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  1. 2dk2c.2

    Gut Feelings

    Yeah I got all confused too. Plus I get muddled, is it a word, a phrase people don't get??? All Optical DP Cables Are "ACTIVE" You're right, they'd all have to be active or they wouldn't work. If your dad was around when modems came out for everyday-consumers, Or even farther back when four-function hand-calculators were $85, it feels like that, but I wouldn't know. para mí, los cables "pasivos" (no ópticos) atraen demasiada EMI del área circundante Why a r e SOME called AOC? And the AOC ones are way more expeeeeensive??? But instead of bandying words I'll propose a theory that a staid company came up with some trademark they trumpet on their website, and everyone else just goes ahead and makes cheaper cables. ------------------ The part about directx 12 games crashing wasn't discussed much; I'll propose yet another theory that the chrome-browser sitting open while on some advertisement-laden page, scripts and cookies flying thick and fast, while playing the full-screen Control-dx12-game (running under the "epic"-game interface, almost exactly like steam), cause both the browser ("Oops, we yada blah error") and the game ("device removed, jippii saatana hijole") to crash eventually. Closing the browser and playing the game has positive results (much less crashing) But I still switch from full screen to my desktop a lot, which might piss off the game. But I have no proof and my research is very incomplete. I feel like doctor Darling calling from the Astral Plane. I hope I satisfied your curiosity, and (THANK YOU) for bumping the thread, maybe an actual knowledgeable person will know. Or not. But it could happen.
  2. 2dk2c.2

    Gut Feelings

    Thanks but current 21st-century technology uses tiny IC's to convert the electrical signals into "photons" (aka light) and back again at the other end, and I'm sure you feel like that explains why AOC $400 cables do it better, but I'm too ignorant to understand why. I can certainly *guess* but I kind of thought someone else knew. My bad. What am I getting at? I'd be repeating myself. Nevermind, my poor excuse of an Optical cable seems to do the job very well, especially for minimizing EMI, for me, right now. Next year or so I might be interested in another Optical DP cable and *then* it would be nice to know more. https://orphanrocks.blogspot.com/2020/02/insomnia-or-back-to-fake-life.html, and https://www.nature.com/articles/srep35844 and maybe (it's more topical) https://orphanrocks.blogspot.com/2020/02/real-life-revisited.html
  3. If ya wanna feel good about your choices (and you're bored waiting) run games with an eye towards benchmarking them. Learn the current slow spots and crashes. Overclock (because, why not, it's dump-food in a month) and then when your new hotness arrives, You'll be smug as hell that whatever you decided on works faster. There oughta be a case graveyard you could send cases to. I've got a Lanboy Air that's not bad. Some tiewrap and tape for some of the fan mounts and you've got a case that would last years. Powersupplies never really die, they just end up in my closet. M12D 850 -watt will be found by archeologists years from now in working order and with all the cables. (although there's a old story they teach you in school, that capacitors have a shelf-life, and therefore electronics go bad just sitting there, but *I* think it's a tale spun by capacitor-salesmen)
  4. Yes, and the GPU has its own set of very fast memory to add to the mix, and that NVME stick acts like cache if you want it to. Memory's nice but it's spread around more than it used to be.
  5. I am retarded at math but people read computer history and apply linear regression to how much memory you should have. You used to need 4 then it had to be 8, now it's sixteen or you're in the middle-ages, and (I guess) now they're saying, 32. I bet someone could prove that 4 is still enough, but people don't go that way, they'd rather buy freezers for their overclocked hamster of a CPU. "Do more with less" is nobody's motto. Least of all (for example) windows 10 and maybe 3dmark. Although windows with all its services and bloatware still says I use less than 4 playing a single game. But I guess a bit-mining server whose clients watch movies might need 8
  6. OK I'll make my question (single) into multiple questions followed by a bombast: Electrical copper cables of any kind (eg, HDMI) can be vulnerable to EMI. So, blurbs on cables list positive attributes like shielding and/or ferrite cores, and wire gauge (and on and on) Displayport cables with ferrite cores are rare if they even exist. I read articles like yours (thanks) and Decided upon good quality Optical, But was met with a choice ("do you want fries with that?") AOC (active optical) vs non. AOC is too expensive for me to even consider Non AOC 32ghz etc Optical (yada blah) capable cables use computer integrated circuits to convert electrical signals into light and back again. While most people only care about the increased cable-length without degradation, a side effect is, they are mostly invulnerable to EMI. One type vs another, differentiated by frequency capability (they can go higher than 100 Ghz) would justify price, But most DP cables only need around 32Ghz. Except for the part about frequency, the only articles are from manufacturers of Optical cables. I *needed* optical for its EMI-shielding qualities and I didn't want to waste money on Ferrite cores. But The chips could possibly fail, and the chips, being electrical, could be subject to EMI. I'll argue with myself for a second and play devil's advocate: "HIGH quality DP cables do not have to be optical" True. Care to impart which? "VESA certified. There's some list" I doubt VESA has time to care much about Optical cables. And anyway I made my choice, after debating (as above) with myself about AOC vs non AOC. (repeating, they have to be active or DP-to-light-to-DP cables wouldn't work) AOC must(?) be some buzzword propagated by a company (eg corelle, pyrex) so I gambled on a good quality Optical DP cable and my EMI problems are gone, Maybe. ============== people who sell stuff need buzzwords to keep selling stuff year after year, so pushing more memory, more cpu-cores, is a debatable subject. Your choices seem adequate. I'd maybe bias myself towards more GPU-Power, but I wouldn't launch some lecture circuit for NVidia based upon Benchmark scores, I'd buy what PCPartPicker had on sale.
  7. I figure that with a teacher at your side, you'll do very well, but I am here for selfish reasons, assuming you ever buy a new monitor. Ask the teacher if he knows why optical displayport-cables are so drastically spread out in price, If the buzzword "AOC" (Active optical cable) means much, because ALL optical displayport cables must by definition, be active and optical, and cables. I just bought a $60 cable that could have been tons more if I'd bought the AOC kind. So, it's just a question, But I'll try and google a link or two.... Explain to him before he dies laughing, that I needed the "Optical" for elimination of noise on the line.
  8. 2dk2c.2

