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Do you like to mashup armor or replace armor sets with them? Want to show them off or get help in doing so? Then this is the group for you! Display your work in game and or Bodyslide.

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  2. New and Improved Body Presets RedMonika BodySlide Presets v2.7z
  3. You don't need to convert stuff if it has bodyslide files already even if it is UNP. If you know Outfit Studio you can just replace the body. Bodyslide for VTAW Wardrobe showing my CBBE sliders under UNP sliders: Preview Window: 1. Build it like normal in Bodyslide. 2. Open Outfit Studio 3. Browse to the file and open up the 0 nif. When you build armor in Bodyslide it will show you where the armor is placed. *Pro tip: Open up Outfit studio before this. When the window is up showing you wear the armor is located you can't do anything else. Opening Outfit Studio prior allows you to see this window and the path: 4. In Outfit Studio: File > Load Outfit and follow the path to the set and select the _0.nif 5. Icky, right!? Right click on UUNP and delete. 6. Insert your body: File > Load Reference... > From File and browse to a set that's already built. In Shape: select BaseShape and OK: *Tip: You may need to rebuild something in Bodyslide to find the BaseShape to use. If you are familiar with your armor mods you can just browse to one. After the BaseShape is added: 7: Right click on BaseShape and select Set Reference. This changes it's color from green to white: 8: Replace the original nif by File > Export > To Nif... and browse back the original mod. Replace the _0.nif 9: Repeat for _1.nif 10: Equip in game.
  4. You can still follow this method but I'm going to do a new tutorial on how to create an ESP for your new mashup. How to Replace Armor Sets in Mods with Outfit Studio or How to Make a Mashup You can always create your own mod with an esp and armor through Creation Kit but you can always reuse a mod that has an armor set that you're not going to use. Perhaps, it's one that has special benefits to it and the esp works just fine but you don't like the look of the armor. Maybe you want to give Immersive Armors your own flare or touch. It’s a lengthy process and time consuming but can be fun at the same time. You have free reign over what you want to do. Bodyslide is a wonderful tool and I'm incredibly impressed by it. You can create your own body presets or use one of the many that are out there. If you don't have a body preset you can peruse through: This tutorial will show you how to replace armor from one mod with another and use the original textures. For today’s lesson we’re going to use “Skimpy Unique Deathbrand Armor” found at https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95370 You will also need: The Skimpy Unique Deathbrand Armor uses: 1- Install the mods like usual. Run Bodyslide and Outfit Studio. You can select your Preset here and then choose Preview to view how it looks with the armor. Once you like the preset you can build the outfit one at time by selecting each piece from the Outfit/Body drop down menu or hit "Batch Build." When ready Click "Outfit Studio" to begin. 2- From Outfit Studio click File and then Load Outfit... 3- Browse to meshes\zaitama\whorebrand. Select whorebarnd_0.nif and click OK. You should have this delightful image or similar: Note: I use a window with the armor that I'm mimicking open as reference and to get texture paths later. 4- Click on Outfit Studio again for a new window. 5- Click on File and then Load Outfit. Browse to Meshes\armor\shitty\NordPlate and open bikini_11_0.nif. 6- Now we get to add to it! Let's put the jacket, pauldrons, thongs, and leggings. We're also going to add a belt with pouches because where else is she going to keep things? Let's begin with the jacket: To add the jacket of your choice is simple. Since its a separate nif click on File to Import and click on From NIF... And browse to Meshes\pottoply\mashup and open jacketAlt_0.nif 7- The pauldrons are part of an armor NIF. So, we'll need to go a different way. From File click Load Reference and Browse to Meshes\dlc02\armor\stahlrimheavy\f and select cuirass_0.nif. In the Shape drop down menu select SHPauldrons 8- The mod uses two different thongs 9- I like leggings and think that the leggings from the Nordic Carved armor would look pretty good with this. These leggings are part of the armor NIF. So, to add them we need to choose Load Reference from File and browse to meshes\dlc02\armor\NordicCarved and open nordiccarvedcuirassf_0.nif. Just like adding the Pauldrons above we're going to select NCLeggings from the