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Lustbound Omni Unclog

Playing with the Lustbound: Omnibrowser Addon for all those juicy hot collectible monstergirl trading cards, but finding yourself increasingly frustrated at them clogging up normal treasure spawnpools individually? Running around exploring only to find the up to 540 unique card items exploding even your heavily expanded inventory space after just a few trips? Fret not, for I have the unclogging solution! Compress that mess into a single stack! Only unfold the chaos when you're dealing with card stuff anyway!



What's (left) in the box?

Now let me explain what exactly this mod does, and how, alongside some insights on the nightmare you've been carrying around this entire time.


This mod:

> Patches the treasurepools file the Lustbound: Omnibrowser Addon uses to distribute cards. The pool "cardsLoot" (drops from boosterpack) now rolls six times instead of one. The pool "cardsOtherLoot" (actual loot in random treasure containers) now rolls once. It also give the new cardpack item instead. Finally, it adds a new lootpool "cardsWildLoot" which is used as loot pool for the cardpack item; it's a copy of "cardsLoot" that only rolls once.

> Replaces the script file used by the boosterpack item to fix coding madness that rivals Starbound itself. It's a direct copy of the original code with only one miniscule change: Instead of making seven individual loops to generate a treasurepool with only one item result, it now only rolls once for six items.

> Adds a new item; the cardpack. It's a slightly different colored version of the boosterpack that, when used (opened), only gives one card. This item replaces wild spawns of individual cards 1on1, with the difference being that this single item can be stacked and then opened into its individual contents on demand.



Instead of spawning up to 4 individual, unique, unstackable trading cards in wild loot, now it spawns up to 4 "packed cards" that are stackable up to 1000. Oh, and the boosterpack is now less of a coding nightmare.



Requirements & Incompatibilities

Since this is a patch and not a fork, you need the original Lustbound: Omnibrowser Addon which can be found as a download file on the original Lustbound thread.


The only things that can break this are any other mod (or your own editing experiements) that already meddles with the sexbound_boosterpack.treasurepools file. In which case the patches fail and you still get dozens of individual cards in loot. The cardpack item is unobtainable outside of the modified loottable.




1. Download .pak

2. put in /mods folder

3. Profit




If you find my work helpful and want to support me in continuing to make the adult modding world a better experience, consider buying me a coffee and making a catgirl happy.


This mod is a simple standalone patch and as such fully released as is. Unless there is a bug in it, no updates are planned.

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