    Gut Feelings

    You made it ok to post stuff in this thread, suddenly people showed up to read what you wrote. OK last march or so, I bought a monitor costing close to 1K but didn't know much about it except "Tomshardware" worshipped the feet it stood upon. I doubt I'll see another 1k in my lifetime. But you missed my point about cables: AOC/Non-"AOC" Fiber optic displayport cables are ALL active, aren't they? I smell a technology changing so fast that the "hoary" cables are still astronomically expensive, while young upstart cables take over the industry, but that's a gut feeling. The flickering's gone!! The behemoth water-heater just fired up (it makes a big sound through a wall) and the monitor didn't blink!!!! Forget the hz, for a moment, I bought it to be immune to noise. I am, except maybe while I was waiting for the cable, I accidentally punched in a setting that removed the flicker or lessened it (when the heater fires up.) I predicted I'd have this false happiness for a week, in my blog at orphanrocks.blogspot.com, because I'd think the flickering was gone, But it Really is gone, so that's nice (why?) The quotes in my OP were what I imagined you guys would all say, that my equipment is poor and unworthy and/or I have something set wrong. Displayport-flickering is a thing, google it, but at least for now it's gone (but like I said, "why?") If I went around pontificating that fiber-optic displayport cables were my savior, without realizing it was really something I'd changed in a dialog-box, I'd feel bad when I found out the truth. So for now I'll keep questioning whether someone bought an optic DP-Cable (forget the hz) and eliminated flicker. DX12 is another matter. The game plays flawlessly for hours, and then three error boxes show up. No one really knows why, but they have some ideas.
  9. I've never heard any of you say "kfb" or "KFBFB" but then your bombasts are not restricted (See above/See below was too normie I guess) And I thought (kfb) they couldn't say "r".
  10. Whistleblowers' lives are hell, don't tempt yourself. He'll be promoted, find out who squealed, and move you to the bronx or south-central (some really bad neighborhood where clerks die a lot) momentary revenge for your life(style) isn't worth it. And don't talk about him to fellow employees, it's like he's in the fucking room the way people gossip. No, you're fucked, but it sounds like only for a while. Don't save the dress, don't testify, don't leak, geez.
  11. Can I direct your attention back to when you were kids and Jean Luc Picard kept telling aliens and foreigners that Earth used to be warlike, Used to be greedy, but they eliminated poverty, greed, and the need for money. There's a biggie star-trek movie missing, pointing out how that came about. But by writing this I'm helping bury my own topic, "Gut feelings" Which (for example) is how kids know not to eat something they won't like, before they eat it. I knew I'd upchuck that greasy lamb-stew, but the babysitter just thought I was being contrary, and my evil brother looked for any excuse to diss me. Well he's dead, I'm not. So There, wise-ass. OOOooo, all high and mighty because they knew how to take the crosstown bus and I didn't. The grizzly guy told me that the bus was the same as the one I wanted, why shouldn't I believe him? Or my grandmother telling me that raw eggs were good for you, and figs were delicious (most of my naivetes had to do with food.) "Milk does a body good" yeah riiiight. Fcking propaganda. Milk is poison. And for all the tax dollars they got, schools still made you pay a nickel (we were poor, so it was a nickel) Remind me one day to tell you a story entitled "How much is that (mechanical toy) doggie in the window" and the good lady and the evil one putting different prices on something I could not afford. The good lady gave me (false) hope, and the bad one dashed them to hell. They're dead too!
  12. 2dk2c.2