Shape drop down menu: 10- I'm going to add the Thieve's guild master belt with its pouches. This is another instance of where Load Reference is going to be used. Browse to meshes\armor\thievesguild\f and open torsoleader_0.nif. Notice that we have TGBelt, TGBeltPouch1, etc. Load Reference and Set Reference is going to be used for each piece but since we're already in that folder we just need to select the torsoleader_0.nif for each one: 11- I'm also going to add the leg armor from the Stalhrim set. So, following what we did in step 7 select SHLegArmor 12- The boots in the original set are those from the Stalhrim set as well. I like to build the whole piece to get an idea of how it will look in game. To add the boots select Import and then From NIF... Browse to meshes\dlc02\armor\stahlrimheavy\f and open boots_0.nif 13- To get a full sense and to fine tune anything that may need to be fixed let's add the gloves. These are from the Stalhrim set too. Import from NIF again but since we're already in the folder we just need to open gauntlets_0.nif And now we have our 0.nif done! The process needs to repeat for the 1.nif. Important Note: How ever you have done it the same order must follow. Each piece of the set in the 0.nif needs to correspond with the same item in the same order in the 1.nif. Otherwise you'll end up with stretched meshes in game. So, go on... Follow the steps and do the 1.nif. I'll wait... You can click on Outfit Studio again in Bodyslide for a new window. Twenty-minutes later... Okay, now you have your 0.nif and your 1.nif done: So, now the fine tuning. Move the outfit around. Do you notice anything that needs to be corrected or any clipping that needs to be fixed? If that's a yes use the brushes in the tool bar. The one with the divot out maximizes the mesh area. The one with going in minimizes the area. You can also move, scale, and rotate shapes by right-clicking on them. I had to move a set of pouches over on my 0.nif. 14- Now, we're going to use that cool texture from the original set. Double-click on the bikini top and click "Textures..." to get the texture paths: 15- Do the same on our new sets and copy and paste these paths to the bikini and corresponding thong and we have the textures: 16- We're almost done but we have another crucial thing to do and that is to set the partitions correctly. On the shape list right-click on each pieces and click the Partitions tab on at a time. If any partition is set to anything other than 32 SBP_32_BODY we need to change that. The gloves and boots can be ignored. The jacket pieces, the thongs, the leggings, and the leg armor will need to be changed: Once this is done for each set we're ready to finalize this project. Not having the right partitions won't break anything but the piece won't show when you equip it. Since, the armor is set to use the gloves from the Stalhrim armor we can delete the gloves and hands by right-clicking on them and choosing Delete. 17- Now, we replace the nifs in “Skimpy Unique Deathbrand Armor." Go to your 0.nif and click File and choose Export To NIF... Browse to meshes\zaitama\whorebrand, select whorebrand_0.nif and Save. Click Yes to replace. Repeat the same steps for the 1.nif. 18- Now that these are saved we can replace the boots. Delete everything but the SHBoots and Export them to replace boots_0.nif and boots_1.nif respectively. 19- The boots now need to be removed from the actually armor nifs. Load your new 0.nif and 1.nif, delete the boots and export them again to save. If you're using using the Add Item Menu at https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64905 you can easily add it in game by using Deathbrand: Update: The BD UUNP armor replacer with Bodyslide files has high heel boots for this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96311
  5. I know I know... Life and I've been working on many many mashups. I don't even play the game right now as I'm working on getting them done. Here's what I'm going to use in place of NordRanger in Armonizer:
  6. Argonian Hunter replacer for Immersive Mashups
  7. Goma's Black Widow with gloves and boots from Tera rogue event something or another...
  8. Ringmail texture works with Goma's vanilla replacer set
  9. The Royal Daedric armor texture at nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3104 works with other Deadric armor sets.
  10. The Ranger mashup I use for Immersive Armors:
  11. A barbarian mashup I used for Immersive Armors:
  12. What I do is replace armor sets in mods with mashups. If you do the same post an in game image or what you've done in Outfit Studio.

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