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Riverwood Dungeon - A mod for collectors 1.4

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About This File

If you are an honorable person who fights beside Ulfric to free Skyrim, this mod is for you.

Hello people, firstly, sorry for my english, I'm brazilian.
I made this mod for myself, because I didn't find any other with all the features I wanted, and I'm sharing it.

It is a Nordic ruin that has been renovated and is for sale.
You can buy for 27000 septins and use it as a home or hideout.



Behind Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood
There is a marker on the map

Space is not lacking

It has 16 extremely spacious rooms and a recreation area within a cave with dwarf heated natural pool, stream, tents and toilets.

* Well lit lobby with antique and contemporary Nordic ceramic decor.
* Secret room to store stolen items. Secret door in the lobby, the lever is easy to find, is behind a plant.
* Player's room (bath basin suite), containing various utensils and features, for example vertical stones and god images so you don't have to look for skyrim, study table, fireplace, displays for your necklance etc.
* Library containing 9 bookshelves, holds up to 486 books, has meeting table and research tools
* Kitchen equipped with an improvised Nordic old refrigerator in the middle of a glacier, campfire with cooking pots and skewers, dwarf extractor fan, food preparation table, pantry, cistern, oven, cellar, table for 12 people. Note: The Butter Churn WORKS !!!
* Room your followers (up to with fireplaces, study desks and conversation venue.
* 72-seat church equipped with all magician features, including the Atronach Forge and exhibitors for all Daedric artifacts. It has statues of almost all the daedras.
* Workshop and treasure room equipped with all the desks you will need and exhibitors for most of your trophies.
* Mine with various types of ores, especially gold, that you will need to fill the treasure.

Total 120 Mannequins, 22 for wizards, 94 for warriors, 1 for alchemist's clothing, 1 for blacksmith's clothing, 1 for Miraak's robes and 1 for Harkon's robes.
Potions racks for you to put up to 168 potions and poisons.

658 Weapon Racks
49 Staff Racks
132 Dagger Holders


Simple storage of arrows and darts

With just one click, you store or remove all your arrows or darts of a certain type.


Coherent Treasury

In this mod you will notice that what you deposit is exactly what you see. When you put coins, coins appear, if you put gold bars you will see gold bars, if you put stones you will see stones, and so on.
In addition you deposit items directly where they will be exposed, to give more realism to your experience.
Don't understand that I am criticizing the work of other modders, but it is very strange that you put money in a vault and suddenly see (outside the vault) statues of Dibella, pearls, gold chandeliers and suspended boats and many other things that They are not coins.


Extremely simple storage system

Containers specific to certain items will display a menu asking if you want to store such items, saving time and effort.
Work desks will load all items from the containers and, when finished, will return the manufacturing items to their proper containers, INCLUDING those ALREADY IN INVENTORY, saving you time and effort as you do not carry these items on adventures. .



Skyrim Legendary Edition (1.9.32)
I have not tested with outdated versions, but I believe it is enough to have Dawnguard / HeartFire / Dragonborn.


Common questions (F.A.Q)

Why isn't there an exhibitor for the Miraak Mask?
A: Because Miraak not only has a mask, it has an entire set of items including a tunic, sword and staff. Therefore, I believe the most appropriate is a mannequin and weapon displays, so all Miraak items will be visible and in one place.

Why aren't the Aedric artifacts in the treasure room?
A: At the beginning of the text I said "If you are an honorable person ...". I don't really care if you made covenants with tortures, tortured and killed people who trusted you, ate human flesh, and so on. Save the prizes for these deeds in the Church. I just think that these demons should not be near the treasure, the ancient scrolls and the side of such high beings as Isgramor, Sovngarde, Thalos, etc.

Why isn't there a room for the kids?
A: If you look closely at the details, you will see that this is an adult mod project. In some upgrades, it will be totally unsuitable for children.

Why isn't there a room for the kids?
A: If you look closely at the details, you will see that this is an adult mod project. In some upgrades, it will be totally unsuitable for children. I suggest you leave your children in Solitude (Proudspire Manor) where there are several children to play with. That's what I did.

What's New in Version 1.4


NPC Body and Armor Enhancements

Fixes various issues


Kragunez Crystal Gems
Mzund Helmet
Olava Token
Pelagius Hip Bone
All 5 Paragon (Amethyst/Ruby/Diamond/Sapphire/Emerald)
All 5 Bugs in Jars (Bee,Buterfly,Torchbug,Dragonfly,Luna)
Saereks Key
Torstens Key
Valdr Dagger
Torpor Book (Vaermina Quest / Trip Dream)
Lexicon Cube
Attunement Sphere
Arentino Family Plate
Aetherial Crown
Aetherial Staff
Aetherial Shield
Gauldur Black Blade
Gauldur Black Bow
Gauldur Staff
Gauldur Amulet
Mage Circlet
White Phial
Yngol Barrow Helmet
Malyn Varen Grimoire
Dwemer Puzzle
Red Eye of Falmer
Blooded Shield
Blood Skaal Blade
Dwarven Bow of Fate
Falx Warhamer (Warhammer of Champion)
HaknirScimitar (Blood Scythe)
HaknirScimitar (Soul Render)
Essence Extractor (blood extractor)
Drainheart Sword
Drainheart Battleaxe
Drainheart Bow
Ghost Sword (ghost blade)
Blade of Woe
Red Eagle Sword
Jeweled Pitcher
Jeweled Goblet
Jeweled Flagon
Jeweled Clandestic
Model Ship 01
Golden Urn
Drinking Horn
Honningbrew Decanter
Model Ship 02
Sant Jub Amulet
Added spells for NPC Dhiessa (combat magic destruction)
Fixed Amulet Empire Company display







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