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[CK2] Kings of Slaves and Vices [Remastered] 1.0.8

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About This File

This is an overhaul of Beornwahl's amazing Kings of Slaves and Vices mod located here:


Kings of Slaves and Vices (original)


In addition to the capabilities of the original mod, I...


- Replaced all art and trait icons, added gender specific art for events.

- Fixed a few bugs and tweaked some values.

  - It now cost's 50d to kidnap someone and I added a 1 month cd per person. (you can only try to kidnap a specific person once per month and you still can't kidnap males (I think it would be OP))

- Added the following:

  - You can now have sex with or rape your wife regardless of whether shes a slave. You can also have sex with your Lover and rape your ex-Lovers.

  - Enslave males! Train them be arena fodder for gladiators or farmers that generate annual income, and sell them for a profit or fight them to the death yourself! (fight outcomes based on your respective personal combat scores)

  - Establish your own harem with trained slaves you've taken a liking to.

  - Humiliate a female slave by sending them on a walk of shame through your city.

  - When enslaving someone, their close relatives and spouse will hate you for a period of time, unless its one of your family/spouse.

  - Female rulers can have sex with and rape males.




- I worked a LOT of logic into the mod, if you aren't able to do something you think you should be able to, there's probably a timer or they don't meet the condition's.. i.e. "why is it not letting me  rape male slaves..?" "why cant i have sex with this person..?" There's probably a reason.




- Should work fine with all Mods and DLC.




Move extracted files to the .mod file to the Crusader Kings mod destination:
C:\Users\WhateverUserNameYouHave\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod


Big Thanks to Beornwahl for creating this mod in the first place and giving permission to post this overhaul!



What's New in Version 1.0.8


Changelog 1.0.1:


-Fixed issue where you could auction a slave, invite them back to court and auction them again

-Added ability to have sex with or rape your secondary wives (Muslim rulers)


Changelog 1.0.2:


-Added ability to rape/have sex with your consorts/concubines.


Changelog 1.0.3:


-Increased the chance of pregnancy by rape.

-Added "lover's pox" trait to the "walk of shame" recipient.

-Changed "walk of shame" end result from Oubliette to Dungeon because the stacking effects meant certain death shortly after.

-Fixed a bug with the duration of the familial opinion modifier regarding enslaving family members.

-Added a "nevermind" option to enslaving.

-Children now auction for money without being trained.

-Added children specific event images for enslaving and auctioning.


Changelog 1.0.4:


-Minor bugfixes

-Can no longer "rape" someone with the lustful trait, unless they're homosexual (they're lustful, they're down).

-Can no longer "have sex" with homosexual females.

-Fixed bug where arena slaves weren't generating annual income.

-Male slaves can now also be turned into farmhands to generate annual income.


Changelog 1.0.5:


-Fixed bug where rape and sex options showed up as special character actions


Changelog 1.0.6:


Big Update:


-Female rulers now have sex and rape options for males with appropriate event cards.

-Male slaves can now be added to female rulers harems.


Changelog 1.0.7:


-Changed Master opinion to be permanent

-Trained slaves now auction at a higher value than non-trained slaves. (non-trained values were lowered and simplified)

-Fixed descriptions for Breeder, Milkcow, and Latrine.


Changelog 1.0.8:


-Removed some obsolete files that were causing portrait conflicts with other mods.

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