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Peaches' Bio (part 2)



No body asked, but Peaches has a tough time looking for kindly NPC's looking for a bit of kink.


She knows about beggars and old-ladies willing to do it in the street, but that's about it.


Bondage material, she thinks, should be made from the most delicate and fragile materials.

Yokes and armbinders, cuffs and chains made of papier mache, or ribbons at the most.

Slaves and submissives could eargerly submit, or be free to run off.

  There's this kinky rule that slaves (submissive ones?) who break out of their bonds would be "severely" (very kinkily) punished,


I don't know what a "wall of shame" is, but let's say there IS one that slaves' names could be on, to be removed by their well-served master.


But no, slaves are whipped mercilessly, in the strongest of chains and bindings.

WTF is the point?

O, OK you could be a miner, but miners aren't bound.

You could be a cow, or a larvae host for bugs.

Truly disgusting.


You could be a slave-groupie to some celebrity in whiterun (Ysolda, Irileth).

"Shopping quest" in some mod is a step in the right direction!!

Willing submission is unheard of in most skyrim mods....I have to qualify myself, because there are zillions of mods, 99.9% of which I've never tried.

The few smaller ones I *have* tried sometimes use too much CPU power and game-time to do basically nothing.

  Some of the biggie ones are fantastic. Some are boring but art is boring sometimes, hmm, and it isn't my place to judge.


I've been trying new animations. "Wait, you're too close. (No, that's my bellybutton)" 

and finally I have to dump them because it's too difficult for me to align when the modder-god decides to move things along 

("Yes mistresss...." mode )

I love billyy's mods. But of course I'd never say that, it looks weird.

Leito is the gold standard of SLAL (but I'm moving on)

Some SLAL mods are so incredibly strange (-14, +5) floating in air, I can only step aside (and think, "wut?")

Thank Ashal for modders.



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