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  1. In any case I've gotten a few reports that the event pics aren't working as of the latest update so I'll send out a fresh file tonight and see, maybe things got corrupted in the last upload.
  2. Do you have a DDS opener? .DDS files require a special opener or plugin for photoshop.
  3. These shouldn't cause crashes. Still I'll fix them for the next update.
  4. Unfortunately no tips. I'm on 3.3.3 and they all work
  5. Interesting, those are just formatting errors, if they cause a CTD with anyone, they should cause a CTD with everyone. Does the crash only happen with this mod enabled?
  6. Do you mean the game wont load the pics, or you cant open the DDS files in windows?
  7. Thanks! So male on male sex mechanics have been requested and I'm not opposed to it on the surface. However going about actually implementing it would be a long nightmare at this point. It would basically be an overhaul of this overhaul due to the way the original mod code was instituted with only male on female in mind. Then finding appropriate event pics would be a whole other headache. for example, just to find all of the male on female event pics I replaced, with the absolute plethora of "stuff" on the internet it still took over a week just to find good ones that matched the events/theme. It's on my list. but I wouldn't hold my breathe waiting
  8. K I just updated and removed the portrait files associated with this mod, they were obsolete anyway. So both of your issues should be fixed.
  9. There was a portrait file associated with this mod when I remastered it, it's not used for anything and it conflicts with BLG, in my next update im going to look into removing the file altogether which should fix this too.
  10. Wow I actually had that same problem and thought it was just a BLG problem! I'll definitely update this! thanks.
  11. This is useful, thanks! I ran through the list preliminarily and they seem to be basic scripting issues on my part. It's weird though these should be game level issues that either crash the game for everyone or noone, it's weird that they're only crashing while using another mod. Also I have a ton of mods and mine never crashes. super weird but I'll run through these and fix them on the next release. Thanks!
  12. I honestly have no idea, try getting some steam mods? maybe when they DL the game links the mod folder up or something. I just really don't know why it wouldn't work otherwise.
  13. You're 100% positive you installed it in the Documents mod folder and not the steamapps mod folder?
  14. Bizarre, I haven't gotten any feedback from others with this issue. It's not dependent on any other mods and I also run the game through Steam. Can you screenshot your mod folder? yeah I mean, at the base level it should give options for your spouse and anyone you have imprisoned.
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