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Sanguine’s Debauchery Patches 3.46 [August 18, 2020]

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About This File


This mod will be a series of patches and hopefully improvements to Sanguine’s Debauchery mod.



For now this mod tends to take control of the slave during the night (between 0:00 and 8:00) when the master goes to sleep by hooking into master's sleep package.  

  • At midnight, master will start looking for a nearby cage.
    • If one is found, it is used to lock the slave inside. Then the master will find the closest bed and fall into it.
      • If no bed is found then he will guard the cage all night while reminiscing about a woman, as fair as an evenin', of springtime in old Stros M'Kai, or dreaming about turning wood into gold and buying an island. 
    • If no cage is found, the master will leash the slave and will start looking for a bed.
      • If a bed is found then the master will tie his slave into a pose or to a furniture for the duration of the night forcing her to watch him sleep. 
      • If no bed is found, then the master will start sandboxing (possibly freezing in place) until the morning. 
  • In the morning 8:00 or 9:00 the master will release his slave and SD+ will take over again. 
    • If the slave sleeps past her cage release time (8:00) the cage door will unlock itself at 9:00.
    • If the slave sleeps even past 9:00 then she will have to stay in the cage until 0:00 when the whole scenario will start anew. SD+ might notice that the slave is still locked in the cage and will release her later, (it depends on the cage as SD+ does not recognize all the cages SDP does). 
    • If the slave is in a pose and sleeps (waits) past her release time,
      • if the master is close by he may or may not release her.
      • If the master is far away, the magic holding the slave bound in pose will dissipate releasing her.   


Future Fixes

  • IDK maybe more to come.



  • Yeap, you guessed it ... SD+ by Skyrimll ... and all its dependencies.
  • Skyrim Utility Mod



Use your favorite manager.

The reason to use a mod manager is that this patch does contain loose scripts, and a manager will handle them with ease.


Update From A Previous Version

  1. Uninstall old the version using your mod manager.
  2. Install new version overwriting all.

This was posted on the main SD+ page, but it seems I have to say it again.

Do Not Update While Enslaved.



SDP Version No. 3.xx should be compatible with SD+ 3.xx.


Update Log 

Version No. 3.46

  • Patched .::. Recompiled scripts to work with the latest version of SUM. 


Version No. 3.45

  • Patched .::. Recompiled scripts to work with the latest version of SUM. 
  • Added .::. Option to have a cage exclusion list, as suggested by @donttouchmethere.

                           The cages in this list will be ignored (as in not used) by SDP. The list has to be made in SUM by creating a form

                           list named iSDcBadCages and adding the unwanted cage’s door to it (the actual form, not the base, or leave that

                           option as auto). The only drawback I found here is that some vanilla cages are not persistent, which means their

                           game ID will change when they get unloaded from memory, invalidating their record in the list. This can be corrected by

                           making that particular cage persistent by using ‘Make Persistent’ MCM option in SUM.

  • Added .::. SDP is now able to handle multiple cage doors. I.e. if a cage/jail has more than one door, SDP should now lock all doors. 
  • Added .::. A distance check for when enslaved with followers, as suggested by @donttouchmethere.
  • Added .::. Versioning database
  • Changed .::. SDP will now give up after 3 failed attempts to cage the slave and will allow SD+ to proceed with its cage scene instead.  


Version No. 3.41

  • Warning .::. This version requires SUM 1.41 or higher. 
  • Patched .::. Recompiled scripts to work with the latest version of SUM. 


Version No. 3.40

  • Warning .::. This version requires SUM 1.40 or higher. 
  • Patched .::. Recompiled scripts to work with the latest version of SUM. 


Version No. 3.37

  • Warning .::. This version requires SUM 1.37 or higher. 
  • Patched .::. Updated scripts to work with the latest version of SUM. 


Version No. 3.30

  • Warning .::. This version requires SUM 1.30 or higher. 
  • Patched .::. Updated scripts to work with the latest version of SUM. 


Version No. 3.20

  • Patched .::. Updated scripts to work with the latest version of SUM. 
  • Added .::.  Added a dialog where the master will let the slave know when the sleep cycle begins, as suggested by @Lupine00


Version No. 3.15

  • Patched .::. Updated scripts to work with the latest version of SUM. 


Version No. 3.12

  • Patched .::. Cage release loop. 
  • Patched .::. Furniture/pose release loop. 


Version No. 3.11

  • Patched .::. Reorganized masters. 
  • Patched .::. ‘Dead End’ not ending after one day.


