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  1. I bought a motherboard recently, costing more than the assembler made in a year, according to one single website... Electronics Assembler Salary China - SalaryExpert but it's not important to the discussion, I'm only marvelling at the really looong train-of-thought your post triggered. Free-market, slave-wages (hypothetically), economies in the world besides US, China, the last bastion of anything being made anywhere, the enormous &*^% profit *someone* must've gotten from my motherboard. But I write very unclearly, N
  2. So it's not a Busted ATT link, or snow? Don't answer that. I just wish Ashal was still around, I hear (I keep hearing) he is but all I see are his minions. Stuff rocked. Not that he ever talked. But now purges take place? (That was a statement, sort of.) I don't wanna get purged, I respect your Lag.
  3. Sex while traveling (Trying to travel, sudden endless woohoo): Autonomous=on fast travel to sex=on. (just getting the piddly questions out of the way) OK! So when my sim calls up "Travel" on her phone, sometimes wickedwhims decides she needs sex, and "Travel" and Wickedwhims duke it out like jealous boyfriends (She's with me. No! She's with ME!) The screen shows a transition-travel screen, wicked whims shows sex is in progress (it is not), nothing happens, f o r e v e r This happeneded a couple days ago (old version) a
  4. I carefully (sort of) removed custom skins from tons of recommended people, nothing worked, until I tried "Simdulgence"-removal. It might have just been a happy error on my part but this worked (yay) But I'm not saying it was them, and in fact they mention something about it in their mod. Edit: Not exactly, it worked on one sim but then another came along with the same problem. So I'm still on a quest Edit2: Makeup (on the face) got rid of the other sim's black-thing. The only thing left now is very white skin in the groin-thigh-area
  5. I'm so jealous of your realistic colors. mine look bright and cartoony. I don't know, maybe it's the weather or my choice of windows, but I have this creepy feeling that my settings are wrong. Whatever you do it's too subtle to really point to and say "That's what I'm talking about." Give them a decent habit, like smoking (or smoking pot). 'Basemental'. But I'm only making a lame attempt at being topical while wondering what the hell is so special about your card or your settings. Thanks for listening.
  6. There are mods extant that change relationships on purpose, but I would not know if that's what is happening. Specifically "Devious Desires" (AKA Kinky whims) from ColonolNutty changes them, but that feature can be disabled. I can't remember if "wickedwhims" has an option like that, anyway most mods tend to *increase* relationships, I think only devious-desires makes you hate other sims. If it's a mod, if it's a cheat, it can be counteracted but I know that it isn't very immersive to just force everyone's friendship.
  7. I can't believe my Salt House in San Myshuno is worth 11,500,000 and the taxes are 500K per tax-period (weekly??) I thought *maybe* to sell all the furniture, but whatever I sold had no effect on the info-window telling me the property value. ------ I did not know that you are not allowed to modify pregnant sims. In my game no one should be pregnant ever. So is there a way to terminate pregnancies, preferably worldwide? I know about the pregnancy ratios, statistics, I just don't know if they can be disabled completely, and if already-pregnant sims can be
  8. It's a stick to poke drunks who only came in to buy a beer and stare at the women, O, they left, shit. Too toxic. (O man) So, what, I gotta go hang around Starbucks? Starbucks?? shit.
  9. Because buffs don't occur, I call on MC command to add them, IE "Pleasantly satisfied", "Multiple Clit orgasms" But the buffs on whatever discord-beta I'm on (167b2, I think), Outfit changes occur on the aggressor when the buffs are applied. A perfectly normal naked woman suddenly changes into a formal-type outfit, or a catsuit. Twice in the same sex act (so far). The penis sort of shows through the clothing, as if it were wrapped skin tight. "Whip it out" seems necessary for penises 85% of the time, and then I go and mess the whole thing up by changing a buff.
  10. Thanks! The limp penis thing is a trend, they'll start sex and the player needs to choose "Whip it out". Two other sims just started sex, same deal. If erect penises were a default, it'd be nice too. Thanks tons for everything. PS "whip it out" on an NPC outside of sex just made the penis completely disappear, and no bringing it back.
  11. I'm on a neverending quest to find the imaginary dildo people use in orgies, to eliminate the ".package" using it (or to find the actual dildo, which apparently is not made by "noir".) If I knew you had time to play the game I'd ask for your list of animations, it might save tons of time. The animation-thingy only says "Animation" so I do not know where to start looking. I'm only looking for tried-and-true animations that your mods like. Mike24 hedgelord and Zorak are excellent ones that come to mind, and the rest I'm erasing (slowly) because I don't know which does what.
  12. I've gone through all menus...This is from 166b4 on discord, so I'm already obsolete, but just in case it's still there, Being topical, some of the animation-mods have special effects when people cum that don't show up here. It's like complaining about the dust on the 33rd floor during your state-of-the-union address, but I thought it was worth mentioning (maybe not) This next bit is far more important anyway: Wicked-whims is going on, and your mod kicks in. Fine! But then wickedwhims takes over. Then your mod assumes control. Thewickedwhimsm
  13. "Risk roll " is zero unless it isn't (I haven't got a clue what it is or how to change it) But even more important, your mod takes away genitals that were there a second ago. So after flirting up a storm on a girlfriend, the girlfriend's penis was hard until the Player wanted to milk it, and it promptly disappeared. I'm missing something. No one even thinks about sex until I run that command dd.testnormalautonomy a couple times, which complains about the "risk roll" and suddenly there's a humungous orgy. I'd have settled for couples-sex but whatever, waking it up by po
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