    Gut Feelings

    I don't belong to any hardware forums, and *any* forum is full of people wanting to make fun of sentence-structure, spelling, and blaming a politician, But some things just gotta get asked: 1. Fiber-Optic display cables have very widely varying prices. One is 100 or less, another is 400 or more. The 400.00 one is called "AOC" for "active optical cable" And the one that is not called that is 300 Less, but it *must* be active or it wouldn't work. 2. Nvidia control panel settings. It's a mystery to me, why have vsync AND a frame limiter. Vsync doesn't do much but the "frame limiter" seems very nice. The dozen or so other 3D settings I leave alone, they make no sense. 3. Do Directx12 games crash a lot? Or is it one of those settings I mentioned. generic replies are like locusts..."You get what you paid for," "Google is your friend." So I never ever ask dumb questions like, is my optical DP good enough ("HDMI is better,") It preliminarily solved an unsolvable problem with EMI Noise ("You could have saved more by buying Ferrite Cores") Is HDR going anywhere? Windows loves telling me I don't have it, but I don't see the need, and people expired so I could afford what I've got. Still, I wonder. My 4k monitor only does 60hz, and if I use the frame limiter it doesn't flicker much anymore, so was it a setting or better cables? ("What exactly do you have?" ("We don't know what your problem is and we wouldn't know a solution if we did, but we gotta know everything about your hardware") No, it isn't important to know what I've got, stuff is either true or it isn't. New(er) winking monitor, very new Optical DP (that's an unassuming AOC?) And I'm only just learning how to use them, how could you possibly know? "Your clock is too fast, your voltage is too low, when's the last time you ran 'xyz'?) Those quoted sentences are from the imaginary posts in my head from people who never have problems. Summarizing, My game "Control" crashes daily for some obfuscated reason due to directx12 My monitor used to flicker, now it doesn't, when the water-heater fires up. Did my cable fix it? My first purchase of an optical displayport cable went well, I think, I'm not sure. Any thoughts on DP/HDMI optical cables? If you wanna meander and rant in my thread, have at it; I really hate it when a nobody starts a thread and lists rules for that thread.
  13. @KoolHndLuke et al: My uncle and Robert Conrad died too young compared to (eg) George Burns, but bodybuilding was their hobby. This is taking a very long time to write, my expensive new keyboard appears to have a tiny bug....anyway it's depressing that no matter what a person does or how they treat their body, they die. I think George Burns never exercised, but I could be wrong (probably am.) and didn't he live to be 99 or so? If I die let it be of heart failure (like Conrad did), not that I'm making a wish or anything but it sounds lots better than leukemia
  14. I've been reading here (this here thread) the guy was liberal-leaning, pseudoprogressive, and hates videogames. maybe he wears too much red or kicks his dog too? I don't subscribe to the broadcaster but I loved witcher 3. I think I'd hate the movie, but I loved the game, and not being (also, this here thread) a pedo or a loser I don't know a whole lot else about the subject. Sorry. But is there a scene in the movie where he shoots an arrow at an oversized dragon-type bird? That would have been a good scene to have. Does he stop in at the barber to cut his hair every so often? Is Triss the bitch I imagine her to be or was I projecting too much? Did they get to that boat high up on a hill and cuddle yet? That was a memorable game-scene. Yennifer for pseudo-progressive moneygrubbing liberal-leaning game players FTW
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