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I am Italian, my name is Paul. welcome to all sim4 lovers.please, introduce yourself, name and country. Please respect the LoversLab rules.

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  2. hi Im shawna from Vancouver canada I'm 19 babygirl and love sims 4
  3. Good Morning Im Selita and next month i will be 29 im from the netherlands
  4. I'm a 56 year old gay man from the east coast of the USA. I'm into leather, latex, and light BDSM both in RL and the cyber experience. I bought the game when it first came out, but hadn't played for nearly two years. A short time ago I started seeing amazing videos popping up on the porn sites. This rekindled my interest in the game and I rushed get access to the new mods. Spening all of mt free time for the last week downloading as much as I could that had even the slightest tie to my interests, and pulling an all-nighter trouble shooting the mods, I've got it running with some glitches, but it's still amazing. I'm hoping to find other people to share info and maybe make some friends. BTW... does anyone know why all my gay men turned into Futanari when I open the game after character creation... ( and my old ones too, from before the Mods, , when I tried to open them ) ...or why the Futanari's glitch out with all different colored patches, and when I sort of fix them they come back with different faces and bodies. included a couple pics. 1st shows the group as they were, after the first glitch and evolution, and after the 2nd & 3rd "evolutions".. The 2nd pic shows before and after the 3rd glitch & what I did before to at least make them look normal won't work... she's stuck.
  5. Here's a few shot from my first photo session with my favorite sim Mackenzie, who i think looks really hot in that outfit!
  6. Does anyone know how to make a nice Futa in Sims 4?
  7. Why not? I had a brother and sister couple that ended up with a kid in the vampire neighborhood a while ago.
  8. I'm not sure of OP's intention about this. It's nothing new whatsoever. Sims 3 had the same mod before and in Adult Gaming content 'incest' is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too common. If it's weirdness you talk about: Don't care never did anybody. It's your play your choice. If you want. Know this: On my sims games I has at least one futa character who's having an only girl harem (family or not) with only girls in it. I mostly CAS out male characters, becoming a 'female paradise' of it's own. (Also impregnates other characters).
  9. What you mean about sex disease in sims 4 ?
  10. It's fine; hell, they're just pixels! Also, what "sex mode" are you talking about?
  11. Sure, why not? If it's consensual.
  12. Hello I am a fan of Sims series currently playing 4. And I'm interested in what you think of incest, because now there is this possibility with sex mode, I made an incest family meant father and daughter and fuck regularly, daughter likes to receive a cunt, asshole and he regularly plays his own club (Orgy and Incest) where the fuck (Fathers, Daughters, sons and Mom) and what do you think about it
  13. How are you? I'm new, I have a sims 4 series on Youtube! Message me for my Youtube.
  14. Gorgeous sim what an amazing background view. I need a holiday there... lol
  15. A huge hello from me... Colin. I'm from the uk and a dedicated Sims 4 addict.. lol

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