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  1. enjoy



    1. Alexandersmith7


      first one comes in rubber harness second just a spanking dress lol

  2. I'm sorry everyone Including Kimy from DD devices I've been really not been feeling that well dealing with a swollen ankle and not doing so well I will be returning soon with every ones paetron page that I had on my list active that were disbanded support of to re'enable I'm truly sorry for those that have been affected by my disappearance but my health has to come first other wise nobody gets anything if I'm dead lol few more trips to the hospital and by the second week of September I should should be fully back please send me messages on loverslab I will be responding to all messages to prepare for my coming back. I'm really sorry everyone.

    1. Alexandersmith7


      Breast Harness for those that are interested in making a half harness kinda looks sexy saw it on a site thought I'd share this with you all. It only shows the back but was the only picture but hey its a breast harness we all know how it looks at the top.

      476713_barbarianbabes_sephoria - Copy.jpg

  3. I have been receiving messages and seeing comments on LL about peoples mods that they make from


    games that they think is they'res in the first place to begin with so let me make it perfectly clear read the


    message what I said bellow and know that the mods you make from another gaming company that


    manufactured the game is not yours to begin with or LL's but rather the company of that game them


    selves even a licence for a mod that you have for that game does not give the author the right to remove


    a mod unless they are or in contact with the company and that company has given them permission to


    remove a mod that they add which in every licence of that mod author can only post the mod but not


    remove the mod LL's licences can't either if you think other wise you need to go back to school and study




    I agree with winny257 if someone makes a mod out of a game they did not create in the first place by the same company that made the game nobody has the right


    only that company of the game has the right to make the call not the modder. I support allot of modders but I'm perfectly clear to them that I don't have to give them


    a dime should I choose to because they did not make the game in the first place. In most cases modding can be viewed as fraud people who force others to pay for a


    mod that is scripted off the game there for bound by the game companies policies and only they can make calls such as this I'm shocked people who confuse they're


    work based off of others such as games would think that its they're call. I have attorneys and lots of friends in law enforcement so I know the legal ramifications.


    Lonely Hunter is wrong when he or she said that he has every right because legally if you were to take it to court the judge would side on the gaming company that


    made the game not the modder who used they're resources. I pay through the kindness of my heart not because I have to or because the mod author demands it


    because technically anything any modder uses from a game to develop a mod for that game is not they'res to begin with not to mention external software from other


    companies that they use to produce the mod. The sense that I'm getting at is that allot of modders are removing mods because if it does not work for them then


    nobody can use it (its like america saying if we can't win a battle or war then we will use nukes and commit mass genocide and exterminate the entire human


    population its like a cry baby) I'm not trying to make enemies but these are cold hard facts that you all need to get through your head even if you get a license for


    your mod under your name the company that made the game always has the final decisions not the modder the most he can do with a licence is put his mods up and


    tell others nobody can distribute it making copies of it but to take it down its not his call or LL call if you think other wise then your head is messed up.

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    2. Alexandersmith7


      Ok Ed86 you win I don't want to continue this banter people have they're own pinion so please lets remain friends and leave at that?

    3. Ed86


      what makes script part different from meshes and textures?

      script is a language, you cant copyright language

      also you dont modify language, you create code - script that runs logic of the mod, which did not exist before, that code belongs to you, not bethesda


      TLDR author cannot delete mod only in 1 case, if it is submitted it to Creation Club

    4. darkconsole


      they don't own it. but they can do whatever the fuck they want with it.

      License to ZeniMax.  Whether or not You provide a copy of one or more of Your Game Mods to ZeniMax for download from the ZeniMax Platform and in exchange for ZeniMax making the Editor available to You free of charge, You hereby grant to ZeniMax an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, fully paid, worldwide, non-exclusive right and license, with the right to sublicense through multiple tiers of distribution, to use, reproduce, modify and create derivative works

      and this covers any aspect that makes your mod work as a complete package. none of this script partial crap.