Version No. 3.10 

  • SUM, is now a requirement. 
  • Patched .::. Bug where your master will try and lock you inside certain inns' fireplaces, as mentioned by @donttouchmethere.
  • Changed .::. Added a different ‘Bad End’ scenario. This triggers if you sleep past your release hour.


Version No. 3.04 

  • Patched .::. Bug where your new master would take you to your previous master’s cage. A battle over you would ensue, :classic_blush: then your previous master (if victorious) will re-acquire you as a slave and shove you back in the cage. 
  • Patched .::. Bug where if your master entered combat during the cage scene, the scene would end abruptly, before you got locked in the cage. 
  • Changed .::. Removed the ‘Bad End’ scenario. 


Version No. 3.03 

  • Changed .::. Removed some mod events used for testing. 


Version No. 3.02 

  • Changed .::. Removed unnecessary masters as suggested by @steelmagpie


Version No. 3.01

  • Patched .::. Cage overnight posing as not to interfere with smaller cages.
  •  Added .::. More cages support. (Should support them all now.) 
  •  Added .::. Better door positioning system.
  • Changed .::. Removed an offending script.


Version No. 3.00 

  • Patched .::. The cage scene, so it will work with this here mod .
  • Added .::. The slave overnight furniture posing/binding from the older patches. 


Older Patches and Descriptions for (SD+2.044 Only)

With our Guild Master's permission I have added SD+ 2044 to the download section, for those of us still using that version, thank you Skyrimll.
  • It's best to run this with "Undress animation" OFF in SexLab config.




Version 0.10


  • This will bring back the Slave kneeling before her master feature, with a few improvements hopefully.
When the Slave is very close to the Master she wont be able to struggle with the armbinder/cufs and will kneel before her Master as all Slaves should. Once the Slave is far enough away from Master she can struggle away. Since the Master is following the Slave everywhere she goes, she’ll have to get creative to be able to struggle her bindings off.
The existing idles for kneeling are still there; I will add more of these later if Skyrimll won’t do it in the October update promised to us. These idles are like this,
If the relationship between the Slave and her Master is bad she will kneel almost to the ground. This pose straightens as the relationship improves. (see pictures) When she kneels almost straight she can ask to work for Master, I think this is a better system than “Your owner is losing patience”.


Version 0.20

  • Added to the patch so your Master can use almost any lockable cage nearby. These include almost all vanilla jails and/or cages in Skyrim.
WIP so there might be some bugs, i.e. you get teleported into a wall, or fall through the map, though these are due to the fact that most vanilla doors are backwards, (swinging the wrong way).
Since this modifies SD's main quest, this is only for the current version of SD+ (2044).
You can use the patch or the cages separately or together. If you use them together and there is a new cage and a vanilla jail/cage in the same cell your Master will use the one closest to you at the time of your enslavement.


Version 0.30

  • Patched Slave sliding around during punishments.

Version 0.40

  • No lockpicking/pickpocketing while in armbinder/cufs.
Dialog improvements.
Optimized some scripts.


Version 0.50

  • Major update, see spoiler tab bellow. New requirement - Devious Devices - Expansion.
Patched it so Master will use the full arsenal of DDx to punish the Slave, including the very fun “pony boots”.
These have two categories, first the start items are all equipped at once - collar, arms/legs bindings, gag, and yes the pony boots yay!
Next are the punish items equipped one by one - belt/harness with special plugs, bra/nipple piercing and yes the dreadful blindfold, not the blinds because those are for windows.
Made a special set of plugs to make the Slave wish she was never “defeated” by the Master.
Patched so now the Slave will kneel before her Master while wearing an arm binder. Since I am working with old kneeling animation idles, there is a lot of clipping through the arm binder when kneeled, not to worry, I added a MCM menu ON/OFF button to toggle off kneeling while wearing an arm binder. The Slave will kneel before her master while wearing the iron arm bindings though, always.
Revamped the demerits system, though I might revert this back if I get too many reports of it not working right, as the old one was rooted in everything. Still have to test this.


Version 0.61


Added more MCM menu toggle options
  • Added an MCM toggle to enable/disable equipping/un-equipping the arm binder during animations.
  • Added an MCM toggle to enable/disable equipping/un-equipping punishment items (i.e. chastity belt) during animations.
  • Added an MCM to chose between equipping a simple strap ball gag, or a harness ball gag.
  • Fixed arm binder not equipping if wearing arm cuffs before enslavement.
  • Fixed slave harness from 0.60 showing up as the falmer slave harness.
  • Fixed the same thing for the gag.

