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NH Sassy Girl Outfits
A new summer female sexy clothing collection for Skyrim LE.
Fakenails with the same color as the clothes/sandals/wristbands
Full Pack contains 4 outfits(Beach, Denim, Flower, Mix), 3 sandals(indigo/red/pink), and 3 wristbands.
Free Pack contains denim tshirt/shorts, indigo sandals and blue wrist.
BodySlide(UUNP Body required).
==== RECOMENDED ====
Patrician ENB (for same graphics in the screenshots and video).
Dhiley Drisana - Racemenu preset (included in downloads).
Use this if you want your character to have the same body and face as the photos.
Note: For identical appearance requires KS Hairdos and Eyes of Beauty.
Female Body Textures (included in downloads).
For same body textures of screenshots.
Goma Pero Land. Great location for shooting and filming.
Copy file contents for your skyrim/data directory and activate mod with Skyrim Launcher or directly in the files (c://users/youruser/appdata/local/skyrim).
You can also use your favorite mod manager.
If you use UUNP Morphs in Racemenu, dont forget to build meshes checking "build morphs".
==== Getting the clothes ====
You can craft the itens in the tanning rack or use the console typing "help NH_SassyGirl", see the CODES and then type "player.additem CODE 1".
You can also use the AddItemMenu Mod, and take itens via menu.
Full Pack contains 4 outfits, 3 sandals, 3 wristbans and 3 fakenails colors for feet and hands.
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