were trying to accomplish it was done poorly. Unless their goal was to have a warlock surrounded by dead bandits. Or a quickly dead warlock as usually happened in my mostly vanilla tests.
  7. I just did a quick runthrough of SE MBC and "hugely different" may be an exaggeration. Most of the sites examined are basically the same, and SBC doesn't actually interact with that mod (no dependency) as much as it places things that run in parallel to it. Some of the site coordinates may need adjusting, and that can be done via script and/or JSON only if the SE version is running so I can continue to update the main ESP and have it be valid for both LE and SE. It shouldn't be a big deal. That said, many of the MBC mod errors and illogical placing of camps present in LE are still there in SE. Camp Snowfall's location still makes no sense at all. It's stuck to the side of a sheer mountain where access is difficult at best, so it's completely inappropriate as a Captive site. This is what prompted EtR to create a completely different Camp Snowfall that does make sense. That new camp will be renamed and included organically in SBC. Camp Cloverhedge is still only accessible after fighting through a small army of Forsworn in the nearby redoubt, which also makes it make no sense for bandits who rely on raiding/robbing. I can't work with this one as it makes no sense and Captives fail to find a path out of that pocket. Camp Redfox and Sweetwater still have elemental mages without BanditFaction membership so they are killed as soon as the cell loads. I don't think this is what the mod author intended, or if it is I don't understand why. SBC alters this and makes them allied to the Bandits so those camps have additional combat power. The bandit leader at Camp Jolfingand still lounges in a seat in the air near the fire that appears to be an improper usage of the Astrid seated idle. That's just a quick sampling. MBC is full of idiosyncrasies that I'm either working around, or correcting after the fact via script. That said, I'm grateful for the existence of that mod, and it was the first one I adapted for usage with SBC. The additional locations give SBC an extra variation. You are certainly allowed your opinion, and thank you for your interest in the mod. SBC will be re-released when it is ready. Not before.
  8. Major announcement. Huge. @EinarrTheRed, who is all kinds of awesome, has graciously offered up all of the original bandit camps contained in the EtR MBC patch for inclusion in SBC. This will make the patch obsolete for the most part; some of the other fixes to MBC may still be included in SBC for the sake of compatibility and to indirectly fix some of the egregious issues in LE MBC. But, it gets even better because there are several more original bandit camps currently on the assembly line with their intended destination being SBC with the re-release. How's that for good news?
  9. Several more weeks at least, but progress is very good right now.
  10. Mod removed pending re-work. Major reconstruction in progress. Check the OP for updates.
  11. Tarkin / Cushing, or at least Peter Cushing's likeness and the performance given in Rogue One, albeit with the permission of the estate of the late actor. Very well done IMO, but puts us in a very weird ethical place regarding such things.
  12. So this is the voice acting version of the Peter Cushing / Grand Moff Tarkin performance ethical debate? Not too sure that's a sandwich I want to take a bite of.
  13. Love to. But with a couple thousand lines of dialogue requiring recording for the several different voice types, and no willing voice actors apparent, I don't see a clear path to get there from here. I'm open to suggestions.
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