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If Cannibalism, Hannibal lecter, and gore are too much, now is a great time to find another mod to read!


This is - from what I can tell- i working port of namira`s Goat as seen here. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2177-namiras-goat/  Also, ~ 99% of the credit goes to Tengma for this mod.  Other credits right now include SOS for LE, for some penis stuff.  and Yurei - Modders resource

Check the pictures below, from what I can tell- ALL the knives work the same as they did in the oldrim version, with the same consistency.  AS such, it is quite possible that any perceived defect in this port, is also present in the original.  "why haven't i fixed"?   Read below re: me and scripting.   I am incapable of scripting.  Ive wasted 100 hours trying to script, and barely able to get "hello world" to work.   Plus, i prefer team/community involvement.


The Namira's Goat part- is a port of namira's goat.  The reborn part is some place holder stuff i've incorporated. in hopes to revive the spirit of "community modding and projects" of bygone era`s. 


Why the Port?

  • When I attempted to port for myself, I noticed that I was getting a few CTDs, relating to this mod.  some related to the vendor in dragonsreach, whiterun (go buy the knives there for now)
  • I noticed that there were potentially three files for this mod. Originally, I think the mod required RND.  This mod is now standalone.
  • It also used form 43 (not sure if that's bad, but whatever).
  • A lot of the items had names which I couldn't understand (outside of looking at the object itself).  So  I attempted to go ahead and translate, or rename where I could in a "fitting" way.

So, I believe I have fixed the CTD issues, these were relating to bad textures for a knife, and potentially bad settings for a NPC.


What is presently there:

1) So, in terms of what the original had already had set up to work:

  • Using the three knives, you can decapitate and carve up your victims. (This mod at the moment seems to single out women for carving and eating, read below)
  • You can eat various parts - vulva, breasts, kidneys, pussy, etc.... Different things, have different effects.
  • Place holder for "Orc, Human, Elf Penis"
  • A stew for each race (holding off on fleshing :P this out too much, without any real community involvement)
  • I place holder for flesh armor

2) Some things that are there that don't seem to work (possibly wasn't completed when posted)

  • there seems to be some messages that display when you are doing your work.  


Here is where I NEED YOUR HELP, I want, and need community involvement,. It involves things that due to issues beyond my control, are beyond my ability. Some represent perceived bugs, others additions.   WHat I would like this to become, is a community built mod that gives a reason to consider cannibalism,

  • I am an equal opportunist.   I don't want this to be about "carving up women"  I want it to be about carving up men and women. 
  • I want to tie this mod in with namira's ring quest in game.  When you finish the quest and get the ring, I want the knife set to be awarded too.
  • Sometimes, you receive a large breast, and a small breast from the same body.  I'm not an expert, but it seems like most humans are proportional when it comes to the right and left breast... ones not a A cup and the other a DD..
  • I would love it if, there was a reason to lets say use SL-Defeat, put live victims in a bag, and take them to namira's shrine to sacrifice them.
  • I would love it if, you could take their skin, and make an armor set out of it.   What if you could wear their face on a helmet (leather-face, chainsaw massacre?)  Something terrifying, but also not overly intrusive
  • What if, the more flesh you consumed, the less regular "normal" food and potions did, to the point where at some-point  you have to eat flesh/drink blood as you can no longer use regular "health, magica, stamina" potions and "cooked horker meat"?
  • What if there was a black-market for body parts..  Milk mod economy type of thing, but - for cannibals, not milk drinkers :)  Maybe though, there is a chance that someone will smell it on you? and report you to the guards or something?  So there is a risk for stuff, even if the guards would otherwise have no interest in you\
  • IN conjunction with eating humans decreases ability to eat or get benefit with regular food, whatever if this was set up so RND or Ineed, or hunterborn  could interact with it..  (not talking about requiring those mods, but setting this up in such a way that  you could do to NPCs what hunter-born allows you to do to animals...
  • I think every time you use the cleaver, the body should be replaced by the one that's been crudely amputated

At this point, I will "caretake" this version, but I am no longer developing it as its outside the scope of my abilities.

The true continuation of this can be seen here: (wip by lk74).  

Permissions:  Such as I am able to give or extend,  please don't use, or require my port in mod, for any reason.  There are two people who have an exception Nomaz and IK74.  


 IK74 has whatever permission is needed to develop / do stuff.  I would encourage you to instead of trying to make your own version, help IK74 if needed. as such i will not be giving out permissions to anyone else. Instead my response will be "offer to help IK74"



(EMPHASIS) DONT use any type of espexplorer or additemmenu mod with this mod....  open console, and player.additem the old fashioned way- or better yet, re-read and go visit the vendor :P  
IF you use mods that remove entire classes of people (example, removes all men, or all women, or all children, or all wolves, you may have problem finding the vendor. If that's the case- console menu :)

What's New in Version NamirasGoatRebornRC1.5


Here is what is New in  RC1.5


1) More unified naming conventions.   both in game: <Race><Bodypart><size(where applicable)> and backend (EditorID and such)

2) All the craftable food items  now require 2 things.
          1) you have completed Namira's questline in skyrim, siding with namira.. AND

          2) can be crafted at any cooking pot.  *there should be no need to use the summon cooking station spell in this mod, anymore.

What should be the same as previous version RC1:

   Everything else.   (meaning, you can still eat the parts raw, but recipes require (see above)

if you use alternative ways to look things up instead of regular console commands, i cant help you if it crashes.

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