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Fill Her Up - Cum Inflation v1.00

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About This File


  • Progressive inflation
  • Affects only belly node
  • Per-race cum amounts
  • NPC & creature support
  • Separate tracking for anal and vaginal sex
  • Automatic deflation with random-ish intervals with a configurable minimum time before deflation
  • Hotkey for manual deflation
  • Zaz animations for deflation
  • Female on female inflation when female/female cum is in use in sexlab
  • NPC comments and status messages related to inflation

How it works

Each time any female character has either anal or vaginal sex with one or more males or creatures, some cum is added to their vaginal and/or anal cum "pool" based on the animation used and the races of the actors involved. The actual belly inflation is total of these two pools.


The config lets you set maximum inflation amount, which is also the maximum pool size for both of the two pools. It also means that the combined total cum is two times the set maximum inflation. When the total goes over the set maximum amount, the max inflation is temporarily set slightly higher than the config value to allow some bit extra inflation. Now, if it goes past that temporary maximum, you get a negative effect that slows you down and lessens health and stamina regeneration until the cum is drained to the temporary max inflation, which should happen relatively fast.



  • SexLab
  • Zaz Animation Pack
  • A body model that supports belly scaling
  • A compatible skeleton (XPMS extended for example)


Any other mod that modifies the belly node scale.


Troubleshooting & reporting issues

If you you're having trouble with the mod, or just reporting issues, you can ask for help in the thread. Remember to include your papyrus log of the events with issues. For help how to find your logs, see this thread.



Before removing the mod, uncheck "Inflation enabled" in the config menu to allow the mod to restore all the normal settings.


Supported bodies, races & issues

To get the mod working with custom races, make sure they have a body that supports belly node scaling. Most custom races have their own body model, and don't necessarily support the belly node. That means you need to copy your favourite body mod over the custom race files to get FHU working properly with them.

I won't be responding to PMs about bodies or what body mods support the scaling. You can of course ask in the thread if someone else has a suggestion.

Basic CBBE does not support the required scaling, though there are variants that do.

This would be a good place to start looking.


Thanks to

Yuni for testing

h38fh2mf & Ashal for PapyrusUtil

Xaz & others for ZAP

Saints row the Third for inspiring the name

lmktaooo for Chinese translation

Rockmic for Italian translation

victorddp for Spanish translation

Avaton for Russian translation


And a special thanks to arkanae for writing the status messages and dialogue.


Note for translators

In addition to the usual translation file and the esp, FHU has an external file used for the status messages that needs to be translated as well. You can find the file in Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\FillHerUp\.

Changes - v1.00

  • Added global cum amount multiplier
  • Fixed deflate triggering in combat
  • Fixed sliding during deflate if autorun was on
  • Adjusted NPC comment chance




  • Improved compatibility with Sexlab Hormones
  • Added NPC comments
  • Added status messages
  • Blocked inflation while wearing a chastity belt
  • Fixed animations happening while mounted
  • Misc fixes


  • Added check for "Allow female cum" in Sexlab, with it on, female characters will inflate each other as well
  • New cum leak effect, requires Zaz Animation pack 6.00
  • Fixed manual deflation not resetting inflation times properly
  • Fixed manual deflation not changing encumberance properly
  • Fixed slowdown getting removed on game load


  • Holding the 'add race' key down for a second or more will now add the players race to the list
  • Fixed plugs not preventing deflation on NPCs


  • Added a channeled ability to manually expel the cum with configurable hotkey
  • Added option to set the default belly scale
  • Fixed latest inflation type not being detected properly
  • Fixed belly scale being off from the actual inflation by the base belly scale during deflation


  • Added option to have inflated actors progressively slow down
  • Added moaning to deflation events
  • Added proper translation support
  • Original belly scale is no longer ignored, as a result the cum pool sizes are now (max inflation - original belly scale)



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