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Feed her need to pleasure (Skyrim)



The whole point of sex mods is to have sex, but very few let you fixate on One (or three) NPC's.



and (um) OK maybe just Ysolda.

You could marry her if you're really into food or having a few extra coins....

You could join a convent (Captured Dreams) and go without sex completely.. 

be whipped by ugly men who never bathe or shave....(Slaverun??)

Have strangers demand sex, (all the others)

or become some random prostitute,

(How depressing).

no, other than giving gifts that never seem to matter, putting on tattoos that say "Fork me, I'm yours",

 There isn't much you could do to stimulate her fetishes and whet her appetites (while turning off everyone else).


Begone beggars and old ladies, She belongs to [Ysolda]!!

Not in the dirty-slave slavery way.....

well, unless she's really into that.

I mean, when she has a sudden urge to do it in a crowded street, that is a little hot.

"Feed her need" will never happen, it's an old game, but one I've grown addicted to.


What do all those bondage items have to do with anything if they don't make player more attractive to the NPC of her dreams?

Servant women in the Bannered Mare, "Leah", all take precedence over Ysolda who only stopped in to have a drink and to ogle Mikael.

There could (very easily) be an answer to this:

"I have a gift for you" (a "ring of possession")

and an accompanying collar of degradation (I'm a little rocky on the name)


And *Maybe* um, a trait that makes Ysolda actually like devices on Player (Remember that "Naked Gun" movie?? Like that)

Player decorates themself like a christmas tree, NPC's would leave her alone (because she's "owned")

And Ysolda would (on a whim) drag Player into the street and ravish her .

I think I'm done. Was it good for you?

Like the (modded) game says, "Pleasure is all that matters."

HER pleasure.

Sexlab aroused:

Makes your heart go boom and your libido rise when she is close by.

a conversation with her that tells player which bondage items she really likes on Player.

And maybe even which sex-acts really charge her up.


I seem to remember a trait mod but it's very generic (Dom/sub) and I don't remember but it never seemed to work.

Dating mods, mods that make it harder to have sex, are out there.

Mods that create a special bond between two people *must* exist, I have not found them.

Joining their faction and living in their house,

That'll have to do.

Somehow I wish there were more.


Ysolda ties you in the modded bannered mare, whips you (or has her way) while others cheer (Bard-cheering-style)


Getting even more specific, a mod that lets you just type in the damned REL-ID of the one you love,

So when she meets you she *owns* you.

Close-minded modders need not apply. Bondage for bondage's sake is fruitless.


I love your mod, I hate the actors.

Bugs? Bandits? Horny old men?

ANd forcegreets



"I've got a hungry child to feed"



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