  4. I agree with winny257 if someone makes a mod out of a game they did not create in the first place by the same company that made the game nobody has the right only that company of the game has the right to make the call not the modder. I support allot of modders but I'm perfectly clear to them that I don't have to give them a dime should I choose to because they did not make the game in the first place. In most cases modding can be viewed as fraud people who force others to pay for a mod that is scripted off the game there for bound by the game companies policies and only they can make calls su
    Wish that it came in CBBE HDT with bodyslide. Other than that looks really good love the model too. Someone did convert it in the past to CBBE HDT bodyslide RamasesII but it has been taken down since all the sudden this year people are removing mods kinda sad.
  5. ok qayl yes update pleaseeeeeeeeee lol your my rockstar on here thank you. Reason for Qayl because DD are getting advanced fast soon and your mod crashes my games now because its behind and love your work allot I would be mindless hobo without you and your mods. lol ?
  6. URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update your mod now pretty please urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. great mod but it needs updating again for the new versions of dd.
  8. Kimy is special nobody piss her off thank you. She does greatest work on earth ?

    1. Alexandersmith7




      Some more photos for everyone who wants ideas of expanding dd universe in skyrim enjoy. The leader and runner of Loverslab has my support still if he thinks some photos that are inappropriate to take them down if he chooses I mainly focus my photos around slave clothing and bondage for DD stuff or anyone ells who wants to start they're own dd line just let me know so I can support I use CBBE HDT nothing ells UNP stuff just seam so skinny too me is why I don't use them.




















  9. I'm a very nice person and don't strike up fights or any of that drama stuff and I will if everything goes smoothly for one week will consider on expanding and supporting one other person from loverslab on patreons.


    I'm a simple young guy lending a hand here and there I don't expect anything back from my support personally. My support is dedicated to keeping DD for Skyrim alive so that there is new content opening for others who can't provide financial support, and for keeping the manager of this site happy that is all.


    So when one hurts one person everyone ells gets hurt from the draw back.


    10-25-2019 peoples patreons will be updated


    I will be also posting more pictures for thoughts of development for DA DI and DEx and DCL once a week on my profile so for modders who are doing DD work stay tuned and if the manager does not like a photo that I post I would ask him to remove it for me but the photos are strictly for people who are above 18 years of age and DD modders only they are only here for ideas.


    Skyrim is a realism game in my opinion and back olden days dd was common sight in world hope you enjoy the photos I post for ideas of what to make next nothing more like I said.


    I'm open to supporting a new dd line if anyone is interested I take photos not a modder supporting and giving advise is what I'm good for.


    I hate drama and fighting so none of that with me please.

    1. angie-s-favorite-underbust-corset-59.png
    2. angie-s-favorite-underbust-corset-61.png
    3. bdsm_bodice_open_breast_jl5271__62213 (2).jpg
    4. body-harness-garters-eco-leather_JL1864__31415_zoom__40896.jpg
    5. cupless-corset-g-string-set-50.png
    6. cupless-corset-g-string-set-52.png
    7. cupless-wet-look-teddy-8.png
    8. cupless-wet-look-teddy-11.png
    9. fetish-cupless-crotchless-teddy-54.png
    10. fetish-cupless-crotchless-teddy-58.png
    11. spank-me-baby-vinyl-spanking-dress-56.png
    12. spank-me-baby-vinyl-spanking-dress-60.png
  10. He's like my big brother on loverslab :smile:

  11. is loverslab down?

    1. MadMansGun





      your asking me if LoversLab is down BY ASKING ME ON LOVERSLAB?


    2. Alexandersmith7


      Sorry at the time it was crazy mods at the time were all down but the site only allowed access to peoples profiles that's why I asked then and I don't use the web browser that I used before too many problems with it but all that was at the time in the past.

  12. I will not be supporting anyones mods nore will i be sponsoring anyones mods for now on untill modders on this site learn to be respectful to the members who take the time to use rate and give advise on what needs to be changed ive also noticed complaints not just my mail but peoples mail sending me me how modders arn't taking the time to reply to messages of which ive been aware of if anyone has a problem take it up with nexus im just relaying the message that modders need to step up or...

  13. Skyrim is one of the best games to download right now because of they're hard working modders trying to always expand the virtual world in the game

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