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Necromantrix v-1.1 - UUNP.BodySlide.7z 1.1.0

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About This File

For Necromantrix fans, this adaptation fixes some texture flaws and meshes adjustment in the UUNP or UNP body.
It is standalone and does not require the original MODs.It is enough that you are using the UUNP or UNP body.
The texture of the sandals was changed to match the rest of the armor, as there was much contrast to the black sandals.


This MOD requires that you are using the UUNP or UNP body.

In the case of the UUNP body, which is the best alternative, you should create the meshes on Bodyslide to fit the shapes you use.


Unzip the content to your "Data" folder and add the file "Necromantrix.esp" at the start of your Skyrim.
Or use a MOD manager like Vortex for example

How to get the armor

Open the console and type:

help necromantrix

You will see the IDs of the armors and then just add them with the "player.additem".

Oh, and sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian.




Credits (files are not required)

Conversion to UUNP of the original Necromantrix MOD.

Necromantrix UNP (Lovers LAB)

Original Necromantrix (Game Oblivion)

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