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    Transexual,T-Girl , Fallout 4, Skyrim, Obilivion, The Sims 4
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    i love games and mods transgender for my favorite games

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  1. [LE] DM BDOR Taritas by Team TAL this outfit, I was looking to find calientetool bodyslide for this beautiful dress, but I didn't find does anyone know if this outfit has any CalienteTools oldrim legendary edition to download? just found the SE calientetool version of that dress -sorry if this is the wrong topic for this
  2. nossa obrigada pela traducao novamente, nao tinha atualizado a ivy pra nova versao só pq estava esperando traducao ❤️ nem continuei minha historia só para nao perde oque a ivy falava, rs já que quero fazer a historia principal com ela
  3. Skyrim

    I was doing an update on my PC, and my skyrim had stopped working
    but I can fix it and now I’m customizing it again


    eu estava fazendo um update em meu PC, e meu skyrim tinha parado de funciona
    mas conseguir consertar e agora estou customizando ele de novo985803278_enb2018_05_3122_56_57_91.thumb.jpg.f548cf3817b3c5f72dda88f95e9fb1d3.jpg1534671481_enb2018_05_3122_57_45_12.thumb.jpg.162d68c95a3a4805d9ce741dcb55e12a.jpg1828920831_enb2018_05_3122_58_52_80.thumb.jpg.143c7d48f202057d555aeb683eebcb30.jpg711490586_enb2018_05_3123_00_30_65.thumb.jpg.f923bf53a8265bec9c4575be57395539.jpg1558154842_enb2018_05_3122_58_38_26.thumb.jpg.29be39f86dc408fe795d5712ee103555.jpg2734416_enb2018_05_3123_00_14_13.thumb.jpg.d37d3a387b259536197e18e3c5188d53.jpg

  4. my video clipe of my family the sims



  5. Have an issue? This is not the place to post about it! Read how to get help in the topic main post!

    Check the 'WickedWhims Help Center' topic to learn more!



    • Added support for the 10 new base game skin tones
    • Updated integration with Basemental Drugs
    • Fixed issues with Basemental Drugs integration
    • Fixed asking to stop sex not always working


    • Added support for the 10 new base game skin tones
    • Made sex autonomy test for routability before picking a location (no longer sex in locked rooms)
    • Made sex autonomy test for object accessibility before picking a location (no longer using corner counters)
    • Made changing sex position possible by clicking on the object used for sex (not just Sims)
    • Made changing sex location allow for the entire room, not only objects visible in sight
    • Made inviting to sex possible by clicking on other Sims (not only Sims in sex)
    • Added 'Manual NPC Sex Switch' setting to Sex Cheats menu
    • Removed 'ww.manualnpcsex' command
    • Added 'Invite' interactions to manual NPC sex for inviting more Sims in
    • Added 'Next' interaction to manual NPC sex interactions
    • Fixed asking to stop sex not always working
    • Added 'ww.gender_preference <hetero/homo/bi/none> [<sim_first_name> <sim_last_name>]' command to set Sims gender preference
    • Removed the 'Gender Preference Switch' setting
    • Updated integration with Basemental Drugs
    • Fixed issues with Basemental Drugs integration
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Recolor NMM CAS-Room it has a long time ago that I downloaded the background new match room and I loved the style... I liked it so much that I decided to make a recolor I'm sharing my recolor I hope everyone enjoys mesh is not necessary "sorry the bd english" link New Maxis Match CAS-Room by sims-blog.de http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=595815
  7. it would be a good idea I also think, in a relationship of sex only agreeing between the parties, it would increase the difficulty of relationship, I even think that sims relate much easier
  8. Version 0.1


    I.V Cyborg Arm HD I did a cyber arm recolor, adds a new cyborg arm color frame of the old mod of Gohliad.... I still need to retouch some details of the texture, but I'm already releasing Hope you like it this is just reskin, necessary the mesh in that link Gohliad Cyborg Arm https://www.loverslab.com/topic/92172-cyborg-arm/ reminder some clothes and additional pieces may not be compatible due to the very old mod ... I still think about recreating and correcting those errors in the fut
  9. Version 1.0.0


    cyborg arm for The Sims 4 Credits to the creator Gohliad
  10. I created a video demonstrating the penis for The Sims 4

  11. My Family in The Sims4

    album day:blush:


    1. Captain_Karaoke


      are they available for download?


    in The Sims4

    taking advantage of the day off with the family


    Em the sims 4

    aproveitando o dia de folga com a família






    1. zilvradrow


      It seems your girls all have fun together

    2. Lilith Valentine

      Lilith Valentine

      haha yeah  it's a lot of joy and a lot of love.

    3. Subkiky


      Kinky girls , Cute !!!

  13. enb2017_6_10_22_59_43.thumb.jpg.974ea7586c348bf83a15dfc1a44088a5.jpgTania es mucho caliente :blush:

    Tania is very hot





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