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  1. Well this may come to some surprise but nothing is broken. Send a screenshot of what your mod folder looks like, maybe you messed it up catastrophically.
  2. I think you may have just forgotten to add spaces between species. "species" : ["floran","human","apex","novakid"], should probably be like "species" : ["floran", "human", "apex", "novakid"], Even the smallest typo can just break everything or a lack of spacing.
  3. As much as I'd like to see it happen, I'm afraid it won't be happening. Sorry :c
  4. Ahh.. no no, you're supposed to extract the folder from inside the rar not converting it into a pak. It should look a little bit like this.
  5. Logs go from no number to 5, basically from latest to oldest up to five, anything that goes "6" is too old. From the log you sent in you we're using the 1.5 which for some reason was skipped due to unrecognized assets, not entirely sure what that's about.. Ah no okay I know what's wrong, you didn't extract the folder into the mods folder. Starbound loads .pak and folders and not .rar/zip. The nuttered version basically removes the core feature of restoring hunger so it can be used in multiplayer without affecting those who'd rather not have the effect.
  6. Well I'll be damned someone actually gave useful feedback, I'm looking into it now. As a man once said. From what I've tested the command does spawn the outfit correctly, are you sure you're using 1.6.0 on it's own? Having more than one version will lead to some bizarre shenanigan. (Updating it to 1.6.1 so the climax enables the liquid to spawn without any extra work)
  7. I think the image link might be broken.
  8. /spawnitem srm_shoggothlewdgun It might also require Lewdbound
  9. As someone once said it's 4pm time for you to dump your logs Then again if it's only the Shoggoth you might want to bring it to the appropriate thread https://www.loverslab.com/topic/142938-mod-sexbound-shoggoth-race-support/ you'll have to do that there.
  10. That feel when someone ask this question in the Sexbound thread.
    We already answered it like a million time..

    t3 addons.jpg

  11. That's a big ol'chunk of text, you might want to make it as a new topic over to https://www.loverslab.com/forum/192-general-discussion/ otherwise it'll get buried here in a weeks worth and forgotten.
  12. Aw shit here we go again. T3 doesn't do anything yet. So no it's not compatible with anything yet. And no there's nothing planned for it yet.
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