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Devious Regulations


This mod changes the civil war quests slightly, both sides now have an additional requirement for new female recruits. Namely, chastity belts. And if you manage to get out of them afterwards, your superior officers might have something in store for you.


It also changes female soldier outfits to include the same belts so NPC soldiers should be wearing them as well.


As the name implies, the mod is based on the Devious Devices by Zadil & Min.



  • Requires the player to wear the faction-specific chastity belt before they're able to join either faction in the civil war.
  • Faction-specific chastity belts and some other items.
  • Blocks civil war quest progress if player is seen without her belt by Tullius/Galmar
  • ... until they have a chance to correct the situation.
  • Punishment scenes, including whippings if you're incapable of following orders
  • Chastity belts for NPC soldiers as well, this needs to be enabled through the MCM menu

The punishment scenes can be disabled completely through the MCM menu if needed.




And the requirements of above mods of course.


Issues & Compatibility

  • Since the mod modifies Civil War quests, any other mod that does the same is most likely not compatible.
  • Mods that add stagger effects to combat (such as Ultimate Combat), will break the punishment animations unless turned off for their duration.
  • Alignment is off occasionally during the scenes
  • Punishment posts on stormcloak side aren't exactly static
  • The officers might sometimes get stuck with half drawn canes, this can be worked around in couple of ways:
    • Wait 45 seconds for the scene to time out
    • Use console to manually unequip & equip the cane again
    • Use MCM menu to reset the punishment

    [*]Choosing the soldier start in Live Another Life will skip the joining dialogue and prevent Regulations from running properly.

    • You can start the quest manually through console, I don't offer any support for this however:


startquest CWBeltwatcherImperialsetstage CWBeltwatcherImperial 20




I'm not a native English speaker or a (good) writer, the dialogue might be full of typos or just horrible otherwise. Suggestions & bug reports are welcome.


Italian translation available here.


Thanks to

  • Zadil & Min for the great Devious Devices mods.
  • Xaz & everyone else for zaz Animation Pack
  • Ashal for SexLab
  • jbezorg for answering questions

And all of the above for their mods which I studied making mine.


Changes - 1.7e

  • Fixed camera getting stuck during Stormcloak scenes
  • Improved behaviour with 3rd party collars and plugs
  • Updated for DDi 2.8.1


  • Plugs on NPCs should now trigger as intended with DDi 2.8.0
  • Phased out plug sets
  • Other misc fixes


  • Updated for DD - Assets 2.7.5, DD - Integration 2.7.5 and SexLab 1.54
  • Added open belt for Stormcloaks
  • Tweaked release checks from punishment scenes to be more reliable
  • Tweaks to punishments:
  • Added timeout for waiting an approaching NPC, to prevent the scenes from getting stuck
  • Approaching NPC going into combat now stops the scene and resumes wait for the next NPC


  • Fixed full belt removal not working during scenes
  • Added translation support



v 1.7a

  • Fixed scene wrist cuffs not holding the correct animation while sprinting
  • Fixed female stormcloak soldier still trying to equip the previous zaz gag after the 3-way scene
  • Fixed jaw-breaking mouth opening during punishment scenes
  • Some tweaks to the faction specific scenes to make them continue normally more reliably

v 1.7

  • Fixed some missing item keywords
  • Updated textures for Assets 2.7.0
  • Updated for Integration 2.7.0
  • Reordered masters
  • You can now choose between a belt with anal opening and a full one for imperials through the config
  • Changed everything to check for keywords instead of specific worn belts to allow multiple belts per faction
  • Changed all the items used during punishment scenes to DD ones

v 1.6a

  • Visitors playing with players inflatable plugs should now be positioned more reliably at the correct location
  • some misc script tweaks

v 1.6

  • Added an extra visitor scene to Stormcloak punishments
  • Updated for DD - Integration 2.6.6, won't work with previous versions
  • Updated for the latest Sexlab aroused
  • Tweaked the plugs, events should now be more reliable on NPCs for new games
  • Fixed hostile actors sometimes getting picked for fondling the player
  • Galmar & Tullius should now use their whip more reliably
  • Poles on Stormcloak camps should move less

v 1.5

  • Fixed a case where punishing officers would not move along with the civil war questline if player was without her belt for extented periods
  • You can now beg officers (and field commanders) for release.

v 1.4

  • Added a whitelist of locations for punishments, everywhere else the scenes are skipped, should avoid long walks accross Skyrim
  • Added a 50% chance for the Field commanders to have a master key on them
  • Added some braziers next to the Stormcloak cages
  • Fixed Imperial punishment failing to start if Jaree-Ra was dead

v 1.3

  • Fixed punishment scenes not starting in Windhelm
  • Fixed a case where Rikke thought you were missing your belt after a punishment scene
  • Fixed player moans not playing
  • Option to automatically equip nearby NPC soldiers with Chastity belts

v 1.2a

  • Fixed missing script

v 1.2

  • Punishment scenes
  • MCM menu (mainly to control the scenes)
  • Added a book "The Female Legionnaire Quandary" to the Imperial HQ, thanks UrbanSniper! The book can be found on Tullius' nightstand.
  • Higher chance of NPCs having collar & plugs (the few there are)

v 1.1

  • No more infinite imperial keys after winning the war
  • No more infinite belts when joining
  • Added some dialogue explaining the belts
  • Added dialogue for Rikke to stop civil war progress if belt is missing
  • Removed key satchels getting removed after getting caught the first time
  • Fixed not all intented devices getting unequipped before forcing new ones on
  • Fixed couple of soldiers missing their belts (Some are still missing)



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