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Peaches' Bio (mostly)



Peaches is probably an escaped slave from some old farm surrounding skyrim.

She starts out her skyrim-life in a prison, but the prison is abandoned and neglected. 

Maybe she ran afoul of some sadistic government official?

Her mission is to find Ysolda, who she has never met but has seen from afar, so that they can live together in peace, quiet and sexual bliss.

Her reality is that Ysolda treats her like a small diversion, abandoning poor peaches for long hours,

and eventually Peaches wanders the countryside in search of adventure and other women she can have relationships with.

  Her biggest fetish is pleasing women she is attracted to, but none are as attractive as Ysolda.

She usually leaves the other women quickly to wander more.

She loves wandering alone and the creatures know her but leave her alone.

Thanks to SkyrimLL ("Deep Blue Frog"?)

She has delved into sexual experiences she would never have thought of on her own.

She's thought of a few that most mods haven't, such as exploring pain for pleasure.

Does it really feel good to be whipped, or is it more exciting to know that her attacker is getting aroused from whipping her?

[Why isn't whipping a sexlab animation??]

Truth be told, she despises boredom and will try anything at least once, but she feels cheated and abused by some of the adventures available.

Who decided she should be trained by an ugly Man? (most slavery mods)

Why are most slavery mods so deficient?

She wants to please, not be a cook or a pimped-out whore.

  Mods come to mind that please her, such as delivery mods and mods that take her without asking.

She's forced into a certain mindset, usually while ogling her gorgeous mistress.

But the ones where sadistic guys want to badmouth her, she avoids like a sickness.

She's proud to be Lesbian, and most of the men leave her alone.

Once in a great while she takes a fancy to a man, not because of his looks but more because of his presence and demeanor.

Ancarion is one of those men.

Esbern  has sort of a raw sexual aura, wearing that filthy shirt and living in his spacious apartment in the sewers.

He's wise, and that's sexy too.

The Jarls are mostly hideous. The female jarl in Solitude is barely passable.

The woman running the "sleeping giant inn" in Riverwood isn't attractive to her at all, that woman tries too hard to be manly ("Delphine").

The woman in the "Riverwood Trader" ("Camilla")is very attractive to her. it's

not what they do, but what they already are. (It's hard to explain)



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