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  1. Can someone confirm that WW works with the July 8th patch?
  2. I need to patch my Sims 4 to the newest update that just came out the other day. I didn't update because I thought it would break WW.... Once I update i will send....
  3. I've been playing with Sims Studio and Photoshop, I'll make some art work so you can easily hang pictures of the "Johnson" adventures. Let me know if you have any specific kinks.
  4. lol thanks, yeah my wife put on the star status trait on her sim, was really annoying with the paparazzi too!
  5. Ok, I don't mind installing CC. The Sims Tray Importer (which is what I think you used), will provide the Mod folder. Thanks!
  6. lol love “out of my league”. Well who doesn’t like AC/DC Yes that would be fine. I have an exhib kink.
  7. Using the Sim Snatcher mod, I enjoy persuading celebrities to become decorative pieces in my hallway. Here we have Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Daisy Ridley hanging out.
  8. How does the NPC sex animation timing affect the built in animation timings. Some animations have a 10000000052 second time - where I want the sim to be "permanently stuck". Does the NPC timing for animations change this? I'm using the Sim Snatcher Mod to abduct and trap visiting sims, and I want them to be permanently animating on on ones like these. I don't want my sims escaping their sex toy/traps.
  9. Hey CN, thanks for the mod. Seems to work well. I'm currently capturing sims and putting them in one-bars, and other sex contraptions. Basically think of a pervy Marvel Collector. I'm planning on putting them in nice glass cages for my guests to view. Anyway, questions: Do you always have to abduct before you enslave? What's the difference? Why did you separate the two actions? Would it not be simpler to just have one command call enslave right from the bat?
  10. Got it, so you can sorta control what parts of the existing clothes they are wearing, but there's no way WW controls if the sim changes to hot/cold/sleep/formal etc.
  11. I definitely know there are quite a few of those in the major animation packs.
  12. Hey, more people who thinking WW Teasing is the best set of animations. While Anal, Sex, etc get all of the fame, I think there are ton of people who really appreciate Teasing animations.
  13. As usual, Thank you scorpio! Yeah, i wind up just turning off nudity during sex, and then dress them manually, but that's no fun. I like my women wearing heels and stockings during the fun. I think with all my questions, it's time to get into a little Python coding. I want to see just what's involved in making something like this happen.
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