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The Weaver of Time - Chapter 1: The Trespasser - Part 1




Ra: Ahh...finally home. Why are other realities so tiresome?


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Ra: Hellooooo! Anybody home?


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Soldier: There she is! Get her!


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Ra: Shit! C'mon open back up!


Apob1aln o


Soldier: You're not getting away this time!


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Ra: Sorry to trouble the both of you! But I really need to go now!


Soldier: Dammit no!


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Ra: Phew! That was too close...but how did that happen? I've never buggered the return portal before.


Uwsc2nvp o


Spectre: (Delighted bark)


Uyqklb1e o


Ra: Heya boy!


Hzjc4vde o


Spectre: (Happy panting)


Ot7lo2no o


Ra: Happy to see me then? I hope you haven't just been sat there waiting for me.


Avvqxvqq o


Ra: I miss you every time I go through that portal, you know?


Spectre: (Gentle nuzzling)


Mbwwqg0z o


Ra: And over there is that? Rauul!


Ypfxgqoo o


Spectre: (Confused whine)


1cvgwvav o


Rauul: Ahhh! Oh Ra, it's you. Your trip was the usual,  yes?


E0k1hrom o


Ra: Sorry love, I startled you didn't I?


K0m9vavg o


Rauul: It doesn't matter. This one was only closing his eyes. Come on sit down, this one thins that travelling between realities seems tiring.


Ra: Oh it isn't that bad, besides if you want to know you can come through the portals, I wouldn't mind if you really wanted to.


Fieuqhwv o


Rauul: This one will pass that offer. I hate portals.


Xi4k9chv o


Ra: That's not very adventurous, I thought you'd have liked to know. You like to explore most other things.


W9r46nbx o


Rauul: Adventurous in other things?


Ra: You know what I mean. You're trying it now.


Hrhgvpjy o


Ra: You're taking a risk here one that might pay off, if you give me some time.


Rauul: This one doesn't care about waiting, Ra, you know that. 


Rwjfvduv o


Ra: And luckily for you and your libido we have plenty of time.


Rauul: Is that encouragement? 


Blctkccv o


Ra: I love you.


Rauul: I love you as much as the sands of Eleswyr are vast.


Q7ekaxyi o


Rauul: But if you could let go of the whiskers that would be nice.


Ra: Right, of course. Sorry about that. Now I say that we should get down to business, shall we?


Mm7hwoo4 o


Spectre: (Confused whine)


Nhibo6lj o


Spectre: (Oh fuck)


Q3lrvase o


Alkiaro: Moon brother, trying to get into her trousers again? Give her some time will you?


Noxqtqlz o


Rauul: Moon-sis, really you couldn't just leave us for a minute?


Nrvveet8 o


Ra: Well this is a tad awkward isn't it?


S1zvssqf o


Alkiaro: So you're obviously ready to go at it when you're alone, so more the reason for me to get in your way right?


Xsuwdyzo o


Rauul: Sis...


Ra: Oh we're not at that point yet. No need to pester him, you embarrass him enough already.


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Rauul: Well how about we sit down and just talk, we have time?


Akiaro: You want me to believe that when Ra was almost on top of you? Fine, besides I know hardly anything about Ra's childhood.


 Izikrmsy o


Ra: My childhood? It was boring, I grew up on Solstheim. There isn't much to really tell. Unless you like ash.


Xieou8bi o


Rauul: Seeing only ash? Almost like the warm sands of home. 


629t2sun o


Ra: Not at all like it, it's dark, painful and makes it impossible to keep things clean.


Qmrg3y1x o


Ra: And I doubt you'd be happy about that considering you have quite bright fur.


Njo2ftcs o


Ra: And then there's the story of how I met this big softy...


Nsxeczzy o



Several hours later...


Pentaharel: None of this makes sense, these sings shouldn't appear.


5ferumzo o


Ra: Uh oh, someone sounds confused. And unfortunately, if you're confused we likely all will be.


Xodyonib o


Pentaharel: I'm not confused...just a little...puzzled.


Wipnbm2o o


Ra: So confused then?


Id71sfac o


Pentaharel: Could you have a look at this, maybe you can pick something out from it?


Ra: I can try Pen, but I don't think I'll be able to offer any suggestions.


Bjseknqq o


Ra: Hmm, you're right, all the symbols don't match. But nothing that has been seen before in times of apocalypse. Do you think those symbols could represent the dragons returning?


Pentaharel: No, their symbol isn't the one that I've inscribed. All the ones that appeared don't match anything.


Ra: Well the circle appear to be conjoined, maybe the joining of worlds? Or a trespasser?


Zbgeokrt o


Pentaharel: Wait you don't think that it could be...another daedric invasion?


Ra: Well unusual things have been happening in the portal system but there hasn't been any realities where there has been a daedric invasion. But these signs...they say otherwise.


Hefg3gol o


Pentaharel: We have to tell them and we need to do something...the earlier we prepare the better.


H2f3caqk o


Ra: I'll get them to come to the table. I suppose I'll also try to convince them that you aren't insane.


Azueseu9 o


Ra: But who would be trespassing on our world. Molag Bal wouldn't be subtle with only slight signs. Mehrunes Dagon would've razed every city to the ground already and most of the others have no interest in taking Nirn.


G1igifzt o


Pentaharel: It doesn't matter who, we have to warn people, the sooner people know the better.


At0i6dqc o


Ra: I just hope this might be nothing at all.


98p7q58f o



Alkiaro: Well this roll-call is strange...


Rauul: So what did you bring us up here for?


Jk9pgrdu o


Pentaharel: Well...


Gwg21nnr o


Ra: It's fine Pen, I'll say it for you.


H1xeimhk o


Pentaharel: No, I'll say it. I found it out and should take the blame if I'm wrong.


1uaiqilg o


Rauul: Are you going to tell us daedra? Or are you going to keep us waiting?


Cvndewug o


Alkiaro: Calm down brother, it'll be fine.


0xizst5c o


Pentaharel: Thank you Alkiaro.


Xmw3cvnk o


Pentaharel: I think Tamriel is due an invasion. From the daedra. I don't know who or how, but I think it's coming soon.


7e3s3vu6 o


Rauul: And you believe this Ra?


Avvx9cy2 o


Ra: I do.


Pj4dbaks o


Ra: Weird things have started in the Confluence of Worlds. The portal system is starting to go wrong. Yet I know of no daedra that can meddle with realities outside of their own realms.


Gb3qcmqg o


Pentaharel: Perhaps we should go through tomorrow and see what is happening together. Then we might be able to pin point who's going to invade.


5iemlm1t o




Xwk9v2nn o


Spectre: (Growl)


Nn4te7gr o


Ra: I'll go see what that was, it was probably one of my things falling over. I'll be back in a minute or two.


Krj3kkmm o





Thanks for reading, this is a more structured story with an actual outcome...looking at you almost every other stories I right. Anyway, feedback is always appreciated.


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It felt great ! I' mean, you have se the potential to create your own lore, with a slowly unraveling scenario, and colored characters (with refreshing uncommon khajits and redguards). The concept of reality traveling has a lot of potential in terms of storytelling, and technically the screens are amazing as usual. Can't believe I almost missed it, great read ! :D


Malicia : « The khajit gal looks very neat, yes. I'd like to find some tight suits to get very sexy like her, but they don't sell that kind of clothing in Skyrim, no. million_dollar_baby.gif »

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