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NH 50+ Mini Skirts Collection [UUNP CBBE] BodySlide. 1.0.0

131 Screenshots

About This File

NH 50+ Mini Skirts Collection




20 Scholar Mini Skirts
20 Mini Skirts With Pleats
14 Printed Mini Skirts

05 Panties (Dark Red, Brown, Indigo, Black, Green)
01 Leather Sandals
01 Gray Shirt + Red Curiass
01 Blue TShirt + Jacket
01 Orange TShirt


Note: All mini skirts uses SLOT40(TAIL), therefore, they are compatible with any other armor or clothing that uses slot 32 (body), as long as it does not overlap the mini-skirt space.


Attention: This is a mini-skirt MOD, and although it comes with sandals and some T-shirts, it is highly recommended to use it together with a shoes and socks MOD. I recommend DAZ3D Pumps and Stocking was used in the screenshots.



Skirim LE Updated.
BodySlide and Outfit Studio(UUNP or CBBE Body)


Copy zip contents to your Skyirm/Data directory and activate the mod.
Also you can use your favorite MOD management.

Build meshes in BodySlide. You can use the NH_MiniSkirts group, to create all the meshes at once, for this, select the group and click on "Batch Build".

Note: If you use Racemenu UUNP/CBBE Morphs, don't forget to create the meshes by checking 'Build Morphs'.

Craft your clothes on the Tanning Rack.
Or, if you prefer, use the console by typing 'help NH_Mini', see the codes and then use 'player.additem CODE'.
You can also use the MOD AddItemMenu, to add the pieces via the menu.


Patrician ENB (for same graphics in the screenshots and video).


DAZ3D Pumps and Stocking (UUNP or CBBE)

Use to complement your character's outfit, includes shoes and stockings

Dhiley Drisana - For UUNP Users.
Racemenu body and face presets(UUNP Morphs).
(Use this if you want your character to look the same as the photos and video)
Note: For identical appearance requires KS Hairdos and Eyes of Beauty.

Anami Yashiana - For CBBE Users.
BodySlide body presets and Racemenu face Presets
(Use this if you want your character to look the same as the photos and video)

Female UUNP Body Textures(included in downloads).
For UUNP Users(for body textures same in the screenshots)

Bijin Skin CBBE 2k . For CBBE users (for body textures same in the screenshots)


Goma Pero Land. Great location for shooting and filming.


Riverwood Dungeon - A mod for collectors



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