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Flashy's Crime And Punishment Baby Addons 1.2

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About This File

Hard Requirement Oppai Milk Pasties - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40562

(will CTD without it)


Here is my WIP baby addon for Flashy's Crime And Punishment.


This is a lighten version of Family Planing Enhanced Baby Addon's



Abandoned Babies in Trash Bins, Trash Dumpsters, Gore Bags, Raider Dead Bodies, NPC Inventories


Different holding styles for babies

Allows you to modify babies to have features like life detect and SPECIAL enhancement


Turn yourself and settlers into milkable cows.
via the use of milking devices


Blood Needles - Turn NPC's into bloodbank, creating bloodpacks for your usage.
Milk Machines - Turn NPC's into Milk Cows, creating Breast Milk for your usage.
Infected Milk Machines - Infect yourself or others with the Mad Cow Virus to enhance production


Additional features
Added a new workbench - Wasteland Dairy
Added Addictions - Cum Addiction & Breast Milk Addiction
you can craft recipes using semen or breast milk with the following drugs
Buffout infused Milk
Jet infused Milk
Radaway infused Milk
Several different recipes from base game has been enhanced by cooking with Breast Milk


Added a consumable that can change abandoned and bloody babies to settler babies
Added two new methods to create growing babies from Abandoned Babies and Bloody Babies.
by wearing the baby with a few items in your inventory and then unequip the baby to clean the baby.


Impregnation Addon's

Adds Pregnant Raiders and Gunners to the Commonwealth Containing a bloody Baby

In the following body types - CBBE & Fusion Girl & Jane Bod



(CTD will occurred later on(unless you have a truly awesome machine)

What's New in Version 1.2



added an survival mode to Cum and Milk Machines in the One Off and Repeating section.

This is a free upgrade to the Machines but it requires an ongoing supply of Sterilised Bottles(or bags) or Anti-Septic's and Bottles(or bags)

Milk Crates - Wooden crates with 12 or 24 milk bottles in them. (this is an usable item that can pack or unpack itself based on how many milk bottles you have)

I added VIS naming to each of the objects such as [DNA], [Cum], [Baby], [Bottle], [Food], etc

I added Machine and bag cleaning items (can remake Milk Machines and make Sterilised Bottles)

I removed the components of Fallout 4's Empty Milk Bottles & Empty Bloodpacks so you can't use them when building other stuff

Finally Fixed the Prices.

I tweaked the sliders in the script a bit

Tweak scripts to add Empty Milk Bottles after using them on Babies (Dying or Otherwise)

and a few more things that I completely forgotten about


v1.1a (ESP only)

added costs and weights of objects (completely forgotten about them)



rename some recipes

remove debugging from script

added a couple of items

added survival values to food

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