Version 0.67

  • Added: Master will lock the Slave into restraining furniture (about 40 of them, randomised) overnight if there is no cage around.
Some devices include the X cross, wooden horse, tub fucking machine (from Sanguine's world), the wheel, pillory, etc.
  • Patched: adding too many demerits points for each punishment.
  • Added: Master now controls the Slave plugs and can punish her when she misbehaves by turning them on, for a long time.
  • Added: longer posing animations.



  • 0.77
Fixed: Loop when removing plugs.
Fixed: MCM menu regarding gags.
  • 0.76
Added: MCM menu option to select between 3 different gags, or no gags. Among the gags is the panel gag that will allow the Slave to eat, for those running realistic needs mods. (Don't forget to remove the panel plug, for that to work)
Patched: Moved "Please" into Master's dialog tree, so now there is no need to exit a dialog and get back in to get to the "Please" option.
Patched: Removed most of the conditions from the "What must I do to please you" option in Master's dialog tree, so now it will show every time inside that dialog.
  • 0.75
Added: A delay countdown when Slave is too far from Master, before the escape state begins.
Patched: Punishing items being added while posing.
Added: Falmer (posture blue) slave collar disables fast travel/menu as well.
Added: Check when Master is sleeping.
Patched: Lowered script refresh rate.
  • 0.74
Patched: Comments about Slave's attire.
Patched: Disabled escape electrical cloak completely, IDK it started to get annoying.
Added: More restrictive iron collar; no menu access on top of no travel.
Added: Organized code logic into states, and started using StoreUtil variables.
Patched: Misc. stuff unlikely to be noticed.
  • 0.73
Patched: Forgot to take 0.72 off "test mode" so with 0.72 you'll only get the iron cuffs/base items when enslaved, no DD devices. Although, if you like that use 0.72, if not its back to normal with this patch 0.73.
  • 0.72
Patched: Some code logic overhaul for Master and Slave to improve game responsiveness.


  • 0.10
Patched no kneeling feature.
  • 0.20
  • 0.21
Trouble rearranging masters - reverted to original order.
  • 0.30
Fixed Slave sliding around during punishments.
  • 0.31
Minor dialog changes, i.e. owner to Master.
Trying out pickpocketing impossible while wearing cuffs.
Misc. stuff no one cares about.
  • 0.40
More scripts cleanup.
More dialog changes/diversities.
  • 0.50
Kneeling in arm binder MCM toggle.
Master uses most DDx items, which is a new requirement now, get it bellow


WIP demerits system.
  • 0.51
Patched the patch 0.50.
Fixed Slave frozen after punishment.
Misc. other stuff.
Still hunting down too many demerits given for a single dance.
  • 0.53
Patched the armbinder message so not to give Slave false hope, struggling with ebonite armbinders (shinny ones) is futile.
Seems I forgot to explain how the new demerits points work -- see spoiler bellow TL;DR case, so grab some coffee or tea.
I will try to simplify it here.
Here we go, the system works on demerit points. Those earned toward Slave’s freedom or freedom points (FP) this will show as a negative number, and points earned towards her further enslavement or enslavement points (EP) this is a positive number.
The System
The way the system works is this; Master keeps a log of everything the Slave does, and tallies it every 3 game hours, then erases the page. If the tallied result is higher by 5 or more EP points (positive number) than the previous tallied result, Master punishes with one item. If the result is 15 or more FP (negative number) Master will reward the Slave for good behavior by removing one punishing item. With this system it does not matter how bad or good Slave has been in this 3 hour period, she will get one punishment/reward item at the end. However, these points are being kept throughout the slavery period and tallied at the end. You can see this by clicking “Please” then “How am I doing”.
The Point Distribution
When enslaved the Slave starts at 0 points. The slave gains 1 FP point every 3 game hours if she is lazy and just hangs around close to Master enjoying her servitude. In the other hand if she is unruly and tries to get away she will gain 1 to 10 EP (this is randomized) for every escape attempt. (NW still WIP)
1 - 10 EP for insulting Master i.e. “You are boring!”
1 FP for saying “Please”
1 FP for a dance.
5 - 15 FP for “What must I do to please you”
There are more but I can’t remember them.
To start working for Master as an indentured servant Slave needs 10 FP or -10 demerits points. IDK maybe 25 FP is better?
To gain her freedom Slave needs 50 FP, or -50 demerit points; Skyrimll suggested 100 FP in his code, let’s see how this plays. Maybe this should be a MCM menu slide bar option.
Misc. improvements you are unlikely to notice.


