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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnodEEnMvC8 (But only the comments) Because everything is controversial (online) and I'm not sure what you meant in line #2, "voice acting has always been about voice range" was someone turned down for a voice-acting job because of their vocal range? I said I loved that song, in a conversation about songs (I guess),and three people looked at me aghast and said it was from a white group. *Then* (umpteen years later) they're saying the group (or part of it) was black. Then they sort of started spouting meaningless rants.... I don't know how nontroversial that is. multiquote The non-controversial chili pic above appears to be a standard pic about chili, but I wonder why the website I just copied it from says it's vegetarian (it's controversial suddenly) http://allchilirecipe.blogspot.com/2014/10/chili-recipe-no-beans-chili-recipe.html But let's face it, a forum-starter has a POV, another dissents and the dissenter is castigated and called names. It's not what forums were meant for, killing time by expressing a wide variety of opinions. PS Drain the grease from the beef first, before you add all the other ingredients, that's a POV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhugRD_XngM
  2. (summarizing) Beavis and Butthead was awesome, propane and propane accessories aren't. simpsons, sat-night-live died many years ago in my head they just sort of hang around like those green people you say have rights. I had to look up your acronyms. I don't care much for politics (brushing it aside) are they paid or on a mission from god to insinuate themselves into *every* conversation? I like my game, it makes me happy (that's where we are, right?) and "Bush Baked Beans" and feeling like a grizzled old camper when I open a can (I still eat from a disposable bowl, I'm not *that* into campy fetishes) and I dream someday I'll win the lottery and actually *go* to Greece, which is bigger than *Texas*, if you believe the game. Yeah, People do, people protest, and then there's the ones sitting there dissing them. and then there's the ones tearing down whatever the others stood for. Yeah "Assassin's Creed" is pretty political but I avoid all that. Kill, make love, sail somewhere. You're all fucked!! I'm coming for you (o wait, they're all dead, a mod helped) Thank places like this for mods! And the rest is weeds, noise.
  3. Please buy "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" and like it (It's a lot like "Skyrim") My $inkhole of a PC says it runs well. But I'm on a latency kick where all the virtual strangers have 66ns latency and *I* have 73. But then I find you're all playing cartoony games anyway, on huge-ish 240mhz monitors, and I despair. We need more "Skyrim" clones. And Odyssey can be modded, that's a plus for some.
  4. The last two games I've played ("Control", "Assassin's Creed Odyssey") were so hard that I downloaded a trainer called "WeMod". I don't really get into uniforms as prizes, and in fact Kassandra is wearing a black dress and has her armor on her back, disguising the fact she has really heavy armor (10,000? I can't remember) And now that you've probably played and moved on, can you offer any advice? I'm at the point mostly where I just want to kill all cultists. The war is BS, so is the armor, and the sex is mostly a kiss and a pretty sunset. But sometimes it gets very exciting. If I could wish for a mod it would be a magnum 45 that lets you breathe underwater and kills bears and biggie monsters with a single shot.
  5. So we don't like SJw's or anti-sjws? I read an article here about some guy hiring a woman to play the man's part in a game. It aroused ire. So Games are prolly a lot like me right now, "wtf do they want" or was it just boring on a saturday afternoon, hmm Anyway I'm not pissed anymore, so nevermind
  6. The proverbial Anti-SJW has wrapped himself in a banner of "We're right" to counter the SJW's or become some themselves. I can't talk like you all, but it sure-as-hell looks like pot-vs-kettle on both my front pages. Yeah I mostly read front pages, gotta problem with that? Better than reading the bowels of 4chan. I'd like to pretend to be pontius Pilate for the cameras and say (something appropriate, couched in correctness) This is how we wash our hands. No wait, that would promote filthiness. Don't kiss me with that potty mouth. Your face, your choice, just stay the hell away. Health is Mine, saith most people don't force your sickness on me (but it's too medical, you cannot conceive of it) Asymptomatic
  7. I play a modded version of "control" that is ok, if your ultimate fulfillment in a game is killing monsters. Previous protagonists in your position committed suicide. Actually, most of your supposed colleagues go insane doing what you attempt to do (like shooting protuberances off of biggie balls, that grow back faster than you can shoot them off, making the whole thing pointless and tedious or remarkably easy, depending upon the game's mood) I bought "Alan Wake" from the same company, lotsa voice acting, boring as watching paint dry, and unless you play exactly like the game wants, you die, a lot. "Control" (I keep putting it in quotes because it's so generic it looks like a typo) is modded so I have unlimited ammo, reasonably good health (I can still die) and lots of minor powers I don't have to work much for. But no mod can save the overall game, at least the set of mods I have. I despair making it clear to whoever reads this that I'd rather have a fun game than mods. I enjoyed "Bioshock Infinite" which had no mods. I liked a few others and hated some popular picks. If your game spawns random uglies every few minutes to kill me, and then spawns more (and more) I hate your game. If it has a satisfying storyline from beginning to end (except bioshock didn't at the very end, the protagonist is doomed). My "control" game allows me to finish most of the game and then yells "What did you DO?!" Hell, I don't know, I thought I was doing what I was supposed to do, life sucks and then you die. There's no mod for that. -------------------- PS I'm killing time writing this, don't get all PO'd or anything.
  8. Only mumbling here, that my cards die or I'd never buy a new one, and my standby-card is a gtx1060 in case my 2080"super" decides to die. I swear I baby the hell out of it, running at half resolution (1440p) and using a frame limiter, so it doesn't scream at me. (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah from day one). Scary fucking card, people say it does this, and otherwise it runs on a slow CPU @ 10900 3dmarks. I used to worry but I'm fatalistic now. It might die, nothing to do about it (I've googled the shit outta this and sending them back just makes stuff worse) It sits there looking all black and pissed off, fans still, at 34c right this second, and a directx-12 game makes it go to 75. Its dead brother (770??) lies rotting in its grave. But like I said I'm just mumbling. Too much death around to think about it much, but you brought my creepy memories back. To cheer myself up, I might get a 3950x (I was planning on 3900x anyway)
  9. 2dk2c.2


