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  1. Actually I had that bug. But it happend one time and I fixed it somehow and I don't know that caused it, sorry(
  2. Well, it shouldn't. Because if it's applieable only for females then only females whould have them and changing any settings of that schlong wouldn't affect males. If it's a schlong for both genders I don't know what to do. I'm using ERF wich is only for females so I don't have such problems except extra rare naked imperial soldier with a hole where schlong should be.
  3. Set 0% chance of schlong chance in SOS menu for the Schlong you are using for females.
  4. Maybe I'am silly BUT! How to fuk? Any time with SexLab and now with OSA ans OSex. There's should be something in dialog, some required item or what? Pls Sexlab is a framework so I was instaling some other mods witch gave me a dialog option, but with SSE there is no such mod:\ then how?
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