  • 0.54
Master will remove restraints during sex punishments, so more positions are available.
Found and patched too many demerits points given for a single dance.
  • 0.55
Fixed cuffs not being removed after dream world.
Demerits system will allow the Salve to finish her training.
  • 0.56
Patched it so the Slave wont pop out of an animation to kneel.
  • 0.57
Fixed Master's script (it did not compile properly in 0.56)
Made it harder to escape using a weapon, by 6x


Everything should un-equip properly when they are supposed to.
Added random punishment when Slave misbehaves before the 3 hours are up.
When the current Master is killed by a NPC, the Slave is punished by the victor while re-enslaved.
Added most of the roots from the old demerits system back. Now the Slave will get a lot of EP fast if she is misbehaving.
  • 0.58
Patched it so the Slave can animate i.e. struggle, and even have a "thunderous climax" while kneeling.
No EP given for being caged overnight.
Slave will get 1 EP every time the Master can't see her, or she is "up to no good".
Getting the Master's key will only remove the arm/legs bindings, blindfold, gag, and sometimes the collar, that is all -- the rest stay on, I'm sure you can figure out how to remove them, and no it's not through console, why bother playing if you do that?
The plugs will bring the Salve to her knees now, by making her climax over and over.
  • 0.59
I was going to wait to release this retexture in 0.6 but oh well here it is.
Retextured a set of black Ebonite punishing outfit, hope you like it. Check out pictures.
To get the new outfit you have to keep trying because it is randomized.
  • 0.60
Patched 0.59 where the Slave could not move if equipped with iron shackles
Also patched woodbit gag not removing and being stuck in a loop, thanks Azn, ukiaiko for letting me know about it.
  • 0.61
See above for changes in more detail.
Added MCM menu toggle options.
Patched 0.60 for items not equipping correctly.
  • 0.62
Patched 0.61 for armbinder showing equipped in inventory when it wasn't.
Patched for other DDx removable devices showing equipped in inventory when they weren't.
Patched for DDx 1.14 to work with the new sounds.
  • 0.63
Patched: Already equipped blocked devices i.e. from CD Shop will be ignored and left in place.
Patched: Plugs that are equipped before enslavement will not get removed during punishment scenes anymore.
Note: If Slave is wearing a blindfold you have to switch to 1st person view for Master to remove punishments. (has to do with player controls being disabled while wearing a blindfold), I did this so punishments won't get removed while Slave is in an animation.
  • 0.64
Optimized device removal function.
Patched: not adding an arm binder if wearing CD Shop cuffs.
  • 0.65
Patched: Plugs will equip individually now, so if the Slave already has one she'll get the other too.
Gag is no longer a start item, I moved it to the first punishing item.
  • 0.66
Minor improvements.
  • 0.67
See above for more details, but basically.
Added: locked in restraining furniture when no cage available.
Patched: too many EP given with each punishment.
Added: remote control for plugs.
Added: longer posing animations.
  • 0.68
Patched: 0.67 where plugs were added without a belt/harness to hold them in.
Minor messages improvements.
No demerits points given when locked in furniture overnight.
  • 0.69
Because of a bug in DDi 2.8.2 I have to remove the plugs during furniture punishments, at least until Min releases a fix/update for it.
Added: no fast travel while wearing a SD collar.
Patched: plugs not removed/added properly during punishments.
Patched: removed invalid furniture poses.
Added: checks in case Master dies, or gets lost; the Slave will be released from the restraining furniture.
  • 0.70
- Patched: Looping in the morning coming out of furniture restraints if not already in them. Also made harder to get out of them before the morning. This patch will also allow the Slave to wear the plugs overnight.
- Patched: Equipping a weapon or a spell will get you punished.
- Changed: The insane plugs do not get equipped until the Master is running out of restraints. Renamed them to Punisher plugs, yes just like in CD.
- Added: New set of plugs, more tolerable that get equipped first, called them "training" plugs.
- Added: Punishment by leaving the plugs on continuously for a long time.
- Added: More NPC's responses to what the Slave is wearing, doing.
- WIP: Cut out some of the unnecessary code.
  • 0.71
Patched: A bug in 0.70





What's New in Version 3.46 [August 18, 2020]


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