    Jawohl, herr Kommandant. Raus! Coronavirus! Ich benoit (I ran out of Hogan's heroes dialogue) Not for nothing but "New York" gets all the press, the bombs, the diseases, the rats.... And they'd never get a clue and say "we're a shithole, really, you're better off in Utah"
  10. Oh. See, now (uh) if you suspended bills we wouldn't need 1200 for your latest stock-market-stimulator, the iPhone. Thousands (millllions) of accountants could be employed, banks would grow fat, figuring the amount you normally pay (vs owe and not pay but buy an iPhone instead) for heating, rent, and the mortgage. "Stay Home or die, and in our munificence, you can eat cake and stuff, rent free" But no, so nevermind. So how much is that iPhone in the window? Will apple save the economy once more? I should lay off the Cheetos.
  11. 2dk2c.2


    https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-spread-after-recovery.html https://orphanrocks.blogspot.com/2020/04/fancy-words.html https://futurism.com/neoscope/catch-coronavirus-twice yada reinfected? maybe (+10,000 words of pedantic text) you'll be OK. Almost for sure. Maybe reinfected vs infect others (we didn't study that yet) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/27/japanese-woman-tests-positive-for-coronavirus-for-second-time
  12. 2dk2c.2


    I briefly considered starting another thread mostly about nurses, But you might never see this (You still might not if it gets removed) But I wondered about your statement about ribbons for nurses. There are *flags* for them, but I could not find any ribbons. Then a site said that people confuse the red-cross sign with the swiss-flag, and I added (in my head), the red-cross with Florence Nightingale But the internet says it was founded by "Henry Dunant". And the internet also says (it kind of says it in a convoluted way) that most nurses are in Switzerland, if we're talking nurses per patient. But none of this has to do with ribbons, and I'm in peril of being wiped off the face of this page, C. Barton so.....uhm....OK you got me, I got so enthralled with your idea I lost site of the topic, but it was an interesting 30-minutes looking all this stuff up. I can't believe no nurse anywhere hoards anything, I knew a nurse who hoarded socks. Another didn't give the right injections to a home-care patient, and he died, but try proving it... But in the main, yes, it's a wonderful profession, and they come in differing colors to honor their own kind's accomplishments. Pinkish nurses rock, green ones do as well. And hopefully they will have enough masks to do their job. It isn't a very PC point-of-view, but the pezzonovanti are coming around to my way of thinking, that it would be a little less dangerous for them if *everyone* wore *some* kind of mask to protect themselves and others. (so people waiting in reception-rooms wouldn't be wafting microbes their way.) Some of the populace must go out, for important, for trivial reasons (They might be homeless, voters, delivering stuff,) and they might be better off with masks, it's wrong to castigate consumers for just trying to protect themselves and indirectly, others. Hoarders don't count in that group (but define "hoarder", some for the kids, the hubby, grandma, cousins elsewhere and we're talking thirty masks or so a week)
  13. Does watching infomercials about cooking count? Some fat chef is hawking a new portable oven. His actual show cooks excrementally bad seafood but the infomercials make me hungry. My stomach goes on strike or calls an emergency ("abandon ship!! Warp core breach in progress!!") While I'm asleep, but once a month I defy the damned torpedoes and cook a stovetop pot-roast, despite orders from below. and besides, recipes start with "onions, Garlic, "EVOO", which are forbidden in this house. Salt, sugar are my friends. "love" is a many splendored thing...messy.
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