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  1. i know i'ts closed, but i will leave one request, in case you return some day. could you please do an BHUNP/UUNP version similar to the Poyo bodyslide? I saw one request similar, but the guy did not specified the body. Thanks in advance some references
  2. someone have the Naruto Overhaul for SE? the reddit with him got down, could someone please share?
  3. also having this problem. When i try to load this mod on my the sims, and select any household the game simply crashes. Don't know way, but the pack of that mod is the guilty.. what is a shame, cuz i loved the characters
  4. It's from The Amazing World of Bikini Armor, it's one of the blades armor.
  5. Is there a UUNP conversion of Vogue Rouge Armor (from redtox)? There only one CBBE there, but i can't find on UUNP
  6. bump, also want to see this body recreated on uunp :v
  7. You may need to go here to ask for help. A little help would be a friendly gesture, Especially since he is new to LL. Thanks dude, now the game is working perfectly
  8. I can not wear any armor, every time I put some clothes on that list, the game crashes. Do I need some kind of mod? I'm using the CHSBHC from the nexus page. Please, can someone help me
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